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According To Y&R, This Is What A Strategist Should Look Like …
September 28, 2015, 6:15 am
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Not only that, but according to Y&R, strategists should …

+ Be trend savvy.
+ Have a passion for creativity.
+ Be in love with presentation.

Now I know Oliver – the head of planning at Y&R Bangkok – and he’s very smart and very nice so I’m going to put this down to ‘lost in translation’, however if the photo reflects the sort of planner he has in his team then I guess I have to accept I will never get a job with him. I also have to accept, most planners in the region – especially the male ones – will want to start working there immediately.

Now that’s devious strategy.


Is this your ad?

Comment by DH

My sides. My sides.

Comment by Rob

Doesn’t “have a passion for creativity” and “be in love with presentation” contradict each other?

Comment by DH

Just thought I could apply for this job. How much does it pay? When do they want me to start?

Comment by DH

Just saw the analytical requirement. Back to boredom tomorrow.

Comment by DH


Comment by andy@cynic

Wow, you’re bored Dave.
I’m guessing that Y&R job ad is the opposite of what you would write Rob, if you ever wrote a job ad for a planner.

Comment by Pete

Yeah … kinda. The last time I did it, I put a quiz in weird locations to attract the sort of people who were the opposite of what Oliver is looking for. Well, not necessarily the opposite, but definitely not in the places he’s searching for them.

Comment by Rob

and look at who the fuck you got.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes … great people who live a life, not an advertising lifestyle and so have a perspective on culture, not just category advertising.

God, I got protective there didn’t I. Ha.

Comment by Rob

No, it’s sexism.

Comment by John

Works for me.

Comment by Billy Whizz

youd find a fucking pineapple in a dress hot you sad fucking freak.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

That’s possibly my favourite ever insult.

Comment by Rob

how very new age man of you doddsy. almost made me forget youre a dirty fucking perv.

Comment by andy@cynic

As Spinal Tap said, what’s wrong with being sexy?

Comment by Billy Whizz

John is right, this is sexist.

Comment by Mary Bryant

Yeah … I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but it is. I think it’s great they used a woman in the ad versus the cliched male [probably in specs] but having her skirt so high with a focus on her legs, probably doesn’t help them very much.

I’m putting it down to a lack of thinking compared to anything else as Oliver is a good guy … but I also know what you’re going to say about it being something he should be aware of, so I’ll just nod my head and move on.

Comment by Rob

For an advertisement in relation to communication strategy, it does not appear much thinking went in to what was being communicated.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg Rob. The hiring practices in thai agencies go far beyond just sexy vs insightful candidates. Many hires are made on family connections or one’s rank in thai high society. I saw far brighter and more clever people get turned down over a person who was so and so’s cousin or whose family was in the photos of page 1 of those shallow society magazines.

Comment by Randy

First of all, hello … thanks for popping by and thanks for commenting.

I agree with you, but let’s not forget that while this practice may be more pronounced in Asian society, it happens all the time in Western … they’re just better at hiding it.

That doesn’t make it any better, if anything, just worse.

I wonder whether I’d ever get a job in adland if I was starting out today.

No family connections. No university degree. Not from a ‘cool’ city. Only wear birkenstocks.

Mind you, when I see that written down, maybe that’s a good thing for the industry. Ha.

Comment by Rob

If that’s the new standard we’re all fucked.
Sadly advertising is too often a looks business, especially in accounts, whilst creatives are often left largely male and white.

As Lee points out above though, perhaps the lack of thought or lack of translation in the above should mean the person they are hiring is at least useful…

Comment by Rob (other one)

Why is she reading a book on press and branding?

Comment by George

Reading means Y&R don’t want airheads.

Comment by DH

Could be that he’s actually looking for a ladyboy.

(Check the photo – her hands look suspiciously big) …

Comment by Ian Gee

I think this could be easily classified under “brand suicide”.

And, considering the position, I assume there’s a good chance that the head of the department doesn’t even know about the photo.

Comment by Someone_who_attended_crap_like_that

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