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June 2, 2015, 6:15 am
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So today is Tuesday.

It is also the 2nd of June.

Now to normal people, those two pieces of information would combine to convey a message of sheer, utter, horror.

Horror that you’re still basically at the beginning of the work week.

Horror that this year is half way through and you’ve still not done any of what you planned.

But I don’t think that way. Oh no.

OK, the horror that another week [for me] is about to begin is there, but for me, June 1st represents the countdown to my birthday.

[I know yesterday should be the official start of the countdown, but I wasn’t here so back the hell off nitpickers]

Yes I know at my age I shouldn’t be celebrating.

Yes I know that the chances of me getting a present I really want is highly unlikely.

But I don’t care … my birthday still gives me a pang of excitement … so while this bit of news is likely to have pushed you over the edge and contemplate slitting your wrists with the blunt ruler that you were given by your office stationary department, I will be spending the next 10 days [my birthday is on the 12th, just to be clear] wondering whether this year will be some of my best birthday years.

Will it beat the time I got my BMX Tough Burner?

What about when I got the snooker table … even though it was a snooker table for dwarfs.

How about the time we went 10 Pin Bowling and then Dad gave us all money to play on the arcades.

Let me dream because we all know in 11 days time, I’ll be sat at home looking at a bunch of stuff for Otis that people [stupidly] think was an appropriate birthday gift for someone WHO IS NOT OTIS.

Jesus, this Monday is depressing isn’t it.

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Subtle Robert. Real subtle.

Comment by George

I thought so. I’ve obviously matured.

Comment by Rob

Guess daddyhood hasn’t changed you that much.

Comment by DH

The answer to your question is “no” by the way. It won’t even beat getting a 1970’s selection box. From 1970.

Comment by DH

id just give the fucker the box. or something otis will fucking love just to rub it in mr fucking spoilt princesses fucking face. only trouble is campbells such an immature little fuck hed like it too. prick.

Comment by andy@cynic

To be fair, he’s not that bothered about products that need wifi whereas I’m VERY bothered about it.

Comment by Rob

i know. your fucking stupid wifi cup explains that shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

youve just reminded me why i fucking hate june.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’d rather pour acid in my eye than celebrate your birthday.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’d rather you did that too Billy. Is that my present from you?

Comment by Rob

Okay then lol

Comment by Donna

Welcome back Robert. I hope your trip was fruitful.

Comment by Lee Hill

I think it was Lee … and that’s coming from a cynic, so hopefully it was better than that.

Comment by Rob

The appropriate gift would be to buy his neighbours some of these

Comment by John

In case I forget (and I dont think thats possible at this point or for the next eleven days) Happy Birthday, Rob. Twelve times. or however many you need.
You do realize, dont you, that you arent celebrating the start of a NEW year but the end of the old one? =) I would send you a gift but I don’t think he would like being in the cat carrier that long…

Comment by judyt54

You mean I should be celebrating surviving another year married and in employment? Good point.

Comment by Rob

Yes I’m awake. Yes it’s u feasibly early but none of that matters because this is happening …

Comment by Rob

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No shit, my Birthday is also on the 12th of June. Did you know that the greatest movie ever made was in fact released on the 12th of June also? It’s called Predator. Arnold Schwarzenegger is my hero. You could watch a silver back gorilla pluck a great white shark out of the ocean, and spear it through the side of a rampaging bull elephant, and it still wouldn’t be as manly as Predator.

Comment by Vince

I don’t know you Vince, but I think you may become my best friend.

Comment by Rob

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