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A Man Called Nigel …
February 13, 2012, 6:15 am
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So last week I woke up to hear the tragic news that Nigel Doughty was dead.

He was 54.

Nigel Doughty was an incredibly successful and talented business man … making millions with his investment company, Doughty Hanson, and then – showing he wasn’t always so smart – blowing almost 100 million pounds on Nottingham Forest.

Yes, 100 million pounds.

All that investment and where are we? Yep … 2nd from bottom in the Championship with relegation all but guaranteed.

That aside, his death really affected me.

Not because – like some Forest fans – I was concerned how his death might leave our rubbish football club – but because it re-inforced that you can’t escape death.

Without being morbid, I think about this a lot.

I have found myself – like my father before me – reading obituaries, however unlike him, I pretty much only focus on how old they were when they died.

I think about whether they knew they were going to die?

What they did that day?

How they died?

Were they alone?

Were all their affairs in order?

Nigel Doherty was – on face value – a fit and healthy man.

He was rich, happily married and incredibly successful.

Yet at age 54, it appears he suffered from a heart attack while exercising at his home gym.

What a tragedy.

I don’t know what I’m writing this for or what I really want to say other than you never know when it’s all going to end so to put off what you really want to do seems a terribly foolish – and risky – move.

I’ve met so many people who say stuff like …

“one day I’ll _______________” or “I’d love to be a __________________”

… but it doesn’t happen if you don’t make it happen.

Maybe they’re people that I heard Sir Ken Robinson once describe as ‘idea lovers’ …

They are in love with the THOUGHT of doing something, rather than doing it.

You know, the people who say they’d “love to play the guitar” but have never picked one up.

The people who say “they’d love to change careers” but don’t want to take a pay cut.

The people who say “they want a promotion” but don’t want added responsibility.

Trying and failing is not failing.

Not trying is failing.

Of course everyone is different, but I know when I eventually pop my clogs, I hope people can look at what I’ve done and say, “he lived a full and interesting life” because I know that’s what I’m trying to do and what my parents always encouraged me to do.

I’ve gone off tangent again haven’t I!?

Well what I want to say is thank you Nigel Doughty for everything.

Thank you for saving my club from extinction.

Thank you for being a good Dad and husband.

Thank you for showing rich doesn’t mean heartless.

Thank you for showing success shouldn’t stop experimentation.

Thank you for getting me to do my bloody annual health check.

Life’s short. Live full.

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fucking hell, the poor bastard.

blows 100 mill. on nottingham fucking forest and dies at 54.

how fucking unlucky can one person be.

Comment by andy@cynic

this is a cheery fucking post to start your week.

Comment by andy@cynic

Start the week as I mean it to go on. Afterall, tomorrow is valentines day.

Comment by Rob

so campell what did the quack say to you. 2/1 it was “youre doing ok but your love of queen, birkenstocks and now fucking tatts mean theres definitely something wrong with your mental fucking health.”

Comment by andy@cynic

this is quite a sweet post. nicer than yesterdays fucking whitney one you sick bastard.

Comment by andy@cynic

quick question campbell. what if you said “i wish i could bang that women in accounts”, does that make you am idea lover or just fucking male.

Comment by andy@cynic

It makes you a fucking male idea lover, I thought that was obvious.

Comment by Alex

it was a fucking rhetorical question alex, i thought that was fucking obvious as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

i fucking hate posts like this because all the material is there but i just cant bring myself to take the piss. now thats a fucking effective strategy campbell, forget all this ad shit you write about.

Comment by andy@cynic

You can be pretty sure there’ll be a lot of varied things said about you Rob when you “pop your clogs”.

Comment by DH

good fucking point dave but we all know campbell did some shady back room deal with the devil to be mr fucking lucky so the bastard wont die, hell be satans fucking envoy, hanging around so he can cause pain and misery for generations after fucking generation.

Comment by andy@cynic

Thanks for the reminder.

Comment by DH

“You never know when it’s all going to end so to put off what you really want to do seems a terribly foolish – and risky – move.”

Says it all really.

Andy’s right, this is a sweet post especially given your tenuous connection to the man and the fact he led a relatively low key life.

Comment by Pete

Why do the forests in nottingham cost so much of your limey money? what sort of trees are in there?

Comment by Billy Whizz

its because mother fucking nature is so fucking rare there.

once went to sherwood forest with campbell, fucking joke.

one tree, held up on fucking stilts and fuck all else around it. not even some shit robin fucking hood twats walking around.

havent been that disappointed since gemma cohen decided “sleep with me” literally fucking meant sleep with me.

