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The Results Are In …
January 19, 2011, 8:16 am
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… and the answer to last nights major news item is:

The legend [admittedly a legend no one actually wants or care about, except maybe Birkenstock and even they’re probably happy I’ve temporarily stopped ruining their reputation … which is especially tough to take given they’re the preferred choice of footwear for German tourists. Who wear them in socks] is over.

My feet feel cramped and strangely cold … despite the fact I am also wearing socks to work for the first time in 15 years – socks I should point out – that I had to steal from my wife’s cupboard because I haven’t got any.

Yes that’s right, I’m wearing women’s clothing.


China has broken me … but at least I lasted longer than Google. [Sorry George and Jonathan]

On the brightside, I can walk through the streets of Shanghai without fear of puddles. Or dog shit.

Always a silver lining with me eh …

God, how I hope a warm spell breaks out tomorrow, so I can get out of prison. Foot prison.

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How old are those shoes? Don’t you know camo was last in style between 1939 and 1945.

Comment by DH

As was Campbell

Comment by John

They’re the height of cutting edge fashion in Iraq though …

Comment by Rob

well, my timing is perfect.
well done on the sensible option. and good luck stayin’ warm.

Comment by lauren

You’re 2 degrees off sounding like a proper ‘Mum’, you do know that don’t you!

Comment by Rob

only to children 😀

Comment by lauren

well you are talking to campbell so that figures.

Comment by andy@cynic

didnt converse give you fuckers the business on the proviso you never fucking wore their shoes in public? even shoes that you stole from some war museum?

fuck me campbell, cant believe you sold out because youre little fucking tootsies got cold. what a fucking twat.

Comment by andy@cynic

So, what have we got here:

One, highly paid, account planner, avoiding being
sullied by stepping in dogshit – no shit, no guarantee. Waxing philosophical.

Isn’t that what they pay you for?

What has our fucking world come to, Jesus Christ, and I used to think he was in control. Not Rob, Jesus.

If you are not stepping in shit, you are not living. It’s how you deal with the removal.


Comment by Ciaran McCabe

I am exposed to enough shit in my working life to not require it in my personal environment Ciaran.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Comment by Rob

Are you embracing maturity Robert?

This is a very disturbing development.

Comment by Lee Hill

Welcome to middle age. The new middle age, where we middle age men where converse.

Sad times.

P.S. Ciaran, you are naughty, but we like it.

Comment by Marcus

wear. WEAR.

It’s early. sorry.

Comment by Marcus

You’ve been hanging out with NP too long.

And the Converse are coming off – it’s stopped snowing and my feet are fucking killing me. [Not Converse’s fault I should add]

Comment by Rob

converse may not have been the right choice.

Comment by Marcus

I didn’t have any other … they were the only ones I had in the house.

Comment by Rob

I have some long johns you can borrow since you’ve now officially lost your edge and might as well give into the inevitable
Next comes moaning about how kids have no respect these days and it was better when you were growing up
(I’m already there despite my deceptively cool exterior)

Comment by northern

lost his fucking edge? even his fucking ruler has round edges, get a fucking grip you pigeon racing flat cap wannabe.

Comment by andy@cynic


Comment by northern

fucking flirt.

Comment by andy@cynic

have all the little girls and boys of shanghai gone crazy about this fucking earth shattering news then campbell? no, i thought not.

this was even more fucking cock than your boring planning wank. whats tomorrow gem, a fucking in depth report on shitter paper? and i dont mean your creative briefs but at the same fucking time i do.

Comment by andy@cynic

Epic post. Just epic.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

ZOMFG. 15 Years, No Shoes?

Comment by Aditya

In the defense of shoes, those don’t look like they’re meant to be worn for comfort. Canvas sucks, etc.

Comment by Aditya

[…] I know this city will make me wear shoes at some point – even if it’s [hopefully] for just a couple of days – so I just hope that till then, we can come to some sort of truce where I won’t […]

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