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Wee Like A Boss …
August 14, 2017, 6:00 am
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… as seen in NYC recently.

And no, I didn’t get arrested when I took the photo and even if I did, I am pretty sure the cops would agree that seeing someone pissing with the sort of confidence and swagger you’d expect from a basketballer is a sight worth photographing.

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Comment by Lee Hill

Why do you sound shocked? This is Rob you’re taking about.

Comment by DH

A momentary lapse of judgement.

Comment by Lee Hill

The photo is made better by the man next to him trying to find his junk.

Comment by DH

Takes one to know one eh?!

Comment by Rob

fuck me campbell, youve given an answer i approve of. what the fuck is happening?

Comment by andy@cynic

you fucking sick perverted dick. nice work.

Comment by andy@cynic

Spy like a freak.

Comment by John

oi campbell, was mr big cock young or old. if he was young its all false fucking confidence. if he was old, hes either in a midlife crisis or sean connery.

Comment by andy@cynic

He would have made Connery look like Graham Norton.

By the way, why are US internal flights so bad. I thought China ruled the roost of terrible timekeeping but America is another level.

Comment by Rob

my heart bleeds purple fucking puss for you. wanker.

Comment by andy@cynic

1% problems.

Comment by DH

This is why you have been arrested so many times Robert.

Comment by George

Seems Rob hasn’t learnt his lesson.

Both these instagrams were taken in the last 30 minutes.

Comment by DH

his instragram is better than this fucking blog.

Comment by andy@cynic

Everything is.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Just think, he’s someones boss.

Comment by Bazza

Scarier than watching The Poltergeist at 1am in a cemetery.

Comment by DH

Oh my
By the way, just read this – anger can make you happy
Explains why folks frequent this blog

Comment by northern

Explains everything.

Comment by DH

Are you sure he’s pissing? He looks like he’s deep in negotiation with his flies to secure the release of his genitals.

Comment by theslingsta

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