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The Good And Bad Of Blogging …
June 20, 2013, 6:15 am
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I’ve been doing this blog for a long time.

I know that each post I write feels like it’s lasted 100 years, but that aside, I’ve been bashing out bollocks for 7 years.


And in that seven years, I’ve written 2,167 posts and received – at time of writing this – 51,255 insults.


That’s the equivalent of 20 a day. Every day. For 7 years. Or 2,555 days.

Fucking hell.

What’s worse is those 20 insults have – in the main – come from the same people, which begs the question, am I a masochist?

Now you might be thinking that this is the lead-up to me announcing I’m going to stop writing and ranting.

You should be so lucky.

I know every normal person stopped writing blogs sometime around 2007, but I’ve adopted the strategy of ‘resistance to responsibility’ which basically translates to this.

The longer I write, the more likely I end up being the last blog in the World.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Again.

The reason I started this blog was so I’d have a place to put down ideas, rants and moments of madness.

I didn’t do it for anyone else, it was just for me – a sort of ‘pressure release’ valve.

The thing is, after 7 years and 2,000+ posts, you also build up a compendium of what you think and believe, which is why it’s both wonderful – and slightly annoying – when you discover that something you passionately believed in 2008, is something you now feel totally different about today.

And that’s what I’m going through now.

Something I was a massive critic of previously, is something I now realise was pretty clever.

What’s worse is my change of opinion can’t be explained through shifts in technology or culture, it’s because I was blind.

Yes, I fucked up.

I didn’t do it on purpose and I absolutely meant well, but that doesn’t hide the fact, I fucked up.

Now I know it’s sometimes hard to admit you’re wrong … it makes you look foolish … but I’m too old to give a fuck especially as I’d rather learn from my mistakes than doggedly hang on to them in a desperate attempt to look consistent.

Besides, we’re all hypocrites.

Every day in every way, each and every one of us does or thinks things that fly in the face of what we say or believe.

Big things … small things … the only difference is having a blog means you can’t hide so easily from your hypocrisy which is both humbling, disarming and a little bit awesome.

Now I appreciate without actually explaining what the fuck I’m talking about, this makes even less sense than normal but it’s got nothing to do with politics, religion, economy – you know, important stuff – it’s all linked to how I think and do my job.

The good news for you is [1] this revelation came to me while working on a project, which means the very thing I had slagged off way back when, is actually what I am going to suggest is adopted moving forward [2] the client I have been doing the project for was – in typical bastard ironic style – the very same client I had previously slagging off for experimenting with this approach all those years ago* and [3] this post has reached the end … which no doubt makes you feel as relieved as it does the client.


* Yes, I appreciate this means I am suggesting my client ‘does what they did previously’.

My response to that isn’t that I’m lazy, but that I’m mature enough to accept when things are good whereas others often tinker for their own ego.

That’s my excuse and I will doggedly stick to it thank-you-very-much.

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You’ve realised queen are shit?

Comment by DH

If I did, I wouldn’t be wearing a Queen t-shirt today would I. And I am. And it’s a pitch. Which probably means I’ve just jinxed it. Bugger.

Comment by Rob

Comment by Rob

Tragic. But at least it’s not another of your military type shirts that teenagers in the 80s wore.

Comment by DH

If this revelation is about some insight or ad Rob, don’t worry. No one in the real world cares about any of it. Ever.

Comment by DH

Now that’s insight.

Comment by Rob

It can’t be too hard to admit you’re wrong when you’ve had so much practice at it.

Comment by Billy Whizz

20 insults a day for 2500+ days? We deserve recognition from governments. We’ve done more for world peace than the united nations.

Comment by Billy Whizz

1) You blogged about something in the past and now realise you were completely wrong.

2) Throughout the history of this blog, many of us have pointed out the error of your ways.

3) That means you’re acknowledging that we were right.

4) Best post ever.

Comment by John

Was there ever any doubt about that John? What this post says is that even planners get the point eventually.

Comment by DH

You were always pretty good at admitting you were wrong Robert. The difference between what you are saying in this post and what you did in the past is you are seemingly content to not spend the next month looking for any sort of evidence that demonstrates your view still had validity and may represent insight or information that can transform the overall outcome. Well done.

