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The Iron Curtain 2.0 …
September 13, 2013, 6:10 am
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Now I know you all think I ponce around flying business class and staying in 5 star hotels, but I don’t.

To be honest – given I’m a boy from Nottingham – the fact I get to fly to different countries for work annnnnnnd stay in hotels that give you a free toothbrush means I already think I’m living the dream.

Anyway, the point of this is that recently, on a flight back from Singapore, I saw this:

Yes, that’s a bunch of people standing behind a flimsy piece of fabric, waiting patiently for a hostess to come pull back the curtain and let us walk through the business class section on our way out of the plane.

Putting aside the blatant attempt to give economy passengers psychological damage by making them walk through a section of the plane where they can see some people have more than 2″ of legroom and food that doesn’t resemble a baby’s nappy after being fed a vindaloo, I find it fascinating that in a country where people regard ‘waiting, queuing and following orders’ as a major character flaw … a piece of shitty curtain can hold back 250 people who are desperate to get off a plane after a longish flight.

Just think how much money the US government could save if they stopped investing in guns, fences and immigration officers and just put up a piece of crappy curtain between the US and Mexico border.

Who do I send my invoice to?


No you don’t, you only fly first.

Comment by DH

Which is why I know that photo is photoshopped.

Comment by DH

Jesus, do you really think I am – to quote Andy’s favourite put-down – little Prince Fortanroy?

Actually, I don’t want you to answer that.

Comment by Rob

was lee away that day then campbell?

Comment by andy@cynic

even if he was, you have more airlines than clooney in his up in the air wank so the only way youd fly economy is if you were hijacked and forced to the back of the fucking plane.

Comment by andy@cynic

jammy wanker.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sorry, I forgot you’re sleeping in a bus shelter and living off the scraps of food you find in bins.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Billy Whizz

Most interesting comment you’ve ever made.

Comment by DH

I’m just wondering Rob if you write this to show all the people you thanked yesterday that you are a diligent employee?

Comment by Pete

God, when even you start having a dig, I know I’m in trouble.

Comment by Rob

I bet you’ve already got the Iphone 5s though

Comment by northern

Well, I’ve ordered it. Oh dear …

Comment by Rob

Having once peeked around the current I can tell you the flight crew is quite snarky…the funniest one is the flight AMS-Milan or AMS-London when there is no-one in Business class and yet they pull the curtain

Comment by krisinamsterdam

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