Comment by andy@cynic

Gemma sounds like a remarkable woman.

Comment by John

based on your sexual success doddsy, id think youd class her as “normal”. but yes, when it relates to me its remarkable. stupid, but fucking remarkable.

Comment by andy@cynic

hang on a fucking second, you were being respectful to my man powers werent you doddsy. ok, change “doddsy” or “billy” in the above comment, at least we all know its true for him.

Comment by andy@cynic

I love Nottingham but accept there are many things wrong with the place.

The loss of industry … the rise of crime … but worse of all, is the way they have tried to monetise one of the few global ‘assets’ it has in the cheapest, nastiest, most uninviting way physically possible.

I can not tell you how many times I have witness both disgust and pity on people’s faces who have begged me to take them to ‘where Robin Hood lived’ only to leave thinking it was the equivalent of a shitty council house back in it’s day.

Comment by Rob

or it could be people from nottingham are fucking fucked up. no prizes for guessing whats the right answer.

Comment by andy@cynic

This is a very sweet post. So sweet it made me wretch just a little on the apple I was eating while reading it (which was also sweet).

Comment by Alex

I guess Whitney didn’t invest in Nottingham Forest eh? If only she’d known.

Comment by Ciaran McCabe

or maybe she did and thats the real reason behind her untimely death. or we can all get back to blaming that bobby brown fucker.

Comment by andy@cynic

I can’t say much about Nottingham Forest or owning a club but my dad’s best friend from when he was about 13-ish recently died of a heart attack, couple of years ago. This shook my dad quite a bit, we’d only just been through my grandfather’s death (his dad) and it dawned on me that yes, he is mortal. You don’t want to think of it as such, but it dawned on him too.

The mere thought scares me every day and the idea of having a phone call tell me that even more so. And it makes me angry with people who say ‘I’d love to do ___’ or ‘always wanted to ___’ and never get round to it because they’re too cosy in their narcissistic little world. It’s the same as saying ‘Wish I’d spent more time with ___’ before they pass away but not returning their calls or resenting having to go see family because my gosh, just had SO much work to do this year and they’re tiring etc. – what weird hypocrisy. Love your parents but come up with reasons not to see them, like you come up with reasons not to do things you say you want. And people get offended when you tell them ‘it means you don’t really want it that bad then.’ You love and respect your parents and family and that’s one of the reasons that attracted me to this blog and makes me admire you.

Not trying IS failing. You really don’t know where you’re going to end up. In trying to change the world, you change yourself. And who knows how it all ends. It’s so random, it’s become pointless to think about it. Yoda would have a saying for this, I’m sure.

Comment by Andrea

i agree with you Rob till a certain point (which is most likely the moment I pass out from the Boucher beat down for saying I agree)

but here is the fucking thing, nobody tells you the fucking rest of the “Life’s short. Live full” mantra.. which is a more personal version of that old fucking adland cock up: Fail often and fast.

Nobody ever tells you the bit after the comma, the bit that is as equally important..

Live full, fail often and fast, just make sure you don’t make shit worse, because you most likely will live long enough to feel the effects of your actions..

I know you are not saying, be a headless chicken, I just fucking get pissed off at people walking around smug because they “just did it” .. trying and failing, can result in failures that cost you dearly..

that is how you end up with fuckers reading “eat prey drink” and thinking it is smart to move to the mexico to set up a b&b while the entire country is falling apart and then they fucking wonder why shit did not work out as they become drug mules for some local lord..

live full, try and fail, but don’t be an idiot..cover your downside…

Comment by niko

Good point Niko …

I think the issue you raise is based more on people who “wish to do things” because of monetary gain/protection rather than attempt to fulfil deeply meaningful to them.

The people who want fame rather than to play the guitar … the ones who want wealth rather than try another career. Or am I totally wrong?

Then again, being an “idiot” doesn’t always mean you’re being an idiot – if you know what I mean – however if it’s done without considering other people’s [read: loved ones] needs and emotions in the mix, it’s fair to call it that way.

Comment by Rob

so campbell, for the last 2 fucking weeks youve been annoying and boring the fuck out of me by writing planner posts and death posts. even fucking worse is that youve had a bunch of fucked up bastards say nice things about them. im assuming that all ends tomorrow because its valentines day and you are to love what dickie dawkins is to religion. jills loss is my fucking patiences gain. thank fuck for that.

Comment by andy@cynic

i swear to fucking god if you write something nice or sweet or fucking loving im going to smash your fucking legs in. just so you know.

Comment by andy@cynic

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