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Dear Apple …
July 13, 2009, 2:31 pm
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no, no, no, no, no.

For a brand that once celebrated the ‘crazy ones’ … the people with unwavering visions, values and beliefs … you’re doing a pretty good impression of being like the rest of the spineless multinationals who whore themselves in a desperate bid for a piece of the Chinese market.

You can’t talk about creativity and individualism when you’ve ultimately let the Chinese Government dictate what people can be creative and individual about – or worse – help them identify people who are expressing alternative opinion or viewpoints. You’ll probably be the first to include their ‘citizen spy’ … I mean, citizen safety’ software next!

You used to make people believe you stood for something more than just clever technology … now you’re just like the rest of them, just with nicer kit.

But Apple’s principals seem dead and buried!

Looking forward to catching up Bazza! 🙂

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What would you of done Rob, say no to the China market?

Comment by DH

Fair point David …

But this isn’t just about pandering to the Chinese Government [though given many of Apple’s products are built there, I do think they could have leveraged some of their financial power in finding an alternative solution] it’s the fact that – to me – Apple have been slowly but surely turning into their enemy of old, Microsoft.

Micro innovations … constant upgrades [which in many cases you pay for!] … program bugs …

I wrote about a bit of it here [] but more alarmingly, all this started to seemingly happen when Bazza went to be Steve Jobs play thing!

I appreciate money talks – and the potential market in China is huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge – but given you can buy other phones with Wi-Fi capabilities, it seems this is more about keeping people happy than doing what’s right for the user … something that Apple used to be most highly regarded for.

God I’m such a purist!

Comment by Rob

Do I sense a subliminal whinge towards me Robert?

Comment by Lee Hill

No … but guilt can have that effect on people.

And I haven’t even started on your 60 second twittering ‘idea’ yet. 🙂

Comment by Rob


Looks like my next mp3 player might not be Apple.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

What odds are you offering? 🙂

Comment by Rob

This is all very disappointing.
A question, how much does the average consumer care about ‘crazy ones’ and just likes kit that’s easy and looks good? Is Apple too big to be cool anymore?

Comment by northern

Is worrying about China cool?

Comment by john

Good point NP …

I think ‘crazy ones’ resonated with the earlier generation of Apple advocates but probably not much with the new guys who are consuming Apple merchandise like a fat boy eats cake.

But to me that’s not really the issue [despite what I said in this post, hahaha] … it’s the fact that whilst ‘crazy ones’ was an ad, it was an ad that genuinely reflected the purpose, values and vision of the company – kept them ‘honest’ so to speak – which is why when I see some of the stuff they are doing/producing today, it seems they’ve totally abandoned those principals [which helped them make the stuff that has made them so popular] in a bid to make as much money as is physically possible.

Is that wrong?

Nope … but like GM, once you let cash be your king rather than the byproduct of your passion and beliefs, it all becomes far more fragile that it might otherwise of been. Maybe.

Oh and for Mr Dodds – I am well aware Google were also complete fuckwits regarding their quest to ‘break’ China and rather than write a post about it, I did a presentation. To them.

Why do you think I had to start Sunshine? Ha!

Comment by Rob

As I said to a client recently …

Entering the China market isn’t about doing well, it’s about not letting yourself be taken for too much. The brand that makes the least mistakes wins … and whilst this move helps Apple appease the Chinese Government, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any ramifications to the brand around the World.

Though sadly, I think material possession of
‘cool’ will always beat calling brands/people on things they do wrong … which is why if the Japanese whale hunters produced the iPhone, Greeenpeace would be fucked once and for all.

Comment by Rob

Well, the odds would be higher if I wasn’t illegally forced into buying an ipod to keep my purchased music collection.

Ironic really, as allowing me more freedom to buy another brand would actually make me more likely to stay with apple…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

It’s bullshit isn’t it … but then you could always buy the music on CD and then own it forever, regardless of the technology you use. 🙂

Comment by Rob

I do, mainly for that reason…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

In that case the odds on my bet have just got worse.

Comment by Rob

Wonder what policy they have for their Iranian market?

Nokia did not mind selling some spyware to break that huge market..and yet in the west they are seen as one of the more green/good brands..

is doing business with evil-ish states the price companies pay to finance doing good else where?

Comment by niko

Maybe if they actually did good other than just appear to not be evil that might just be possibly kind of okay in a ‘we’ll put up with it’ way.

Sad to see apple go this way though.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

i know the fucker is small but i cant see where bazzas response is. the little capitalist bastard is probably too fucking busy counting his cash to give a shit about campbells twisted panties.

talking of shit holders, george is going to need a new pair when he sees the g boys attack. good morning george. on the bright side your week can only get fucking better.

Comment by andy@cynic

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