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If Only History Did Repeat Itself …
December 10, 2015, 6:00 am
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I was recently talking to a friend – a very talented and successful individual – about their job.

More specifically, about the company where they did their job.

As we were talking, it became apparent that their focus of the ‘good times’ was all spoken in the past tense, not the present.

Now you can argue that sentimentality always makes you look fondly on history, but in this persons case, it seemed it was less ‘rose tinted glasses’ and more fact.

Now there were very specific reasons for their past glories but what really struck me was how he didn’t see the future of his job – or the company where he did it – as offering a chance of reclaiming or redefining that situation.

If anything, the future looked bleak.

Sure, the area where they operate has evolved.

Sure, the management he works into has constantly changed.

Sure, the competition have upped their game so they’re no longer so far ahead.

Sure, the needs and wants of clients are almost unrecognisable from where it once was.

But you should never be in a situation where the past looks more exciting than the future.


Of course, you must evaluate whether it’s the company that’s changed or you [and that’s a post for another day] … but the fact is you can’t just sit there and complain, you have to try and do something about it.

Try things. Change things. Alter things. Explore things.

Fight … complain … try … inspire … push … prod …

And to be fair, that is exactly what my friend had done, so to help him work out what was going on, I asked him 3 questions:

1. Does the company value the same things today as it did in the glory days?
2. Are the standards of the company the same today as it was in the glory days?
3. Do your clients want the same thing today as it did in the glory days?

He answered them honestly and fairly to which I then asked him the ultimate question:

“Do you have the power to change the overall situation of the company or just your own personal situation?”

He didn’t like that question.

Not one bit.

Because he knew it was the ‘decider’.

If it was the former, then he should do it.

The beauty of business today is that there’s a chance to change your situation every day.

But if it was the latter, he knew it was time to start looking around.

He knew there would be no point carrying on. Job satisfaction was done.

I won’t tell you what he decided on the off-chance someone at his firm reads this blog – however unlikely that is – and recognises who I am talking about … and I accept finding another job, especially a job you are excited by, is getting more and more difficult … but here’s the thing:

Fulfilment matters.

I know that might sound like a pipe-dream … I know there’s massive of implications to achieving that and I am absolutely not suggesting anyone should just quit their job with nothing to go to … but the fact is if you’re going to spend more time at work than with your family, you deserve to feel some sense of fulfilment because nothing would be more insulting to the people you love than spending so much time away from them doing something you hate.

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i fucking know who this is. $20k a month and ill keep my trap shut. dont worry sorrell, ill keep your secret safe if you hand over the green.

Comment by andy@cynic

Great post Robert with some great questions for everyone to consider. It is nice to see you haven’t lost any of your manipulation skills either.

Comment by George

Was that ever in doubt? If he still has a job, friends and a wife, he must still be skillful in manipulation.

Comment by DH

he hasnt manipulated me into liking him.

Comment by andy@cynic

But he manipulated you in to starting a company with him.

Comment by DH

Dave for the win.

Comment by Bazza

fucking fucker fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

You know I can read your comments don’t you?

Comment by Rob

Were you talking to yourself again?

Comment by Billy Whizz

You were talking to the Trump weren’t you? The only question you should have asked him was when is he killing himself. The man and his supporters are all aspiring terrorists.

Comment by DH

isis would win a fuckload of fans if they got rid of that twat. might even win a cannes platinum for brand management or some shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

He knows he won’t win, he’s pure egotistical bully. I’m more scared of his supporters who haven’t got the joke.

Comment by Bazza

Trump is a madman. Maybe he won’t win but he’s already caused infinite damage to society so imagine what he would be like if he actually won.

Another example that being a billionaire doesn’t mean you’re smart. Especially when you were given the money rather than earned it yourself.

Comment by Rob

I can’t even get a job I’d hate.

Comment by John

Yes you can. You just don’t try. There’s a difference.

Comment by Rob

I can put in a good word for you at taco bell.

Comment by DH

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