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It’s Not Fast Food, It’s Next Door Food
October 6, 2009, 6:39 am
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I’m sure many of you have seen this already, but I find this map detailing all the McDonalds in America fascinating.

Just like the video of the World’s air traffic I posted a while ago, there’s so much info you can garner from this image.

Let’s start with the obvious one …

For a country as huge as America, it’s amazing just how well catered for the country is.

Sure, some of the more desolate places might not have a Golden Arches within an arm’s length – but let’s put it this way, no one is ever going to pass one of Ronald’s establishments and not know what the hell it is.

Saying that, whilst there’s a huge amount of Macca’s basically following the major highways – tempting tired and bored drivers to fill up on carbs and sugar – I am quite surprised at how much fewer fast food joints there are on the West side of the country compared to the East.

Of course I know this is because of factors like geography [ie: great big sections of nothingness] but from a visual point of you, the difference is quite dramatic.

Anyway, given McDonald’s is so desperate to ensure they are viewed as a responsible organisation [despite embarking on promotions like this] why don’t they ensure their ‘highway restaurants’ offer a radically different menu to their more urban ones … a menu created to ensure the people who are about to sit in their car/trucks for another 6 hours don’t fill up on grub that is likely to make them drowsy?

Actually, given so many products are still transported in the US by trucks, why don’t they offer ‘healthy juggernaut’ meals … a selection of food that can fill drivers up without allowing such a build up of ‘bad stuff’ over time.

I’m not talking ‘salads’ … I’m talking about a selection of food that will actually appeal to some tired trucker without them just ending up ordering a lump of meat, fries and sugar!

Saying that, given the shit Obama is getting for his proposed health-care reforms, no doubt Macca’s would be accused of being a bunch of ‘commie bastards’ dictating what their customers can eat … however putting that aside it could be beneficial, not just for helping McDonald’s prove they care about societies health, but because it might actually be a quite profitable line for them as well.

Finally, given the East/West divide of Macca’s stores, does anyone have any information whether America’s obese mirrors the proliferation of Macca’s?

In other words, is the East side of America fatter than the West?

If anyone has any info on this, I’d really, really appreciate it …

Right, all this talk of food [ahem!] has made me hungry so I’m off to buy a Sausage McMuffin. 🙂

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Looks like a map of all the McD’s you’ve visited.

Comment by John

There’s a similar map relating to sodas.

Comment by John

As for your question – I think you’ll find that the backside of America is fattest. Boom tish.

Comment by John

you really dont get out much do you dodds? when i first saw the map i thought it was all the fucking places you and billy had been turned down by chicks but realised there werent enough dots but with news the scottish restaurant chain are about to open in the fucking louvre it seems they think their work in fucking up american health is done and now its time to really leave their greasy mark on the rest of the fucking world. also seems they dont think prez ob stands a chance with his healthcare reforms or theyd be doubling up on us stores to exploit a new and healther yank. that or theyre scared shitless they will get through and their fucking core customer base will get better and will change their attitude towards shoving lardshakes down their fucking mouths.

now thats fucking insight rob.

quite like your idea for an anti sleepy food menu at highway restaurants / truck stops but who the fuck are you kidding, mcfatties couldnt give a flying fuck about health because if they did they wouldnt let their ‘chefs’ be acne magnet 16 year olds.

dodds. use your free hand to turn off the computer, step away from the desk, step over the walk of empty pizza boxes and go to fucking sleep.

Comment by andy@cynic

My friend Juanita would say both John and Andy are projecting their inner angst and concerns on me – but I don’t agree – I just think you’re a couple of sad bastards … John because he’s writing on my blog when he should be asleep and Andy because he actually craves to be the first commentator on here.

Sad … sad … sad …

But as Andy gave me a rare moment of praise for my ‘healthy juggernaut’ meals idea and came up with the classic quote …

“they wouldnt let their ‘chefs’ be acne magnet 16 year olds”

… I’ll say that Andy is slightly less sadder than John, but it was a photo finish.

And what’s all this Macca’s at the Louvre? Please tell me it’s a joke – though I have an unnerving feeling it isn’t.

Mona Lisa and Maccas … no wonder she’s not giving us a Julia Roberts smile.

Comment by Rob

Great post!!

Here’s your obesity map…

Comment by Age

John’s joke aside, he’s actually spot on!

Comment by Age

Actually… this one is from 2008.

Comment by Age

Thanks for this Age … it’s quite interesting isn’t it.

Comment by Rob

It is. I agree I think it has a lot to do with geography and vast openess out west, but I like your idea 🙂

Comment by Age

I really like that truckstop idea Rob and it wouldn’t even mean they would have to stop selling burgers, they would just have to offer a menu featuring less salt, sugar, fat and carbs, though they should be doing that for everyone anyway.

