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Remember, Humans Are Not Robots …
June 14, 2016, 6:20 am
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We work in an industry that focuses on emotions, feelings and states of behaviour.

Good ones … bad ones … angry ones …

In my experience, one of the things that sets great advertising apart is it’s ability to convey or ignite these emotions in powerful ways.

But here’s the thing, I’ve read way too many briefs that make it sound like there’s only 3 types of emotion in people.


Worse is when people use a word that isn’t even an emotion.

‘Fun’ is often the worst culprit, used as some sort of upbeat catch all.

God, I cannot tell you how much I hate it when people use that word.

But the thing is, humans go through a broad and varied state of emotions and feelings. There’s subsets within each subset and that’s why you should pay a visit here.

Not only is Edman’s Atlas of Emotion incredibly good and clear, it gently pushes you to delve a bit deeper.

In no time at all, you will be able to explore a whole range of states that not only helps you define a feeling or emotion with more clarity and texture, but will help you open the door to all manner of creative possibilities, simply by nature of using language rarely seen in a brief.

Of course, you should be doing this already because, but I also know we work in an industry where for many, convenience wins – either because it’s easier to get through the system or people simply don’t pay enough attention to these things.

So if you want something quick and valuable to lift your game – and your work – take a look.

But please. Please, please, please, please, remember this.

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Comment by Billy Whizz

I wish I hadn’t laughed at this. I really, really do.

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH


Comment by DH

Are you telling me to shoot myself?

Comment by Rob


Comment by DH

I wonder if this would still be the case Robert.

Comment by George

Maybe … but probably not.

What’s interesting is that it seems the use of emoji’s has shifted from being a polite way to not engage people in conversation [or at least, something you can hide behind without having to go into detail] to something that almost is a demonstration of your expressive creativity. And yes, I appreciate how plannery that comment sounds.

You’re the one with the research budgets … maybe you should fund a revisit of the work. You don’t even have to work with me on it this time, which should be a bonus.

Comment by Rob

Excellent emoji use Billy and David. Very funny.

Comment by George

if a planner needs to be told emotions are fucking important they need a fucking kicking. now whats the bullshit kids shit drawing icons for who gives a flying fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

But emotions are pre-digital.

Comment by John

did i say they fucking werent?

Comment by andy@cynic

Did I say you did?

Comment by John


Comment by DH


Comment by George

The bigger news is iOS10 will have 3 times as many emoji’s than before. You’ve been working hard Baz.

Comment by Pete

you fucking spiteful shit. i like it.

Comment by andy@cynic

That explains why Baz has been noticeable by his absense.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Rob (other one)

I hadn’t come that Atlas of Emotion stuff, it’s very good
People are not being nice to you today are they? I’m guessing the emotion you’ll be feeling is indifference

Comment by northern

Or normality.

Comment by John

Or apathy.

Comment by Rob

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