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Since When Did Advertising Try And Put People Off?
February 8, 2012, 6:14 am
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OK … so judging by so many of the commercials out there, ads that put people off is hardly a new phenomenon but I’m pretty sure the misguided fools behind some of those brain-raping ads actually think they will work … which shows just how deluded and out-of-touch with the real world [and their audience] they really are.

However I recently spotted an ad that no one … not even the most brain ravaged, financially destitute, village idiot … could think would generate a response.

What the fuck is that photograph?

I honestly can’t tell if it’s supposed to be some spiritual leader or a mass murderer in San Quentin high security jail.

To be fair, if it was just the headline – and maybe the body copy – it could probably attract some interest, but that photo basically scares people away and even if people click on it out of curiosity, there is no way in fucking hell you’d trust this company to give you any financial advice you’d actually trust.

So why do it?

No idea … maybe the person behind it wanted to take the piss like my recent Facebook ad campaign where basically I threw some cash down the drain under the guise of ‘research’.

But then maybe I’m wrong.

Maybe this ‘campaign’ has been hugely successful.

Maybe they’ve made a bloody fortune from this horror.

Maybe TBWA are behind it and it’s another example of their new take on ‘disruption’ … which seemingly is just about grabbing attention, regardless of the impression it makes.

I must admit I hope it isn’t … not just because underneath it all, I quite like TBWA [or at least bits of them] but because if this monstrosity has worked, then the whole ad industry might as well pack up and go home because we’re dead and buried and that means I’ll have to get myself a proper job and I’m literally qualified for nothing.

Except maybe being a Birkenstock salesman … selling shoes to people who look awfully like the man in the ad above.

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I’ve saw this post. I regret it.

Comment by John

insulting and linking it to previous blog bollocks posts. nice work doddsy, youre a black belt in something fucking mean and nasty.

Comment by andy@cynic

Did you at least click through and find out more about what they were trying to do? And was this Facebook “research” related to another car project? Did anyone Like you?

Comment by John

what the fuck do you think?

Comment by andy@cynic

The picture is of an New York Home owner under the age of 18 high on refinancing.

Comment by Chris

could be chris, i thought it was of campbell when he shoved his photo in one of those “how youll look at 50” iphone app bollocks.

Comment by andy@cynic

50? You’re being generous. What do you want?

Comment by Rob

what the fuck is this facebook ad campaign youre talking about? are you trying to bring the entire fucking ad industry to its knees or what?

Comment by andy@cynic

if you were trying to being facebook down then good fucking work. how a village notice board can be valued more than the boeing plane company shows how fucked up the investment community really fucking are.

Comment by andy@cynic

It was – unsurprisingly – a pile of bollocks.

It originally was an ad saying I wanted to test the effectiveness of Facebook by seeing how many people would click on it and guess what – they wouldn’t run it.

However when I changed it to see how many people would happily waste my money on clicking on my ad [that took them to a Fundamental Christian website] it was not only accepted, but it worked pretty well.

So what does this tell us about Facebook?

People who use it are vindictive bastards who take pleasure in ruining other people’s lives. Not exactly the best target audience for many family brands out there advertising on it is it?!*

*This was not a scientific study, just in case someone becomes pedantic about my findings.

Comment by Rob

and i thought loving queen, wearing birkenstocks and having tattoos in your 40s was the height of fucking sadness. fuck me campbell, youre a desperate case.

Comment by andy@cynic

all things considered this isnt a bad post.

slag off adland.
your career.

better than your fucking “love the world” oprah bollocks of the past 2 days.

Comment by andy@cynic

Does it involve selling your NY shoebox and buying in Detroit?

Comment by DH

Or in Andy’s case, being able to buy all of Detroit. And half of California.

Comment by DH

jealousy suits you.

the good news is even your rat infested shoebox hovel could buy you half of canada. no where normal people would want to live but thats not the fucking point is it.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dave is right though isn’t he Andy.

Comment by Rob

most likely it was some hipster fresh out of brand school, trying to be cool by covering Claude Hopkins style ads online, to show off down the north korean chai and home made noodle artisan foody where he and his friends sit, listening to obscure communist era Polish remixes of Kraftwerk the kindergarden years, on their Walkman.

It has the classic Caples “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play!” look and feel, though obviously lacking in any appeal of said classic, because at VCU he was taught that people see through advertising, so why bother, PSFK is going to run it anyway, rockstar status secured …and it is bound to look good in his portfolio as he licks his way up the ladder to directing low fi music videos for bands that just want to play in their living room for three of their most depressed friends, before retiring as a mozzarella maker in Wales, because it is so anti common sense yet so the next life event he is living to the fullest..

Fucking hipsters..I am done with them..

Comment by niko

South America suits you. Must be something to do with local delicacies.

Comment by John

are you talking about this shit or campbells facebook ad shit? guessing it must be this shit because campbell and hipster goes together like ted bundy and daycare.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

her present is she doesnt fucking come here anymore. but if she does, happy birthday gutter mouth. its not the fucking same without you here. not sure if thats a good thing or a bad fucking thing, its just not the same.

Comment by andy@cynic


Happy birthday Lauren..

Comment by niko

Happy birthday Lauren. Come back, we miss your unique style of sophistication and insight on here.

Comment by George

fucking creep.

Comment by andy@cynic

Happy Birthday Lauren!

Comment by Age

wow! thank you all for the super-kind birthday wishes – you’re all a bunch of fucking rad dudes and I miss you too.

and homeowners wished they looked like that photo – hot young spunk he is.


Comment by lauren

She comes in.
Makes a show-stopping performance.
She leaves.

What a pro.

[That’s professional, before anyone insults me]

Comment by Rob

I’ve got an internship.
It is all I want to tell you.


Comment by Clint Eastwood

I’m not biting on the TBWA thing.
Good post.
Not the post actually, the Facebook revelation.
Maybe someone should test the effectiveness of LInked in, see it does anything beyond allow recruitment cretins to spam people for unsuitable jobs.

Comment by northern

Funnily enough, I’m actually doing an ‘experiment’ on that as I type. It appears it’s reaffirming your view of who uses it rather … but it’s only been 3 days so far.

Comment by Rob

Excellent work

Comment by northern

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