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Stop Blaming Google For Dumbing Us Down …
March 2, 2011, 6:19 am
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So a while back, I wrote a counter argument to the topic “Is Google Making Us Stupid“.

Even though 18 months or so have passed, I still think society is too quick to blame others for their own shortcomings rather than look in the mirror and see their own inadequacies … especially given Google simply compiles information from out in the blogosphere whereas other media outlets – ie: newspapers – supposedly focus on identifying, filtering and publicising detailed and accurate information.

Have a look at this headline from the Daily Mail …

Seriously, how crap is that?


Even the thickest village idiot can work out it’s probably not very secret if the fucking UK Daily Mail knows about it … but that didn’t stop them trying to make some big ‘EXCLUSIVE’ out of a story that just wasn’t there.

The good news is that in the articles comments, there was a diatribe of sarcasm showing people aren’t as gullible as many like to believe … and that’s good news, because in our bid to stop clients pushing ‘Mr Bean’ style communication, we can point out that not only do they want to be treated with intelligence, but if you do, they’ll be more likely to pay more money for the brand because let’s face it, even if you understand what Mr Bean is trying to say, you’re unlikely to think anything he has is worth paying a lot of money for.

Too many brands try to dumb down because they think that will maximise relevance – but having lots of people know about you doesn’t mean you’ll get lots of people buying you, far from it infact – which is why I believe if you want to stand a chance of increasing both brand value and price point, you’d be much better off focusing on trying to dumb up, if only for the fact that alone will immediately differentiate you from 99% of the competition.

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1) are you still getting a pay cheque from the happy clappers in mountain view or did you write this off your own back? both would be fucking wrong.
2) what the fuck do you expect from the daily fail?
3) mr bean needs a fucking kicking.
4) so does rowan atkinson who stopped being funny after blackfuckingadder.
5) planners are as much to fucking blame for dumbing down as clients because too many of the twats mistake simplistic for simple.
6) the rest is ok.

Comment by andy@cynic

If you expect me to disagree with these points, you’re sadly mistaken. Except number 1, but I’m only saying that because I know you’d start crying uncontrollably otherwise.

Comment by Rob

was it george that put you up to it? corporate fucking toady.

Comment by andy@cynic

The daily mail is like the enquirer right? But that always tells the truth about everything.

Comment by Billy Whizz

way to prove campbells fucking point billy. one more move like that and youre dead to me and we both know you couldnt fucking survive without my spiritual guidance.

Comment by andy@cynic

Yes, thank you Billy, selfless of you …

Comment by Rob

See, we’re not evil, it’s all the Daily Mail’s fault.

Comment by George

Good post Robert.

I find it tragic how clients talk about their audience segmentation and then want all their communication to be incredibly basic because they think this will make them appeal to all. Google is the last thing to make us stupid, brand managers are much higher on the list.

Comment by Pete

It’s a bit like strategy …

They go on about how important it is and how they expect all their partner companies to adhere to – or develop it – and then, at the first opportunity of making a quick buck, they chuck it out the window and go after the cash.

Of course if an agency suggested that, they’d be told “they’re off strategy/brief” but then maybe we’re all just too thick to realise the genius that goes on in way too many marketing department board rooms.

Should point out not all are like this, but there’s more than a couple.

Comment by Rob

look at the little planners having their little planning chats.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by Rob

of what? you two? dont make me fucking laugh you deluded twats.

Comment by andy@cynic

nice to see no planning fucker has tried to disagree with point 4 of my genius comment above. i might start respecting you soon. yeah, and kate moss will become a size twentyfuckingsix.

Comment by andy@cynic

I disagre, have you not seen Jonny English?

Comment by northern

#2-5 are the words of god.

Comment by DH

of fucking course they are, i said them.

Comment by andy@cynic

And we have some good news, and some bad. Which is which depends very much on your viewpoint.
The good news is that the school of the web thingy will be published this week. Volunteers please.
The bad news is that Singapore is off, thanks for being too good – they get it all without the need for a series of meetings. Must remember to be a bit more crap next time. Anyway, gutted. Next time gadget

Comment by northern

About time. Let me know when it’s up and then I’ll promote it to the … ooooooh 12 people who read this shite.

As for not coming to Singapore – bloody typical – I’m meeting Mr Mortimer on Sunday, and having met Lauren last week I thought I was going for the tri-fecta but you ruined it. Git.

Oh, and I love how your bad news also sells your brilliance. Of course it’s justified, but it’s the sort of self ego massaging I would expect from Andy more than you. His influence is strong …

Comment by Rob

You’re right, it does seem a little self congratulatory. And the comparison with Andy is enough to snap me back to reality quicker than realising you’ve been snogging a ladyboy (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

There will be a next time…..

Comment by northern

theres nothing wrong snogging a ladyboy? what sort of fucking northerner are you because theres everyfuckingthing wrong with snogging a ladyboy. especially if youve paid for grade a totty.

oi campbell, where are you meeting mortimer? dont tell me the fuck is in commieland.

Comment by andy@cynic

i’m thinking of trading in my membership as an intellectual snob to become part of the lowest common denominator – it’s much more worth my while.
i’d be happy with the free papers; i wouldn’t have to spend money on cable tv (any crap free-to-air is fine); i’d buy any crap george forman cooker because george is a champ and it saves on going out to dinner; and i could just hang shit on anyone with a brain to make myself feel good; save on psychotherapy. oh, and i would only have to sleep a few hours a night – save on brain space. perfect! sign me up, daily mail.

Comment by lauren

“I’m thinking of trading in my membership as an intellectual snob” … another person using terms best suited to Andy.

I’m scared about his powers …

And what’s wrong with George Forman?!!! I have a pinball machine featuring him and it’s great …

Oh god, have I just shown I am part of the lowest common denominator mob? Never said I wasn’t …

Comment by Rob

george is tops. as a boxer on a pinball machine.
not as an inventor of some one-size-fits-all-grill-a-nator.

i taught andy everything he knows about intellectual snobbery.

Comment by lauren

im not a fucking intellectual snob, im just better than every other fuck at every fucking thing. thats fact not snobbery.

Comment by andy@cynic

The Daily Mail should fuck off and take all the other big tabloids with it. What an irresponsible, distracting and brain-damaging waste of resources they are.

Comment by Evolution

now im starting to really fucking like you.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s good news. And what a relief since I’ve been losing friends lately. Especially those who like Cravendale. Strange.

Comment by Evolution

i just typed into google “is google dumbing us down” and this blog was the first thing it showed me.

Comment by andy@cynic

[…] like I said a while back that it’s not google making us stupid, it’s us making us stupid … the same goes for our obesity […]

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