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Campaigns That Cost The Earth …
June 22, 2010, 6:18 am
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Yes it’s another post … sue me.

Look, it’s only short so don’t get your knickers in a twist, it’s not like I’m doing a proper come back like KISS or Tom Jones or – for you Aussies out there – John Farnham.

Right, do you remember my rant about Standard Chartered and their campaign egotistically entitled ‘Here For Good’?

I basically had a rant at the TV ad because to me, it was a load of contrived bollocks and I suggested that if Standard Chartered had to spend millions telling people how much they ‘cared’, it was probably because they’d done little for people to realise that through their day-to-day interactions.

Anyway, I’ve just seen their outdoor campaign and it would appear their whole campaign is another example of a brand adopting the stance of words, rather than action.

Have a look at this.


Yes I know this is a bad pic of a bus, but I was in a taxi at the time, however I assure you their billboards are exactly the same … but can you see what the issue is?

Well, it’s basically that the ad has a coloured background … meaning they have had to use a considerable amount of ink to create each ad … ink that not only costs more financially [compared to using a plain white background] but also contributes more environmental damage than necessary.

[Yes, I know all advertising could be deemed as causing more environmental damage than necessary, but deal with it]

Infact, by using a black background, Standard Chartered couldn’t of chosen a more inappropriate colour for their new ‘we care about everyone and everything’ brand bullshit, but then they’re a bank so we should be used to their hypocrisy by now.

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fuck me its almost worth having you back if youre going to be this petty and spiteful.

kick the bankers. kill the bankers. laugh at the bankers.

hanng on tbwa did this didnt they? the agency network that now gives more of a shit for profit than principals. im guessing that their fee has been cut to the fucking bone so they make cash from production so to be able to cough up the fatcat bonuses they pushed for the black background to eek out a few more dollars from the clients fee.

cunning, but not very fucking clever when its a campaign saying theyre the mother fucking teresa of everything.

disruption? dysentery more fucking like.

keep it up campbell, youre almost worth visiting at the moment.

Comment by andy@cynic

I doubt many people would notice this but that’s not to say your point isn’t without merit, infact it’s this attention to detail that helps prove the bank take this “care” approach seriously though I am inclined to agree with Andy that it’s something TBWA should have been picked up on more than the client.

Details. Details. Details.

Comment by Pete

Blacks a great corporate colour for a bank. It’s the colour of evil.

Comment by DH

you racist fuck.

Comment by andy@cynic

I’m guessing you don’t have a bank account with them. I’m put the blame more on TBWA than Standard, but then substance doesn’t count nearly as much as style in marketing so they’re both as bad as each other even if Northern would say differently. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

A friend of mine just sent me this tweet:

“Since when did you become a production manager? FYI, it’s not a 4/c colour black, just black. So not so dangerous”

You won’t be surprised to know he works at TBWA, however the bit I especially like is that he said it’s “NOT SO DANGEROUS”. Well that makes everything better doesn’t it … maybe BP could say that whilst they’ve fucked up the ocean, they’ve not fucked up all the oceans or is that me being a petty little fuck?

No need to answer … though I do hope my mate [who is a top bloke, except on this Standard Chartered Bank campaign, hahaha] suggests to his bosses that they slightly alter the endline to now read:


Comment by Rob

Nice post title.

Comment by Simon K

so just to confirm, you all think im a fucking genius. guess that makes you quite smart too. proportionately speaking.

Comment by andy@cynic

a risky post considering how many printers hang around here.

Comment by Marcus

I disagree Marcus, it was for that very reason I wrote the post as who better to talk about the financial and environmental cost of using a black background versus something like white, than an expert in this very area …

Your audience awaits your diagnosis with baited breath …

Comment by Rob

Blame TBWA, it’s all there fault – not a very good example of Media Arts is it?

Comment by northern

Even though I had a pretty good feeling whose side you’d be blaming … and you only wrote a total of just 16 words … they’re so full of vitriol and sarcasm, the comment has taken my breath away. In a good way, obviously.

I am very concerned that you may find Andy on your doorstep later this week wanting to shag you for your inspiring utter disgust.

The King [Andy] is dead.

All hail the King [Northern].

Comment by Rob

Another example of the creative gods not listening to the studio or production (which is a seperate company, to charge the client more)

Comment by northern

Not to mention that the heat the colour attracts will mean the driver has to keep the air con at a higher level…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

If it’s anything like the temperature in HK today, then the A/C would have to be very high indeed – though I am sort-of worried we’re getting into Zuji [] territory here, ha!

Comment by Rob

is this a black bus by nature?

Comment by peggy

black bus by nature? fuck me, does that mean henry ford was god?

Comment by andy@cynic

Have you been reading Aldous Huxley again Andy?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

isnt peyote somewhat legal in canada? they are brave over there lol

Comment by peggy

just the inventor of efficiency? nowadays, this must mean he was god. does this then mean god is dead?

Comment by peggy

am i in the fucking box yet? no, so to answer your question peggy, gods alive and fucking well but some canadian contractors are giving him the fucking shits.

Comment by andy@cynic

not sure nietzsche would approve that.

Comment by peggy

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