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Tenuous Tennis …
August 4, 2015, 6:20 am
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OK, so Rolex has had a long, long association with Wimbledon tennis.

And OK, Roger Federer is a giant of the game.

But seriously, this ad highlighting Rolex connection to Roger – and Wimbledon – is more tenuous than all those sponsorship ads that proudly say, “We work hard to make a great product and [insert team name] work hard to be a great team.”

Maybe I’m being a bit of a cynical bastard, but does it smack of being a bit shit to you too?

Especially the insinuation that when he checks his overpriced Rolex watch, he will remember the ‘hundreds of thousands of underprivileged kids in Southern Africa’ he is helping.


I am not blaming Roger Federer – what he’s doing is a great thing – and I’m sure Rolex contributed to what he needs to achieve his goal, but as I said about Hard Rock Cafe’s when they did a ‘feed the hungry’ program, sometimes best intentions end up coming across with the absolute opposite impression, especially when your ego can’t help itself.

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The Swiss always look like they’re not causing trouble but behind the scenes they’re all about what they can get. Just ask the Nazi’s.

Comment by DH


Comment by andy@cynic

I bet his watch is cheaper than yours Rob. But at least you don’t pretend to want to help the less fortunate, you “work” in advertising, where the only people you help are yourself.

Comment by DH

“maybe im being a cynical bastard”. youre fucking mr nicey nice these days. if only you were the fucking shitty bastard i first knew then i might not be embarrassed to know you.

Comment by andy@cynic

great fucking first line of copy. way to make your fucking potential customer feel like a piece of failing shit. fuck you rolex. fuck you and your never changing fucking design. the fucking ipod has evolved more than you. people of nottingham have evolved more than you. oh, i just have to buy one of your overpriced pieces of shit to feel superior to all the scumfuckers who have plastic on their wrist? where the fuck do i sign up?

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by DH

It’s funny because it’s true.

Comment by Pete

You cannot be serious. A Swiss woman I know says he is incredibly dull. So the sponsorship is perfect.

Comment by Johnny Mac

Whenever I looked at Roger Federer, I was always struck by the similarity he has to every P&G marketing director I met.

Comment by Bazza

They’ve not been very subtle in the copy. I wonder if it was Rolex or Federer who pushed that agenda?

Comment by Pete

Hasn’t Rolex, and Switzerland for that matter, always adopted the humble brag strategy?

Comment by George

I bought a Rolex once. It sucked.

-Grumpy Cat

Comment by domingosaurus

He’s in a Lindt ad here in Oz, flogging salted caramel chocolate balls, and wins the award for ‘most wooden performance by an overpaid celebrity’. And it’s a very crowded category …

Comment by Ian Gee

My memory disturbs me.

Comment by George

The creative director must have loved the boost this gave your agency.

Comment by John

I am frightened. Genuinely frightened.

Comment by Rob

That has the approval of the board.

Comment by Ian Gee

Impressive accent.

Comment by Marcus

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