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Am I Nostradamus?
November 19, 2012, 6:20 am
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That’s quite the title isn’t it?!

Now I know what you’re thinking, “No Rob, you’re not!”

And you’re probably right.

In fact, I hope you are because otherwise we’re all fucking doomed.

However the reason I wrote that massively inflated ego blog post title is because last week, Nick Brien – the CEO of McCann – was fired and I couldn’t but help remember a post I wrote a while back about what I think one of their fundamental problems is.

Sure, losing an alleged 25% of revenue is a career limiting move for anyone, but again – was it him or was it the structure and attitude of the organisation that didn’t want to change when all signs were/are screaming ‘DANGER AHEAD’.

Mind you, if the CEO can’t do it then they have to go, regardless of revenue loss.

Which makes me feel slightly less guilty that I was such a prick to that guy in the States who ‘wanted a chat’.

As well as slightly vindicated. Ahem.

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You could be right Rob. After all, you see the future tastes and habits in fashion and music as well don’t you.

Oh, wait a minute.

Comment by DH

and shoes. dont forget his ahead of the curve bollocks on feet fashion.

Comment by andy@cynic

He probably thinks Birkenstocks are the equivalent of a strapless dress, but for feet.

Comment by DH

I literally don’t know what to say to your comment Dave. But it explains a lot. About you, not me.

Comment by Rob

I bet nostradamus was just an average alcoholic who shouted all sorts of nonsense after a night on the booze and people were more gullible back then. It didn’t work for David Icke did it. Or at least not yet.

Comment by DH

youve just explained why planners spout a load of fucking shit. they hope if they talk enough bollocks, one day theyll get to be called nostrafuckingdamus.

well planners, its not going to happen because mr beardie fortune teller never got to where he is by making a bunch of fucking stabs in the dark about the future of fucking brands did he! he never talked about this future guide called the brand fucking onion. he might have been pissed up and talking nonsense but at least his nonsense was interesting and fucking relevant to people outside of the bubble called adland.

Comment by andy@cynic

i was wrong. its not a bubble, its a zit.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t believe you didn’t title this post “McCann, McCan’t.”

Missed opportunity Rob.

Comment by DH

I’m not. Since when has Rob done anything short & sweet. Except that finance chick back in the last century.

Comment by Billy Whizz

nice work billy. evil. but nice.

best bit is she fucking dumped his ass straight after. probably did an analysis on his skills of happiness making and she decided he was bankrupt.

all spare a thought for jill. one drunk decision and her life has been altered and disappointed for ever.

Comment by andy@cynic

On the bright side Billy, at least I have a history to be talked about. Well, a history that doesn’t involve me giving my hands women’s names and claiming they’re ‘girlfriends’.

Comment by Rob

daves a foot fetish fucker. or a cross dresser. or a cross dressing foot fetish fucker. i always knew.

Comment by andy@cynic

why the fuck has my foot fucking fetish comment appeared here? this is all your fault campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

People can turn on you here quicker than at a presidential debate.

Comment by DH

Ouch Billy. That was barbed with Andy like spikes.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

knowing mccann are fucked isnt nostrafuckingdamus, its state the fucking obvious, obvious. its like knowing a new baby will shit themselves a couple of times a day. thats not game changing fucking news is it? actually thats a shit analogy because that fucking shocked the crap out of me because i was convinced to fuck little bonnie was so perfect she wouldnt do that.

so mccanns being fucked. yes.
perfect baby bonnie shitting. no.

Comment by andy@cynic

Underneath the vulgarity, there’s a very sweet comment in there. It’s hiding … but it’s definitely there.

Comment by Rob

At least Nick Brien knew the company was flawed, which is better than McCann’s previous regime masters.

His issue was his way of dealing with it which was to only focus on things that didn’t directly affect the companies process or politics because even as CEO, he couldn’t change risk the client revenue or the internal power plays.

Which sums up the real issue that McCann’s need to get a grip on and explains why if I was a global client, I wouldn’t go anywhere near them right now. How can a company that can’t manage itself claim to be experts in managing others?

Comment by Pete

Good point Pete. There are some great people there – sadly, they are not all in the position they deserve for the reasons you’ve already highlighted.

Comment by Rob

Mystic Campbell…

Tell me, what are this weeks Lotto numbers?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

1,7,28,35,37,42 and the bonus ball in 59.

I now claim 30% of your winnings.

Comment by Rob

part of me would fucking love it if this was right just because i know youd fucking kick yourself for 100 years. but i also know that means you wouldnt stop bitching about it for 100 years so maybe we should just leave things as they are. anyway, im pretty fucking sure they only go up to 49 so we can all sleep safely in our beds.

Comment by andy@cynic

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