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Packaging Adds Value …
December 8, 2015, 6:20 am
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OK, so this is hardly a new topic.

Any person who has ever bought an Apple product – be it an iPhone or a Macbook – appreciates how the packaging has been designed to enhance the specialness of ownership.

I call it the ‘ceremony of purchase’.

Of course, lots of brands have followed Apple’s lead … from Beats Headphones to pretty much every luxury watch manufacturer in the World, but recently, when I was in Amsterdam, I saw a company present their ‘cheap and cheerful’ [but not that cheap] headphones in a way that I thought was cute … especially compared to all the others that just had a photo of the product on a nondescript box.

Nice eh.

But it wasn’t just headphones they did it with, here’s their USB charging cable …

OK, so their logo design is a fucking disaster, but in the quest to stand out from the myriad of competitors, they realised one way they could do it presenting their product in a way that would attract and appeal to their audiences eyes and heart.

Simple. Clean. Effective.

My wife – an ex-packaging designer – has always said good design solves problems.

Where adland often needs complex presentations and reports to prove their campaign has been effective, great design often speaks for itself.

It’s something we could all do with remembering as we develop work.

And I include clients in that.

In other words, make the idea so good it can’t be denied.

If you need copious amount of words to explain why it’s right, it’s probably not right.

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You’re so gullible.

Comment by DH

i think the word youre looking for is twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

Hang on, I didn’t buy them … I just noticed them. To be honest, I’m impressed with myself, even if you’re not.

Comment by Rob

I have a 20 year old TV for sale at $20000. I’ve made the power cord look like a heart. Interested?

Comment by DH

youre fooling yourself. those shitty headphones and your wank tv are too cheap for him to buy. hes in the league of delusional cock value. now if they had fucking wifi it would be another thing altogether.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thank you Andy for protecting my honour by pissing on it from a great height. True though, ha.

Comment by Rob

Winner’s remorse and a short cable.

Comment by Chris

You are a very interesting man Robert. Cynical. Objective. Stubborn. But a pair of headphones that look like a musical note captures your attention. I am not challenging you why they captured your attention, just interested they did.
That said, I believe it was due to the quantity on display that caught your eye than necessarily the specific design principal on display.

Comment by George

fuck me, are you saying hes fucking wrong? who the fuck are you? i like you so much more today. not hard when all the other times i think youre a do gooding nice boy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Fair point … the scale of the display did catch my eye, but I think you’re ignoring the simple power of the packaging design that – even with a smaller display – would stand out from the plethora of alternatives available at exactly the same price point.

Comment by Rob

fight fight fight. it would be like watching 2 lambs patting each other on the fucking head, but it would be good for a laugh.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know you’ll find this weird, but it is possible to disagree with someone without resorting to violence. Well, it is when you respect the other person otherwise violence is the only way.

Comment by Rob

Excellent idea. And devilishly simple.

I bet the packaging designers for the competition are slapping their foreheads and wondering why they didn’t think of it.

Comment by Ian Gee

Yep. They managed to differentiate – or should I say, create distinctive qualities – for a product in a more powerful and meaningful way than a bunch of planners, creatives and marketing directors all put together. And I feel safe in saying that, given there’s been no other 30 euro headphone that has ever caught my eye despite me walking through tech shops like I’m going to my bedroom.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Billy Whizz

Thanks a lot Rob.

Comment by Pete

It was the name that resonated with you,wasn’t it?

Comment by John

you filthy fucker doddsy. nice work.

Comment by andy@cynic

Simple and effective. Advertising used to be like that too.

Comment by Pete

Simple yet enticing. Very impressive.

Comment by Lee Hill

I wonder how much this added to the overall packaging production cost versus how much it increased the perceived value of the headphones.

Comment by Rob

To quote a long-forgotten Marco & Carlo pizza ad from the 70s: “They may cost a little more, but they’re a whole lot better”.

Comment by Ian Gee

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