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And The Gold Medal For Bandwagon Jumping Goes To …
March 29, 2010, 5:16 am
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… Zuji!


Because they recently sent out an email that makes the bandwagon jumping I talked about on Friday, look amateur to the extreme.

Zuji Bandwagon

As you can see, they feature Earth Hour heavilly, however the bit you need to take a closer look at is the bit that explains Zuji’s involvement.

Are you sitting down? Trust me, you’ll need too.

OK … cop a load of this:

Zuji Bandwagon 2.jpg

WOW Zuji, that’s brilliant …

You could have said you’d pay to offset the carbon used for every holiday you sell over the Earth Hour period … or you could have put the prices UP over Earth Hour and given the difference to various environmental charities or you could simply have not sent your email out in the first place and saved everyone both energy and time – but no – instead you decided it was a smart move to send out your unwanted, unwarranted and untailored ‘newsletter’ to anyone and everyone who has ever booked something through your website [which you believe automatically gives you the authorisation to bombard them with all manner of shit anytime of the day] and explain that because you’ve used “darker colours so it reduces the bright portions of your screen and consumes less energy” you are in some way an Earth Hour ambassaor.







Seriously Zuji, do you honestly believe people will look at this and think …

“Zuji are so considerate and environmentally conscious. They’re helping the planet and my cheap holiday needs in one swoop. What an innovative and caring company they are, I’m going to book an overpriced and clause-ridden holiday immediately”.

Look I know there’s a load of fools who think Jeremy Clarkson is the voice of the people, but surely there aren’t that many who think a company cares simply because they’ve used darker fucking colours on their ambulance-chasing promotional activity.

Please tell me there aren’t.

Saying that, a huuuuuuge congratulations to whoever was behind this – it’s Olympic Gold bullshit rationalisation – so if things don’t work out with the holiday flogging, there’s always a career at GREY’s research department.

[PS: This post supports Earth Hour by ensuring people don’t need any brain power to read it, think about it or do something with it. Musings Of An Opinionated Sod cares]

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Surely Zuji meant to be send this out on April fools day. Shame because now it is them who look the fools.

Are you impressed I am the first commentator Robert? Flying to Australia for 36 hours does have its advantages.

Comment by George

Does this mean satanic books were also participating in earth hour because they contain dark language?

How was the F1 George?

Comment by Pete

I will let you know when I have been released from jetlag jail Pete, but I’m fairly confident I had an excellent time and was treated very generously by Richard, Lee and the people of Melbourne but it is also quite plausible it was just a dream like an entire series of Dallas.

Apologies to Lauren or Age, I would have loved th opportunity to meet you both but sadly this was a flying and unexpected visit and now I leave for Sydney before flying home later today. Next time the drinks are on me.

Comment by George

did you have a nice time george? did you hang out with your rich friends and hang out with the pit girls? did you eat, drink, laugh and play? you fucking lucky lucky bastard so if all you bring us back are some poxy photos youre fucking dead. then if all your photos show you having fun rather than patting koalas and feeding kangaroos then mary and the girls will fucking kill you too. fun can turn to shit in an instant georgey but if you were too pissed to wish your little angels goodnight again then youll know that all too fucking well.

the zuji thing is fucking wank but at least they got pete to make his first funny comment so theres always a silver lining.

Comment by andy@cynic

i bet lauren and age are beside themselves missing out on meeting you george. who the fuck do you think you are, the queen on a commonwealth tour? youre a 40 something father of 3 living the dream thanks to your parasitic talents, what the fuck could you offer them that would be of interest except insight into my brilliance.

oh. now i get it. spare a thought for the melbourne duo.

Comment by andy@cynic

That’s the finest back handed compliment I’ve ever heard Andy. Thank you. LOL.

Comment by Pete

what can i say, motivation is my middle fucking name.

Comment by andy@cynic

“Unwanted, unwarranted and untailored”

You pretty much nailed dm communication there Rob.

Comment by DH

I hate doing this, but I agree with Andy.

Oh, and Dave’s comment is pretty accurate – though I do know when good DM happens, it really makes a difference … it’s just too few companies and clients are willing to spend the time to make that happen.

Comment by Rob

M&C clients back in the day no?

Comment by Charles Frith

That’s almost as good as Apple’s “ctrl+alt+command+8” earth hour effort.

Comment by rafik

The bit that pisses me off most is that Zuji in Oz did a wonderful campaign last year … a campaign that rightly won them metal at Cannes … so I can only assume they either changed agency [if this did indeed orginate from their Australian office] or they just had a complete and utter mindfuck moment.

Eitherway, it’s bad news …

And yes Charles, they were an M&C client a long while back – though as much as they love to bang on about their campaign, I never really rated it, especially compared to the brilliant ‘Zuji beans’ work of last year. However this shit makes the M&C ‘guru’ cliche positively genius in comparisson.

You good matey? You’ve been very quiet lately.

PS: Rafik – are you back “home” now?

Comment by Rob

why areyou always on such mailing lists?

Comment by bhaskar

Because when I can’t get freebies on Virgin, I have used them to book flights/hotels which – as I wrote in the post – they’ve taken to mean gives them the authorisation to bombard me with all manner of shit anytime of the day/month/year.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

At the risk of being a techno-pedant I note that your modern, flat screen doesn’t use any less energy for darker portions of the screen.

Even if there are still hordes of CRT screen users out there the best Zuji could hope for is that they read their claim then switch off their machines in bemusement.

Comment by Chris

Who on earth could call you a techno-pedant for knowing the energy usage for modern flat screens compared to CRT monitors.


Comment by Rob

“pedantry for all occasions.”

Comment by Chris

Don’t use big words I don’t understand.

Comment by Rob

where’s my comment gone?

Comment by Marcus

It’s above Chris’ comment …

Hello back.

Comment by Rob

This web stuff is hard work.

Comment by Marcus

Try writing it! Actually, it’s worse for you buggers who actually read it.

Comment by Rob

im wearing dark clothes today so i can be earth hour friendly and attract all the hot enviro chicks.

what a fucking load of wankers zuji are.

Comment by andy@cynic

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