Good find Age, that map is really interesting and though geography will be playing a big part in how the McDonalds and obesity map is laid out, there does seem to be a correlation between the two though I am sure that has been noted before.

Comment by Pete

Looks like america is powered by big macs.

Comment by DH

The poor and/or children of the lazy/guilty are.

Comment by Rob

Imagine if all those McDonalds threw a Windows7 launch party. Lovely.

Comment by Marcus

great point. McD distribution is their hidden gold mines, they could become voting booths, internethubs for those without, first aid centers in times of crisis (bit like wallmart). I bet the majority of customers see McD more then any other store, so a doc on site or shrink (as food is mostly social not physical need for yanks) could do wonders.

if Mcd ever teamed up with MSoft or the Goog they could change an entire nation.

Comment by niko

They good even start selling food!

Comment by Marcus

that is just silly Mr Brown 😉

Comment by niko

Hi Niko … would be interested in why you think Macca’s could change an entire nation in areas other than food consumption and/or convienience. I’m not disagreeing and – as much as I hate to say it – they are amazing marketers [at times] – just want to know why you think its the case and why [apart from the extra potential revenue] you think they’d team up with Microsoft for the Windows 7 launch thing.

Not a criticism, a test on business propositions. 😉

Comment by Rob

more disturbing than that ‘dollar millionaire’ campaign, as soon as the big financial freeze happened, mcdonalds seemed to suddenly forget how socially concerned they were and produced a series of ads that basically said ‘cheap food during the economic crisis, so you don’t have to worry!’. creepy bastards.

Comment by lauren

The Y-3 store front refit is google maps and store locater too. Could be a coincidence but it looks more groovy on their IFC shop front two weeks ago.

BTW If you’re passing by the orange parka in the front now is freaking tops.

Comment by Charles

Caption competition!!

1. Map of Andy’s restraining orders

2. People who wanted Marcus Brown for this years Oscar’s

Comment by Rob Mortimer

That’s very kind of you Mr. M.

Have you spotted the new Mojo yet?

Comment by Marcus

No I haven’t, lacking home internet so missed a bit this week.Link?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

per mail.

Comment by Marcus

Indeed, added to twitter!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Andy doesn’t get restraining orders [other than from his underpants, and NOT because of his knob size] but a map on the women he’s been married/engaged or talked about interms of being the next Mrs B could probably rival that map.

PS: I can’t believe I wrote “Andy” and “knob size” in the same sentence. Anyone got some soap for me to wash my mouth out with please.

PPS: I’ve checked your mojo out Marcus … we need to talk! 🙂

Comment by Rob

You know where to find me.

Comment by Marcus

Yes, but is it the right ‘version’ of you?

Comment by Rob

What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Comment by Marcus

have you taken some fucking viagra then marcus?

Comment by andy@cynic

not sure if america’s obese mirror the proliferation of mcd’s, looking at these two websites.

but since mcdonald’s are obviously a way to eat cheap food, they are partly responsible for poor people (who are oftne non-whites) living unhealthy lives and becoming ill sooner or later. instead of benefitting society… mcdonald’s should support the health-care reform : )

Comment by peggy

fuck off Andy.

Comment by Marcus

or do you want some? eh? want some?

Comment by Marcus

so does this mean ages charts come from weight watchers and peggys from the mclobbyists. who the fuck are we supposed to believe?

i know, our eyes. and that morgan spurlock fucker. maccy ds have got something like 13,000 outlets in the us alone, thats going to have a major fucking impact on health and its going be worse in states with the most stores.

i should be on 60 fucking minutes with that investigative journalism insight.

campbells right. all this fucking talk about high fat, salt and sugar food makes you hungry. wheres billy when i fucking need him?

Comment by andy@cynic

i m just wondering why you would need billy when you are hungry

Comment by peggy

he was the only fucker in the office stupid enough to get me food when i demanded it. if i asked anyone else they would kick my fucking head in except the lovely kat who would just get her russian mafia beefcake to put a fucking horses head in my bed so i either go hungry or call the wife. today i called the wife and she is going to kick my fucking head in when i go home tonight. women are dedicated to making my life a fucking misery.

Comment by andy@cynic

it s not like i couldn t understand her reaction – after reading something about ‘demanding’ food and calling billy stupid enough for delivery. have a good night andy 😀

Comment by peggy

as an aside, just saw an article from reuters. it s about a study looking at behavioural change because of calorie labeling on fast food, conducted in low-income neighborhoods with high minority populations in nyc… in short: it did not change habits.

Comment by peggy

but the bosses in mad men ask for more than a fucking sandwich. and get it. lol.

Comment by andy@cynic

true 🙂

Comment by peggy

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