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September 10, 2013, 6:10 am
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So a while ago, I wrote a post about our beloved Niko.

Yes, swear-a-lot, lot-of-smarts, Niko.

I wrote about how he was embarking on a new adventure, an adventure where he was putting his money where his mouth was.

Anyway, that adventure has turned into GapJumpers – a company designed to help people and companies become better, more innovative and more successful.

In essence, it’s a new sort of recruitment company … built around the premise that there are lots of talented people out there who want to change industries but don’t have the experience or chance to impress the people who matter and lots of companies out there who want fresh talent and ideas, but don’t know how to find and evaluate people who don’t have the specific experience they have always looked for.

It’s a great premise and it’s doing well [I even have posted a ‘challenge’ for people interested in being a planner] but more than that, the fact Niko did it is fantastic.

I’ve written many times how everyone should start their own company because regardless of how it goes, you end up learning lessons that will serve you well for the rest of your life and career … however the fact is, most people talk about it rather than actually do anything about it … which is why in an industry where we seem to put the talkers on the highest pedestals, maybe we should save our greatest praise for the guys who actually do something they believe in, especially when it’s new and has potential to help the masses not just their own personal bank account.

If you’re an individual looking for a career change but don’t know how, try Gapjumpers.

If you’re a company looking for fresh ideas & thinking but don’t know how, try Gapjumpers.

And no, I have not been paid for this glowing praise, let’s be honest – who the hell would want me to endorsed anything? Even Birkenstocks would run a mile.

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Way to doom all of Niko’s hard work Rob.

Comment by DH

Good work Niko.

Comment by DH

what a fucking bastard.

and to rub salt in the fucking wounds, he writes something sickeningly nice. that shit doesnt fool us campbell, oh fucking no, we know youre a bastard at heart.

Comment by andy@cynic

tin heart.

cold. soulless. filled to the brim with fucking poison.

Comment by andy@cynic

Sounds a great concept. Congratulations Niko.

Comment by George

However successful you get Niko, nothing will best a positive Rob Campbell post. Congratulations.

Comment by Pete

You clearly haven’t checked out his contribution to this venture. It’s a challenge to get underage youth to like Queen rather than One Direction.

The NSA will be knockong on doors very soon.

Comment by John

So are you saying you prefer One Direction, John?

But that’s a good point, I’m a dream destroyer. Sorry Niko.

Comment by Rob

I’m saying anything is preferable to senior poodle rock.

Comment by John

So you’re saying you DO like 1D.

The remaining members of Queen will be devastated.

Comment by Rob

The remaining members of Queen are barely sentient.

Comment by John

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