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Love Is A Butt Plug. Apparently.
February 14, 2015, 8:30 am
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I know it’s Saturday and I don’t do posts on Saturday … but today is Valentine’s Day and I couldn’t let such a momentous occasion pass without some sort of comment.

As I’ve written many times previously, I’m pretty much anti-Valentine’s Day because it’s less about expressing your love and more about actions driven by fear … however this year is special because today is the day the long awaited smutfest, ’50 Shades of Grey’ gets released at the cinema and for choosing that date, the film studio deserve a round of applause.

The movie business is an interesting business.

While the stuff up on the screen can make them hundreds of millions, it’s the product tie-ins that often reaps them the biggest rewards – turning a loss making film into a profitable venture – which is why I will be very, very, very interested to see how much money the studio makes from their tie in with the ’50 Shades Of Grey Something Forbidden’ sex toy range that has been launched.

You thought the butt plug photo above was just some random butt plug didn’t you?

Oh no, it’s part of a massive range that can be bought at Amazon.

Yes Amazon!

Because nothing say’s “I love you” than ordering some ‘pleasure balls’ and ‘nipple clamps’ to go along with your purchase of Peep Show, series 9.

You can see I’m amazingly NOT taking the piss here.

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Enjoy and happy Valentine’s Day.

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It’s all very different to the days where the movie tie-in was a branded cup from the cinema refreshment kiosk.

Comment by George

No use for J Lo, they only have small.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Who needs 50 shades when there is youporn?

Comment by Billy Whizz

I will be avoiding all of this at all costs.

Comment by Lee Hill

The feather tickler owes more to Ken Dodd than to Fifty Shades …

Comment by Ian Gee

I am actually gobsmacked….

Comment by dazedbymoon

I’m not sure if the butt plug or you writing a post on Saturday disturbs me more. I don’t want either of them happening in my life.

Comment by DH

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