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Proof Reading Can Mean More For Your Brand Than You Think …
July 2, 2009, 7:01 am
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Here’s a sign I saw in a hotel lift …

Can you see the issue?

First line: “Hotel Re! is pround …”



What the fuck is PROUND???

Ohhhhh, they mean ‘proud’ … well why didn’t they say that.

When you’re a business whose currency is attention to detail and customer service – ie: hospitality – spelling mistakes should be like Eurovision Song contest winners, Bucks Fizz … a thing of the past.

If they actually had provided a quality of service that made me feel ‘catered for’, maybe I could have overlooked it – but when I walked into my room and found 3 single beds, no working light and a shower that needed to be turned on 15 minutes before I went in [which being English obviously meant ‘never’], then the spelling mistake took on a much greater significance, one that simply and effectively undermined all their hard work in developing a marketing myth.

I’ve said it many times but experience thrashes words, and whilst one mistake might be excusable, multiple ones aren’t – and in this day and age, for that to happen, it should be the result of either a freak accident or something the company is willing to over-compensate for.

Getting a sale is relatively easy. Keeping the client is the hard – and most important – thing, something Hotel Re has failed to do on all counts.

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As I said a couple of posts back, if your hotel luxury has been hit by the economy, the World is still in dire straights. 🙂

Good point though, even if it should be as obvious as Cindy Crawford’s mole.

Comment by Bazza

Actually Baz, this is what happens when you agree to help out companies who aren’t even your clients and let them organise facilities.

In other words, [1] they’re being hit by the global economy more than my/our clients and [2] I don’t think I’d want them as clients even if I could if that’s the standard of accomodation they put people in … people who are helping them out as a favour, ha.

I should adopt Andy’s “charity” attitude where he won’t even get out of bed for anything less than 5 star, except my parents would beat the living crap out of me for prima-donna status and there’s already moments where I find myself already teetering on that evil edge, funnily enough when I’m doing stuff for you and your pension plan providers, ha!

Comment by Rob

ah, the Hotel Rei – did you enjoy the bright pink walls?

I guess this is what they call a boutique hotel – fucking crap!

Comment by perki

The only reason I hope it is a boutique hotel is so no other fucker around the World has to experience it. Horrendous.

Comment by Rob

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