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When Boring Tries To Be Interesting. And Fails.
December 2, 2015, 6:15 am
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I like Toyota.

Well, I used to like them.

When they had the Celica, MR2 and of course, the Supra.

It helped hide the fact they also made cars that made beige Volvo’s look exciting.

Like the Toyota Corolla.

Sure, it’s a perfectly good car.

Practical. Drives well. Strong reliability. Fair resale value.

So why the hell do they insist on trying to sex-it up?

I know buying a car is probably the second most expensive purchase you’ll ever make so you need to feel good about what you’re buying, but trying to make an accountancy conference feel like a Motley Crue aftershow party is always going to end up making you look a tool.

And yet so many car brands continue down this path.

Which gets me back to that Toyota Corolla ad.

OK, to be fair, they’re trying to be less rock star and more deep and philosophical, but it’s still bullshit isn’t it.

“Find who you have not yet become”

What? WHAT?

What’s that even mean?

Forget the rubbishness of that 3rd division Yoda statement, what about the fact they don’t see the irony of combining people lighting sky lanterns that float gently in the air with beauty and grace and calmness with a gas guzzling car that pollutes the air everywhere it goes?

And why the hell are they lighting sky lanterns?

And why did the owner of the Corolla park in the middle of the road?

What if all those lanterns land on the house at the top left of the picture and it catches fire?

How is the fire truck going to get there and save the occupants if the road is blocked by some selfish Toyota Corolla owner?

And they have the audacity to end the ad with the line, ‘Let’s Go Places’.

I’ll tell you which place you should go … to the local jail where you will probably meet the marketing team who asked for this contrived, passive piece of rubbish … which achieves the rare feat of alienating both the folks who choose a car as a reflection of their ego and the folks who want a car that offers quality and reliability rather than hype and hyperbole.

You know, the people who would actually find the boring reliability of a Corolla exciting.

Sometimes we try so hard to be different when just telling the truth is the most refreshing approach available to us.

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Is that Droga5’s work? I know it’s Toyota and it’s the Corrola, but this separates the hype from the worthy. Of course if it isn’t Droga5, then it’s just terrible advertising. It is good to see the venom back Robert.

Comment by George

Apparently it’s Saatchi’s. How the mighty have fallen. Droga5 did that other terrible Toyota work that they tried to make sound edgy by naming it “fueled by bullshit”. I like Droga5, but when you look into their whole body of work rather than just the pedestal stuff, they are more hype than substance.

Comment by George

George goes rogue.

Comment by DH

planner speaks fucking sense. what the fuck is going on?

Comment by andy@cynic

It’s definitely Saatchi’s. I have to admit I’m not a massive fan of Droga’s Toyota work. Of course, when you take into account it’s Toyota, it’s much better than other agencies have been able to pull off … but it’s still not up there with some of their more iconic work. But then they’re still young and will eventually work out money doesn’t always equate to fulfilment. Ha.

Comment by Rob

The ad would be more truthful if the car was in beige.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Matt beige.

Comment by Rob

Matt Beige sounds like the name of the Brand Manager for Corolla.

Comment by Ian Gee

I guess they mean some aspirational nonsense about finding out who you could be – but their awkward negative copy suggests that driving a corolla limits your life options.

Comment by John

It limits your dating options.

Comment by DH

Find out who you have not yet become by getting in a Corrola and instantly turning into a 55 year old, cardigan wearing, accountant. It could be from Viz but it’s an ad from Saatchi.

Comment by DH

id rather be seen inside a fucking sheep than a corrola.

Comment by andy@cynic

I know a welsh guy that could arrange that.

Comment by DH

id rather be seen out in nottingham than talk to someone you recommend.

Comment by andy@cynic

Would you really Andy? Something tells me you wouldn’t. I’m more than happy to pay for a definitive study on it.

Comment by Rob

stop throwing your fucking cash around like youre prince fucking fontenoy. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with George, it is good to have the ranting Robert back. Terrible ad for a good value car.

Comment by Lee Hill

Yep … but a ‘good value car’ isn’t really a sexy proposition for people who are going to spend the most money they’ve ever spent [after a house] on it.

I’m not suggesting they should do this twaddle, but I do think it is harder than we may think. Though still doable, in fact I have the campaign for them now if they’re interested. Ha.

Comment by Rob

It’s a moving car. So the narrative changes then. I see. It’s not about finding yourself, it’s about finding someone. I get it now. It’s about getting car to get laid. Old tired proposition.

Comment by aaronaldo

You mean the sanitised version of that proposition is tired. If they actually went for it, it would at least be refreshing … it’s the way car brands try to talk sex appeal while also pretending to be about ‘family values’ [or male stupidity] that makes me extra-sick.

Comment by Rob

I worked on the Toyota account when I had hair.

Comment by Marcus

Does that mean working on it made you lose your hair? Or said more pointedly, made you pull out your hair?

Comment by Rob

Such a long time ago. I really can’t remember. 😉

Comment by Marcus

Corporate toady. Ha.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

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