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So Long Suckers …
October 1, 2009, 6:00 am
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I don’t know why – or what it’s for – but today in HK, it’s a national holiday and I intend to do absolutely sod all.

“What’s the difference between that and a normal workday” I hear you ask?

No ‘Pret’ at lunchtime.

Have a great day, there’ll be another load of bollocks for you to criticise tomorrow and till then … enjoy how Nottingham Forest Chief Executive, Mark Arthur, reacted to the news that Nottingham County Council had screwed up their plans for a new stadium despite openly pushing them to play their part in attracting World Cup football to the city.

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i know for a fucking fact you know why you can be an official lazy bastard today so dont try and be all coy, youve been telling everyone youre jumping on the commie birthday party bandwagon and you fucking love it.

jealous? you bet your fucking sweet and sour ass i am but not as jealous as you are of the billion + mothership chinese who are getting over a fucking week off.

a week off. for a national fucking holiday and they still can treat the us economy like its subservient bitch. clever manipulating fuckers.

enough of all this political shit, lets check out this video bollocks youve decided to fuck us all over with.

enjoy national commie day campbell, expect your green card to be revoked by the democratic flag waving fuckers immediately.

leftie commie.

red under the bed.


Comment by andy@cynic

that video is the best thing to come out of nottingham in the last 30 years.
didnt understand a fucking word of it but its better than a fucking shit beach in the city centre so it has to be better than the usual shit or crime your homeland churns out. did you ever go to nottingham by the fake sewer sea or did pig death stop you?

dont bother answering, im not really that fucking interested.

Comment by andy@cynic

nottingham. nottingham forest. queen. no fucking wonder you like pret.

you just might be the lamest semi smart person i have ever met. called rob campbell. who lives in asia. and used to come to the us every 2 minutes till he became a commie. so he could have a day off.

id better get a fucking sainthood for all this shit i have to endure with you campbell.

Comment by andy@cynic

have a lovely day off!

is pret short for sandwich?

i can t watch the parody. the german audio messes me up

Comment by peggy

talking about communism… there is plenty germany can learn introducing the designated german foreign secretary

Comment by peggy

Jealousy makes you appear so ugly Andy, especially as I know you’d become Amish if you thought you’d get another 20 minutes national holiday a year.

Sorry Peggy, I hadn’t thought how my German friends couldn’t really appreciate that clip given they know what is really being said. Saying that, now I do know, your comment made me chuckle like a mad man.

Comment by Rob

Be glad you don’t know what Pret is Peggy, for once what Andy said is actually correct … it is sadder than sad.

Comment by Rob


Comment by Marcus

What is?

Comment by Rob

Can’t we all just have a Rob writes something (interesting or bloody unsubstantial) and Andy rants over it for like 10 minutes in three to four different comments (though he pretends to have no time and interest for that fuck whatsoever)? That’ll make my day.

And the good feeling that too many fellow German citizens voted for the wrong party.

Comment by seb

if it s not a sandwich from pret a manger… don t say you tried to attend a fashion show at lunchtime rob 😉

Comment by peggy

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