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The Street Dustbins in HK Are Very Dirty …
February 19, 2010, 6:24 am
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I know what you’re thinking, ALL street dustbins are dirty – but you’d be wrong – because I’m not talking about filth in the terms of discarded rubbish and fag ends, I’m talking about filth in the terms of porn …


Yep, the DVD you see above is some porn flick … and yep, I saw it casually discarded on a bin at the end of our street … which I guess highlights how much porn is in the mainstream these days as well as the fact I live on a road full of pervs.

And for those who were wondering … yes, the DVD did work after being wiped down with a damp cloth.

That last sentence was a joke by the way … don’t judge me by your extremely high, low standards, ha!

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brilliant fucking post. first time one of your whateverthefuckyoucallthem has held my attention and made me interested even if reading “wiped down with a damp cloth” placed an image in my mind that made me vomit like karen fucking carpenter.

ps. ill move to hk by saturday, get my room ready. the big room, not your guest shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

Who needs intuitive technology when the content I want is all over the streets. How many bedrooms does your have Rob?

Comment by Billy Whizz

You know that post I wrote last week about men not being the cliche that adland and media makes us out to be?

It would seem I have to take it back.

PS: Immigration won’t let either of you guys in so my house is safe.

Comment by Rob

they let you in so theyre not that fucking fussy.

Comment by andy@cynic

Can’t argue with that.

Comment by Rob

Thank God that it’s Friday.

Comment by The Kaiser

Single handedly raising the smut bar for the industry is this blog.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

how do you know what it was lol. whoever put it there either didnt really want to let it go or at least liked it so much they wanted it to find a new home, off the bin? dirty charity.

Comment by peggy

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