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If You Want To Come To China And Make A Fortune …
December 13, 2016, 7:45 am
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… then train as a chiropractor.

Consider this advice as my Christmas gift to you.

And yes, that really is all I’m going to write in this post.

Consider that another Christmas gift to you. God, I’m so generous.

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And there I was hoping there’d be no posts while you’re away. Still dashing people’s hopes.

Comment by DH

Look on the bright side, once this week is done, you’re done with them for at least a few weeks.

Comment by Rob

You know they’re not looking at their phones, they just want to avoid eye contact with you.

Comment by DH


Comment by Billy Whizz

Story of my life.

It used to be Top Trump cards, then Game & Watch now its mobile phones.

Comment by Rob

I’m assuming your jet lag led to the late and short blog post. Hope you’re awake for dinner. If you haven’t left now, you should, the 405 is killer till after 7pm.

Comment by Pete

finally a fucking benefit to la and its super shit traffic.

Comment by andy@cynic

Especially if he only arrives in time to pay the bill. Who am I kidding? If he pays, he will only do it if he can charge it to someone else.

Comment by DH

Jetlag is responsible for me writing this comment at 3am.

Wonderful seeing you. Even though it was only a few weeks ago since last time. Let’s not make it too much of a habit for all our sakes. Ha.

Comment by Rob

sad fucks.

Comment by andy@cynic

For pains in the neck, visit your local planning department.

Comment by John

To get them you mean, not to relieve them.

Comment by Rob

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