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Off With Their Head [Hunter] …
September 21, 2011, 6:11 am
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I am in the fortunate position of getting spoken to about jobs fairly often.

I don’t just mean people who are interested in working for me/us, I mean people who are interested in me working for them.

I am under no illusion that the real reason is because I work at W+K rather than anything specifically to do with me – but it’s nice, because it assures me that when W+K finally come to their senses and I fail my teacher training exams, there might still be some options for me in adland down the line.

Albeit at a very different sort of agency to W+K.

Probably in a very different position.

Answering to a very different kind of boss.

But that aside, it’s nice – especially given the times where I was knocking on headhunters doors left, right and centre and no one wanted to lift a finger to help me.

Except Lesley Cheng in Australia – the single, greatest headhunter on the planet.

Anyway, so there’s been this headhunting company in Japan that has been writing to me for quite a few months.

The approach is always the same.

Some random woman writes to say she is representing Optia Partners and that her colleague, Tyron – who always has a link to his LinkedIn profile attached – would like to talk to me.

She gives me a date for a phone conversation, asks for my CV and number and then disappears.

So let’s get this straight, a guy wants to talk to me and yet he wants my CV.


Why would that matter if he’s already decided he wants to talk to me.

And why can’t he write to me directly?

And if they’ve managed to get my email, why can’t they just get my number and call?

And what gives them the right to decide when they want to talk to me? I appreciate they’re trying to be efficient by naming a time and date, but surely it would be better to ask the person they want to talk to when it was convenient for them, not the other way round?

But it gets worse.

You see while I am very happy at W+K, I always talk to people who are mental enough to want to talk to me … however as each date demanded by the mysterious woman from Optia Partners never suited my schedule, I would write back suggesting an alternative time and that I’d like to know more about their company before I send anyone my CV.

And what would happen?


Not a bean.

Wouldn’t hear a dickie-bird.

Then a few weeks later, I’d get the exact same ‘introduction’ email with them suggesting another inconvenient time to chat.

Finally this week I snapped and I sent back this …

This is the 3rd time you’ve written to me with exactly the same introduction.

On the previous 2 occasions, I’ve responded saying the date you have put forward is not convenient and yet you have not even responded, let alone offered an alternative.

If this is a demonstration of how you value people, I don’t have faith you would appreciate who I am or what I like so with that I wish you all the best and ask you not to contact me again.

Did it cause a response even though I asked them to not give me a response?

Of course not …

So to the people at Optia Partners – get your act together.

I know I’m nothing special, but if this is how you treat people you actually want to talk to, I pity any poor sod who is entrusting you to get them a new job and just to be clear, there is no cat-in-hells-chance I would ever call upon you to try and find me some talent.

One fuck up is bad.

Two fuck ups is ridiculous.

Three fuck ups is just plain stupid.

Maybe it’s me.

Maybe you have a long, long list of happy and satisfied clientele and you just have an issue dealing with people called ‘Rob Campbell’.

Hey, you certainly wouldn’t be the first.

But the thing is I don’t care.

You see even though I am assuming you must do something right because you’ve apparently been in business for quite a while, I can honestly say that if one day in the future I require the help of a professional organisation to find me gainful employment. I assure you, you would literally be the last people I would turn to.

If you want respect, you need to treat others with respect … and sending introduction emails by proxy and then blatantly ignoring the responses doesn’t do it.

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Good job nobody reads this blog or Tyron’s reputation would be smashed.

Nice to see your vindictive streak is still in good working order.

Comment by DH

If they’re writing to you then we know they’re not very good.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That’s insight.

Comment by DH

I’m a business consultant to the stars.

Comment by Billy Whizz

Pretty broad interpretation of stars you have there Billy.

Comment by DH

he has a pretty fucking broad interpretation of being a fucking man as well.

Comment by andy@cynic

95% of headhunters are upmarket human traffickers. They don’t care about the fit between person and company, they just want you to stay in the role they’ve hyped up for a period of 3 months so they can get their commission.

Comment by Pete

Poor George. Guess he’s stuck with you because no one is going to call you after that faux Campbell tirade.

Comment by Billy Whizz

if you were like this more fucking often pete i might let you buy me a fuckload of beer.

Comment by andy@cynic

and be seen in public with me.

Comment by andy@cynic

scrap that last point.

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re angry Pete. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen you this way before. It either means you genuinely don’t like many of the people in this profession or many of the people in this profession aren’t returning your calls.

I’m guessing the latter … working with George could get on my tits too. Ha.

Comment by Rob

look at campbell kicking auntie. this is turning in to a fucking good post today. where is auntie? where the fuck is lauren and age? here i am holding this pile of shit together and those fuckers are on holiday. pricks.

Comment by andy@cynic

I also find it amusing that many headhunters in the advertising industry are ex-advertising industry. Do I really want to put my faith in someone who either wasn’t good enough to stay in it or clever enough to leave it?

Comment by Pete

I hadn’t thought about it that way.

I do know a lot of good headhunters and some have been in the biz before … but without doubt, their talent isn’t because they’ve worked in adland previously, it’s because they understand people and working cultures.

Comment by Rob

I like this post Rob. Good on you for fighting back, it’s just a shame they will neither see it or care.

Comment by Pete

Why do the people who don’t need a job get all the offers? Why do the rich get all the tax breaks?
Why do the hot guys get all the hot babes?

Why was I born so lucky. Except for points 1 and 2.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I see the self esteem therapy is working.

Comment by DH

I represent Indifferent Partners and will be reading this post on September 21, 2047.

Comment by John

So that’s what you do for a job John. I have been wondering. Give Pete a call in 2054, he may have calmed down by then.

Comment by DH

thats good john, they might have got some fucking talent by then.

Comment by andy@cynic

theres a fucking reason they didnt write back campbell and thats because everytime tyrons pa handed him your info, he saw this blog and went “no fucking way”. doesnt explain why he hasnt begged to meet me. fucking muppet.

Comment by andy@cynic

headhunters and recruiters sucks. I got a master about what they are going to tell me in each interview. They work with 3 facts. Available time, meeting and forms (thousand) and that’s it all around the person who is in front of them is just nothing. Now, I wondering what is the difference with HR in each agency

Comment by Obama

In a lot of companies, I think it means this:

Comment by Rob

where is my gun?

Comment by Obama, can we?

And they say a woman scorned is dangerous.

Comment by George

i think campbell proves the fucking rule because theres no fucking way hes a man. hes not even a fucking human.

Comment by andy@cynic

Would you believe headhunters contact me about suit jobs? Tres amusent

Comment by Northern

Like a Saturday job at Burtons?

Comment by Rob

Just heard that razor blade sales have plummeted in the UK – that’s the power of Northern’s APSOTW.

Comment by John

Topman, Burtons is so 1980’s.

Next time I do APSOTW I’ll have to do it about Queen

Comment by Northern

Trust me, I chose Burtons for a reason.

And I LOVE the Queen idea and I think I’m next up. Or is it Gareth? Bugger.

Comment by Rob

We want you to see this fantastic opportunity! So to help you see it we will treat you like cattle, not call when we say and then hassle you repeatedly having not called.


Comment by Rob Mortimer

People who can’t do the job in question, shouldn’t be involved in the hiring process. Companies that outsource this fundamental task, whether they do it internally via the HR department or externally via churn-merchants deserve everything they get.

Comment by John

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