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“Look right and see the world. Look left, and there’s the whole universe …”
January 17, 2014, 6:10 am
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So last week I wrote about the wonderfully charismatic and inspiring astronaut, Chris Hadfield and I mentioned how I’d be writing a bit more about him.

Well the truth is I won’t be writing about him, I’ll be hoping you read something someone else wrote about him.

It’s long, but I assure you it is well worth the effort.

What I will leave you with is that if you’ve seen the visual spectacular that is the movie, Gravity … then some of the things you will read will remind you of scenes from that movie, except in Chris Hadfield’s case, he didn’t experience it from the comfort of a Hollywood set, he saw it all first hand, way above us all.

Everything I read about this guy, makes me like him more and the last line of the article, is possibly one of the best bits of advice you will ever hear.

Ever. Hear.

So change the screen to make the font bigger, sit back and prepare to be enthralled.

Happy weekend.

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This is a great interview. I think I mentioned before that his charisma has done more for raising interest in space exploration than any television show or government initiative. Thanks for posting this Rob, it was a great read.

I hope yesterday was manageable for you and your Mum. The post was really nice and your Dad sounds like he was a very special man.

Comment by Pete

That last line is good but try telling that to a single parent working the late shift as a cleaner at KFC in Crown Heights.

Comment by DH

Confession. I only read the last line.

Comment by DH

Confession 2. I read yesterday’s post and it was great. Hope the day wasn’t too tough for you and your mum.

Comment by DH

So you’re talking to yourself in about 3 years.

Comment by Bazza

Brilliant read.

Comment by George

The answer to his platitudinous last line would be even longer than this post.

Comment by John

I never thought I’d write this about your blog, but that article was the highlight of my day.

Comment by Bazza

I just want to say thank you for the nice, kind words about yesterday’s post regarding my Dad. Without getting too soppy, the comments, emails and texts were all incredibly generous and made me feel happier than you’d ever know. You didn’t have to do that … I certainly wasn’t expecting or wanting anyone to do that … but I am very appreciative that you did.

Comment by Rob

Well that’s made Friday morning. Thankyou

Comment by northern

It’s really good isn’t it.

How are you Mr Northern, all good?

Comment by Rob

Blooming thankyou. Rather busy but blooming.
I could bore you with work stuff, but all that matter is that my little girl has just started jolly tots nursery and is already beating up the big boys.

I hope that one day my kids think of me half as much as you think of your Dad.

Comment by northern

I know they will. And way more than 50%. But not quite 100% – maybe 99.976% – because of your Youporn “issues”.

Comment by Rob

You stopped me being sick with your mutual love in with that comment.

Comment by Billy Whizz

You forgot, I already make them listen to the Smiths. 50% at best

Comment by northern

My favourite thing about Chris Hadfield is that, when he landed in Kazakhstan, he was crowned by the Kazakh authorities as king of space:

How big was the British Empire again?

Comment by May I Offer A Very Different Scenario

How can no one said he’s out of this world?
What is wrong with you people?

Comment by Billy Whizz

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