Comment by George

When even you are giving back-handed compliments, I know I’m in trouble.

Comment by Rob

You could have said all that shit in a tenth of the time… But that’s OK, I sometimes do that… Not as often as you do… But sometimes. And yes, I too have a hard core of AdScamers who also insult me on a regular basis… Not as much as you, ‘cos I am not as big a fucktard as you… But then again… We must be fellow masochists. Although, I am also Emperor of the Known Universe… And modest with it.

Comment by George Parker

You remain the blueprint that all others aspire to following.

Comment by George

He just needs to realize clear, concise and interesting posts are the way to go and then he may get to reside in Mr Parker’s shadow. After 7 years of the opposite, we may have to accept he has chosen to miss the point.

Comment by Bazza

I go to George’s blog for the posts and this for the comments.

Yes Rob, those 2500 posts were all for no reason. But if you’ve read them, you’d know that by now.

I hope Andy sees this post when he’s back, it will let him know all his efforts have been recognized.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Why do I have this feeling that Andy is actually Rob talking to himself? Or, is it the other way around. I talk to myself all the time, but that’s ‘cos of the 3 A’s… Age – Alzheimer’s & Alcohol.

Comment by George Parker

Because Rob doesn’t do articulate or concise.

Comment by DH

I liked working, drinking and talking shit with Andy.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Rob’s wife likes Andy.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Are you saying Jill likes Andy more than me? Damn, I suspected that too.

Comment by Rob

I can only try George … and maybe one day, I will fail slightly less than I normally do. That would be a good result for me.

Comment by Rob

Yay you are not canning your blog – I love it (ok, i love the insults as much!)

Hope your change of mind is a success for you and your client


Comment by Nicola

Hello Nicola. You have no taste, but I’m grateful for it.

Comment by Rob

That’s a lot of posts and comments Rob.

I think the issue that stops people from accepting they’re wrong is because it makes them feel like they are children at school again. When we are young we can accept there are many things for us to learn but there’s a belief that once we have reached adult age, we should be equipped with all we need to know and so when faced with facts that prove otherwise, it is confronting and discomforting. Or we believe we are smart enough to talk our ways out of it or around it.

I won’t ask what specifically has caused you to admit you were wrong but it would be good if more people were able to do that. I guess that won’t happen until more organisations stop making people feel the smallest mistake is a criminal offence.

Comment by Pete

I don’t know if that’s the case Pete – it certainly sounds interesting and plausible, at least in parts.

I particularly like your point about some people believing they have the smarts to get out of any and every situation, I definitely believe that – but I don’t think it’s a universal view, just that of planners. Boom Tish.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Pete

You’ve realised QR codes are the future of marketing?

Comment by Kate Richardson

Reflection is not weakness. It helps shape smarter decisions going forward.

Comment by Lee Hill

Are you pitching for morrisseys account
I’m sure people who know they’re right simply don’t understand the scale of their ignorance but I guess we all see the our world not the world as it actually is

Comment by Northern

I tell you what’s scary Northern – I’ve just written a post about Johnny bloody Marr. What has happened to me!?

Comment by Rob

You’ve had your ears syringed?

Comment by John

Surely you mean my ear drums have been destroyed and my eyes have been dipped in acid?

Comment by Rob

Blimey you’ll be the brand ambassador for the Australian tourist board next

Comment by Northern

There’s no need to be so nasty Northern.

Comment by Rob

It would provide priceless information for the last blog standing. By the way, reading posts from 5 years ago is what it must feel like to Scrooge with the Ghost of Christmas past looking at his past self. As uncomfortably cringe inducing as watching the Hangover with your Mother (probably)

Comment by northern

Rob’s launching a brand consultancy. He’s going to express powerful truths through a proprietary brand envisioning process that will ignite transformational chutney within gullible corporates.

Comment by Tim B

It’s radio silence in my blog comments. I like that nobody has the courage to tackle or accuse me in the public domain directly.

Comment by Charles Frith

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