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If You Think This Blog Talks Shit, You Should See What’s On Linkedin …
November 2, 2016, 6:15 am
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I have a soft spot for Linkedin.

No, I don’t mean a swamp filled with crocodiles, I mean a soft spot in my heart.

I don’t know why given they think the best way I can improve my career is by going to work for Johnson Controls, but maybe it’s because everyone on there tries so hard to be professional and meaningful and I find it kinda sweet, despite the fact there’s more fiction in there than any Harry Potter book.

Well, I say people try to be professional and meaningful on there but when someone makes a political statement, then all the nutcases and weirdo’s come out to insult and attack.

How do I know this?

Because when BREXIT happened, I wrote how gullible the people who voted leave were and I literally received hundreds of attacking and threatening comments.

Thank goodness I have been getting that on this blog for the last 10 years or it would have really upset me.

So back to the point of this post …

Recently I have seen a massive increase in the sort of ‘inspiration’ stories favoured by self-help gurus and evangelical priests.

You know the kind … the ones ‘with a message’ that are packaged to be truth but are obviously nothing of the sort.

Stuff like this …

See what I mean?

It’s utter bullshit and yet so many seem to be doing it and I just don’t quite understand why.

Do they think they’re inspiring people?

Do they think by writing something someone else said, it makes them look good?

Do they do it to make up for their own lack of career focus or success?

I honestly don’t know but like those religious folk who are on late night TV going on about how they were a drug-fuelled, alcoholic, cripple until God saved them and now they can heal others … it makes me angry.

To be honest, my reaction is out of proportion to what is being said and done. After all, it doesn’t directly affect me and yet I hate that people churn this bullshit out.

I hate that – consciously or not – they are suggesting that everyone and anyone can be successful as long as you blindly believe.

I get we all need faith in what we’re doing, but what pisses me off is it doesn’t talk about the importance of wanting to learn and to improve or even the requirement of talent.

Yes, talent … that thing that seems to have become a dirty word. That thing that seems to be viewed as a divisive reference when the reality is not everyone can be talented in every single thing, because if they were, then they wouldn’t be talented, they’d just be average.

Talent is vital.

That doesn’t mean people with less natural ability in a certain field should be ignored, of course not, but I do get fed up of this attitude amongst companies – and Linkedin commenters – that ‘talent’ is seemingly secondary to attitude or perseverance. Of course those 2 things are very important as well, but effort without ability or vision will only get you – and the company you work for – so far. Talent is something to be celebrated and rewarded and if people worry saying that might offend those without it, then frankly, you’re not representing the sort of standards the truly talented will want to be a part of.

Phew … I feel better for that.

Or I would if the above example was doing or saying what I was criticising it of.

You see when I looked more carefully at the person who posted it, I saw he worked for satirical magazine, The Onion and then realised [or hope he is] he’s taking the piss. This not only means he seems to also share my view that there’s a ton of this rubbish out there right now, but he has just turned it into comedy gold … which means it’s possibly the best ad for the Onion [and his own humour] you could possibly get.

Now if only the others who do this could claim they were doing it for the same reason …

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a post longer than war and fucking peace to tell us linkedin is full of z grade oprah bullshit. fucking hell campbell, how long would a post be to say nottingham forest are a pile of relegated bollocks? thats rhetorical, dont you fucking dare answer it.

Comment by andy@cynic

and i know you only have 1 fucking eye but how could you miss the fucker who wrote that shit worked at the onion. it says it in big fucking letters. blind twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe companies take people having talent as a given so other attributes like teamwork get more time in the spotlight. I agree with you they shouldn’t be so passive about talent and that it is not celebrated as it should or once was, but maybe it isn’t as big an issue as you are suggesting. We would never have hired a good team player if they didn’t have the talent to be on the team.

Comment by George

That’s one perspective. The other is they don’t talk about talent because it avoids an employee being recognized as having skills that demands higher compensation levels. I know that is very conspiracy theory sounding and it wouldn’t be in a companies interests to lose people who are proven to be good, but didn’t McDonalds create the production line to manage employee talent and pay conditions?

Comment by Pete

you believe david icke is jesus dont you. most interesting thing youve ever fucking said though.

Comment by andy@cynic

So you’re saying my only option is McDonalds?

Comment by John

cash, free fucking food, young women to look at. what more do you fucking want doddsy.

Comment by andy@cynic

I don’t think it’s that bad Pete, but I do think some companies have ensured talent can never be given the chance to truly shine to ensure they are in control of the situation rather than handing that power over to the employee. I wrote about it here:

Comment by Rob

Fair point George, but after watching a George Lois talk about talent, it really hit me how little is really being said about it. While I agree that companies aren’t going to hire people who are untalented, neither do they seem to be saying how their focus is on employing the best of it. Some do … most don’t … talking in generic terms which basically translates to ‘we want average talent’ which, as we both know, is an oxymoron.

Comment by Rob

I don’t disagree, I am just saying companies still place great emphasis on talent. Whether the standard of talent is as high as it once was is another debate for another time.

Comment by George

I agree with both George and you. It is not that companies have demoted the importance of talent but they place so much emphasis on words like “teamwork and collaboration” that it would be easy to regard talent as secondary. Maybe it is for some organisations, but talent drives business forward and if you wish to attract it, you should ensure your reputation is built on valuing it.

Comment by Lee Hill

is that why you wanted to fucking lower our retainer?

Comment by andy@cynic

I never asked, suggested or executed a retainer reduction.

Comment by Lee Hill

is it because george would tell his fucking bestie and youd be in the shit?

Comment by andy@cynic

If that makes you feel better Andrew, then yes, that is the reason.

Comment by Lee Hill

Bad day Andy?

Comment by Rob

Talent hires talent. An absence of talent self replicates.

Comment by John

True … even if that talent is simply recognising what you’re not good at and wanting to find people who are better than you.

Comment by Rob

And I will always loathe LinkedIn.

Resumes serve only to provide reasons not to see/hire potential talent. They exist to simplify recruiters’ lives and minimise the time they need to spend on what are crucial business decisions. No wonder mediocrity prevails.

Would you like fries with that?

Comment by John

I have always viewed resumes as a sort of sampler … something to intrigue rather than to convert.

I get a lot of resumes on my desk and I’m always surprised how many people seem to have the attitude that I will hire them just from that piece of paper. Sure … a well designed CV will capture the eye and given some cues as to who the person is … but I’m more interested in looking at a resume in terms of who I need to meet rather than who I am going to hire.

But then – as I was recently told by someone who should know better – I may expect too much from candidates. For the record, I did tell them that was a fucking idiotic remark.

Comment by Rob

Who said that to you?

Comment by Pete

It’s called virtue signalling. Virtue has taken over for “authenticity” as the new “cool”. These guys are amateurs, feminists are the seasoned pros

Comment by Andrew

I wish you would allow comments on posts about your parents because I would tell you how beautiful your words were and I am sending you a big hug.

Comment by George


Comment by John

campbell, you are a beautiful fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

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