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Spare A Thought For Shelly …
June 16, 2013, 6:20 am
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“Who is Shelly?” I hear you cry.

Shelly is the wife of this guy.

Whose that guy?

Well, it’s my oldest and dearest friend Paul isn’t it.

And why should we feel sorry for her?

Because today is his birthday which means she will have to give him his annual shag which would be bad enough in itself, if it weren’t for the fact – as I have explained many times previously – he is hung like a horse.

So spare a thought for Shelly on this painful day … and while you’re at it, wish a very happy, happy birthday to the boy who somehow always ends up having his special day on a weekend and always ends up getting himself into some potential medical disaster.


PS: Sorry Paul, you have to consider this post your ‘present’, I can’t afford to do the newspaper thing again.

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Happy birthday Paul.

Comment by George

My commiserations Shelly.

Comment by DH

Thanks for your commiserations Rob, but the dirty deed had to be postponed due to Paul not being able to walk nevermind anything else after 3 days x 18 hours a day at Download where he achieved his lifes ambition by managing the main stage pit step for Rammstein (?). Believe me this got him off much better than I ever could ……………………………………

Comment by Shelly

Great pre-planning to get him to work at Download during his birthday so you have to avoid his Casonova exploits. You’re a better planner than I am. But then that wouldn’t be hard.

Comment by Rob

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