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Remember, Remember, Remember …
May 8, 2015, 6:20 am
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… if you’re doing the latest APSOTW assignment, submissions have to be in by next Friday.

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I’m too depressed about the election to write a long post.

That might be the only thing to be grateful to the Tories for.

Comment by Rob

And to think I was up most of the night to see the people of my homeland say they want more of the same when the same has been terrible to so many aspects of the nation is – at least to me – heartbreaking.

Comment by Rob

A disaster. Only having UKIP win could be worse.

Comment by George

They’re the polite face of UKIP.

The next planning assignment should be what could the other parties have done to win the election. Or make sure the conservatives didn’t.

Comment by DH

The easy answer is to offer benefits to media owners so they will insist their titles do your campaigning for you.

Comment by Pete

Americans started it with Reagan. The Brits started it with Thatcher. It is fucking unbelievable how people vote against their own best interests. As long as they can be influenced by Fox News, The Sun, Sky, watch shit on the telly, eat big macs, get arseholed on cheap booze and ogle KK’s giant arse… They are happy. It’s always been like this… Remember “Bread & Circuses?” They fucking deserve everything that’s going to happen to them. Wankers.
Cheers/George “AdScam” Parker

Comment by George Parker

Did you choose that photo of David Cameron because it looks very similar to the photo of the elephant?

Comment by Bazza

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