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Life Works In Mysterious Ways …
October 18, 2016, 6:20 am
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So I recently watched the above documentary.

I bought it because quite frankly, there premise was utterly amazing.

Amputee, John Wood, finds himself in a battle to reclaim his mummified leg from entrepreneur Shannon Whisnant, who found it in a grill that he bought at an auction.

No, it’s not a pisstake, it’s utterly real.

But what follows is an amazing story that deals with issues of love, loss and the quest for meaning in your life.

It’s utterly brilliant and if you can find it, I cannot recommend watching it enough … because apart from it being an amazing story, it is a wonderful reminder of what my parents drummed into me – everyone has a story.

Here’s the trailer …

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Evening viewing completed.
In other news, why aren’t you on this?

Comment by George

Or maybe you are?

Comment by George

No he isn’t.

What surprised me about the list is the huge presence of people from the Portland and London offices. Where is the Asia representation?

Is it really just the 2 guys of “emerging markets”. Aren’t they based in London? How does that work?

Comment by Pete

I am sure Wieden have their reasons, but I hope they are good ones. You cannot manage a region without being located there. I learnt this at my own cost.

Comment by Lee Hill

dan finds his fucking balls to stop campbells progress just at the time the twat might actually be useful. i get wieden likes to fail harder but i didnt know it was fail stupider. yes campbell, thats almost a compliment. send me money.

Comment by andy@cynic

Win some, lose some. Ha.

Comment by Rob

you never lose fucking anything, thats the point. youre mr fucking fluke so are you telling me your deal with satan is over?

Comment by andy@cynic

Only Rob could beat satan at his own game.

Comment by DH

The documentary looks fascinating. I will seek it out.

Comment by Lee Hill

last time i took documentary advice from you i was bored fucking shitless for 2 hours. it felt like the old days where you would talk bollocks to me in a windowless room for hours on fucking end so youll forgive me if i make sure i never watch that piece of shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know what that documentary was and it was brilliant so don’t give me any of this. But even if you hated that, you will love this one. Promise. Well, semi-promise.

Comment by Rob

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