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Leave Nothing To Ambiguity …
January 15, 2014, 6:15 am
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So a few weeks ago, when I was in Canada, I saw this:

Yes, it’s a Canadian car insurance company for the elderly.

Grey Power.

Hmmmmmn … I’m not so sure about that name.

Sure, they might be incredibly successful and yes, I accept they are going after a very specific audience … but I just don’t know if someone who qualifies for their service [ie: someone old] would like to be so blatantly reminded that they qualify for their service.

What if other companies followed the same strategy?

Would Chanel be called ‘Mutton Dressed As Lamb’?

Would Apple rename themselves ‘Creative Delusion’?

Would Heinz Soup be ‘No Teeth To Chew’?

While I appreciate this post ultimately shows my issues rather than theirs, I wonder why Grey Power decided to go with that name?

After hefty consideration [3 seconds] I’ve come to the conclusion it could be because …

1. They’re branding companies proprietary naming tool told them to do it.

2. They think anyone over 65 is a dumbass.

3. They are Canadian.

Personally I think it’s either option 1 or 2 because if it was number 3, surely they would have called themselves Beige power. Boom Tish [Sorry wifey and family-in-law!]

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And the past few days posts had been going so well.

Comment by George

ever the fucking optimist.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for your unwavering support George. Means a lot.

Comment by Rob

only canadians and those poor fuckers who overpaid for a wooden fucking shack can take the piss out of canadians campbell. i know technically youre married to one but shes also got convict aussie genes which gives you a fuckload more things to condescendingly snort at than the beige bastard canucks so back the fuck off even though youre entirely fucking right.

Comment by andy@cynic

Q: How do you know Adam was a Canadian?
A: Who else could stand beside a naked woman and be tempted by a fruit?

Comment by DH

fucking pathetic.

Comment by andy@cynic

On the positive, the way those builders treated your Mills&Boon money pit shows that people shouldn’t think all Canadians are nice and overly-enthusiastic. You basically helped burst a stereotype. Well done you. Ha.

Comment by Rob

its a stereotype because its fucking true. just like the stereotype all builders are thieving fuckers who end up costing you far fucking more than they estimated because the lazy fucks waste 50% of their day drinking mugs of tea.

Comment by andy@cynic

planners: designed to give the impression the agency is “adding value” to their client fee by churning out meaningless and rehashed powerpoint decks that no one wants, no one reads and no one wants presented to them.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s not a strapline, that’s a dictionary definition.

Comment by DH

I hate to agree with that definition

Comment by Miguel

Come on Pete, write a comment about the financial power of oldies and how most brands ignore them. You know you want to.

Comment by DH

Thank you for making my important point so clearly and succinctly David.

Comment by Pete

Very good DH. Your comment is both accurate in description and importance – which is quite a rare feat.

Comment by Rob

If someone who qualifies for their service didn’t like “to be so blatantly reminded that they qualify for their service”, then wouldn’t it follow that the company wouldn’t be incredibly successful?

Comment by John

cheap trumps pride doddsy. thats a fucking insight for you right there.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s a generalist comment, but still very good.

Comment by Pete

Especially when wrapped up in faux concern. But basically I was pointing out that the planner’s “logic” was surprisingly flawed.

Comment by John

You’re showing your smart side again Andy, please stop it.

Comment by Rob

only if you stop writing shit. guess were both going to be left disappointed.

Comment by andy@cynic

Can someone tell me when I should give a shit.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I’ve just seen your “live feed” instagram photos. Only you would post about how tired you are in a meeting while you’re sat in the meeting. Is it a client thing? The good news is you will be so tired by morning that Grey Power will think you qualify as a customer just on the bags underneath your eyes.

Comment by Bazza

It’s still going. It’s 3:15am. It’s become interesting just to see how people are reacting and acting to the absurdity of it all. Sick pleasure.

Comment by Rob

Hope you take extra care of yourself and Mrs C today.

Comment by niko

why do you turn the comments off your old mans anniversary posts campbell? pain in the ass. listen, you might do a job no fucker understands in an industry he fucking hated, but hed be proud of how youve turned out and he should because youre better than most. at least by planner standards. give mrs c a kiss and yourself a hug. it was a nice post about a great guy.

Comment by andy@cynic

The post about your father is beautiful Robert. He sounds a very special man, illustrated by how his son turned out. My thoughts are with your mother and you today.

Comment by Lee Hill

To understand Canadians:

Comment by May I Offer A Very Different Scenario

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