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A Lot Can Happen In 4 minutes …
February 17, 2010, 6:01 am
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Nuclear war.

Having a shower.

Scoring a goal.

Conceding a goal.

Writing a song.

Making a baby.

… lots and lots of things, but that’s still doesn’t explain why the concierge of the Hilton Hotel KL thought it was a good idea to ring me within 4 minutes of my food being sent to my room and ask if I enjoyed the meal and whether they could come and collect my tray.



That’s not good customer service … that’s process following without any element of common sense.

It’s all very good training people to maintain high standards … but if you plan everything to the point where they are not allowed or encouraged to use their common sense [which demonstrates the companies arrogance in believing that they know every possible scenario and situation], then all those carefully developed plans can actually end up working against you because now I don’t think the Hilton are customer focused, I think they just like to pretend they are by doing what they want regardless of their customers needs or situation.

Maybe the Hilton’s management and trainers should watch this and realise how encouraging common sense and judgement from their staff can be more beneficial for their brand than a process that determines every action to the second.

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ive seen you eat, its like watching a pig at the fucking trough so 4 minutes seems more than fucking adequate.

Comment by andy@cynic

I agree with Andy. Their finely honed database got its customisation just right in your case.

Comment by John

Welcome back Rob.

Great point that process without perspective can work against the companies who create them and that ted talk is inspirational.

Comment by Pete

i cant stand that 4 minutes song. i bet it was written in one minute… anyway, the barry schwartz video is one of my favourites from ted… so they gave you four minutes to enjoy your food? very strange. not a good service indeed. who needs more stress? hope the food was alright, at least.

and gong xi fat choi.

Comment by peggy

Sadly for me, Jill was saying a similar thing to both Andy and John this weekend … but what you call ‘slob’, I call ‘feeding appreciation’.

Thank you for the new year message Peggy, but given I am handing out red packets to all and sundry this morning, I would say it’s happy [broke] new year, ha!

And Pete, I love the “process without perspective” expression … that’s going to be featuring in a few presos very soon so I hope you don’t expect any payment or anything, ha!

Comment by Rob

i thought the packets are quite a mutual thing amongst colleagues rob, or am i mistaken… if you put vast amounts of cash in and only got one packet containing an orange its going to be a healthy new year. no more stressful eating in kl. i spare you the dalai lama quote i got in my head right now.

Comment by peggy

I agree with Robert that Pete’s comment about process obsession is nicely expressed but there is a bigger issue and that is that it appears many companies would rather hire robots than people, reflecting a lack of trust in their employees or an inability to allow any outside influence to evolve their thinking and methods.

Welcome back Robert and 恭喜发财

Comment by Lee Hill

Lee, you are a total show off … but it’s a good point which I [sadly] agree with.

PS: I say ‘sadly’ because it’s tragic some companies would regard their staff so lightly, not because I don’t like agreeing with you. Honest.

Comment by Rob

Predominant process indicates a tick-box mentality where the appearance of concern is valued over genuine concern.

Comment by John

And you can stop showing off too Mr Dodds.

Comment by Rob

Did they mistake you for Andy?


Comment by Rob Mortimer

I’ve never been so insulted in my life Mr M. And either has Andy. Probably. Ha.

Comment by Rob

ill work on that from tomorrow then campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

That doesn’t happen in an Accor Hotel.


Comment by The Kaiser

when i cook my own food from the meagre items in my fridge/cupboard, i can take all the time i want to eat. and i can leave it sitting on the table for as long as i fucking well like. ‘cos i’ll be the one washing it up.

archaic concept i know, but perhaps that’s process with perspective.

Comment by lauren

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