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May 13, 2019, 6:15 am
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Once upon a time, coffee was something I enjoyed.

I was never a coffee snob – in fact, I still prefer a cup of Nescafe with some Coffee Mate in it – but I would treasure the taste and the moments I got to have it.

Part of this was also to do with the time of my life.

My appreciation of coffee started when I moved to Australia … where there was a real coffee culture, which basically translated to being able to legitimately sit outside a cafe for hours on end and people watch without fear of being arrested for stalking.

But now my relationship with coffee is different.

It’s no longer a pleasure, if anything it’s more like a medicine … because quite frankly, if I don’t have it, I’m even more useless than when I’m wide awake.

I know … you find that impossible to imagine don’t you?

But coffee changes how I look at the World.

Without it, it feels everything is moving at such speed that everything around me is slightly blurry.

Impossible to understand.

Improbable to achieve anything.

But with a big cup of coffee – or, coffee flavored power – it all changes.

I am present.

I feel I’m not going to be left [too far] behind.

I feel I might be able to convince others I have some capabilities.

And while we have seen countless ads in our time where someone sips a cup of coffee and then they’ve suddenly had the clarity to build a bridge out of straws or something … the reality is coffee doesn’t inspire you to do shit, it just makes you a slightly nicer human which – when you come to think about it – is probably more motivating and inspirational for an over-40 audience than 20 hours of brilliant Nike ads, and if not for you, it is certainly is for your family, friends and colleagues.

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You forgot to add that when you have 3 coffees, you become even more hyperactive and annoying than you usually are. Coffee might be your prozac, everyone else just thinks you’re on speed.

Comment by Bazza

Even worse if it’s followed by OJ.

Comment by Pete

The worst combination. I hope his new colleagues are keeping both liquids far away from each other.

Comment by George

Character assassination on a Monday morning [for me].

This is going to be a great week. Ha.

Comment by Rob

This is a better ad for coffee than all the coffee ads put together. Or it is if people don’t know who you are.

Comment by Pete

Knowing Robert is fine. Knowing him pre or post coffee, is the issue.

Comment by George

Thanks George. Thanks a lot.

Comment by Rob

I am in violent agreement with you Robert.

Comment by Lee Hill

i wish youd just be fucking violent towards campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

Agreed: Coffee is indeed my “pep pill”. I’m afraid it’s the age 🙂

Comment by Meg Maggio (@megmaggio88)

I don’t drink coffee (despite my uncle having been a coffee trader and having access to the best coffee in the world) and I still manage to understand the world.

Spending time somewhere other than coffee bars tends to help with that.

I also don’t contribute to the billions of non-disposable cups going into landfills.

Replace the word coffee in this post with alcohol, cocaine etc etc and you wouldn’t be so convinced.

Just say no.

Comment by John

By commenting on here, you are contributing to a different sort of environmental destruction.

Comment by Bazza

Are you calling me a feeder?

Comment by John

midget boy might be, im calling you a fucking tard.

Comment by andy@cynic

Playground banter at it’s best.

Comment by DH

Modafinil might be better bang for your buck

Comment by Niko

i like how you think.

Comment by andy@cynic

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