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The Daily Sport Goes Downhill …
June 5, 2009, 6:44 am
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For those of you who don’t know what the Daily Sport is … imagine the News Of The World ‘newspaper’, Viz magazine, The National Enquirer and 1970’s sad jazz mag, ‘Fiesta’ all rolled into one.

Yes, it’s that bad.

Now many years ago, I actually had them as a client.

I still remember 2 incidents like they were just yesterday …

One was when they told me – totally straight faced – that they had a World exclusive they wanted to make a big deal out of.

“What is it?” I asked with genuine excitement, mainly because I was fed up of having my Father look at me like I had sold my soul to the devil.

Looking me straight in the face, they replied …

“We’ve got photographic evidence of a World War II Bomber on the moon”.

You think they were joking don’t you?

Nope …

That’s right, they ran the most ridiculous story EVER on their front page and added some of the worst photo-shopped pictures in history to boot.

And to make it worse, it sold by the bucketload which only encouraged even more outrageous behaviour … which leads me nicely to the 2nd incident …

For reasons best known to themselves, they organised a naked photo shoot of the World’s fattest woman.

Yes, it was another exclusive.

Anyway, when they told me, I think I said something that went along the lines of …

“What’s wrong with you people?!”

… which they obviously took offence to, because a few weeks later a LIFE SIZED POSTER of the woman in all her nude, layered-flab glory got delivered TO MY OFFICE!


And yet, despite all this social ridicule, I still have a soft spot for them … or should I say I did, till I saw this …

It’s not that it’s possibly one of the most sexist pieces of film since David Attenborough’s “Life On Earth” [don’t tell me you fell for his ‘nature’ bollocks!], it’s the fact they resorted to a cheap-yet-blatant rip off the 42 Degree Vodka campaign.

The Sport may not have quality news, journalism or even paper stock … but one thing it has always had in abundance is humour.

Sure blokes like TITS, SPORT and FUNNY SHIT … but I’m disappointed The Sport has seemingly embraced the lowest common denominator of blokedom because when I was working on them, they always seemed to offer a bit more than that.

OK, I accept on first impressions you might not see that … and I’m certainly not suggesting they are highbrow in any way … but they always had a bit more flair and imagination in what they did and to see them resorting to Neanderthal man communication is a little disappointing.

God what am I going on about?

It’s shit isn’t it.

It’s all total and unmitigated shit … so why don’t I just drop the pretence of trying to be deep and meaningful and accept I just wanted to show you a clip featuring the sort of sexist bollocks that passes for high culture in Australia, ha!

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this post brings back good fucking memories. memories of you being humiliated and bollocked for bringing lifesize fat chcik glamour posters into the agency.

where is big fucking bertha anyway? youve still got her havent you? fucking perv. shes on your ceiling at home. admit it? fuck me rob youre a sick bastard.

they dont make clients like the sport anymore, or more accurately we dont fucking have clients like the sport anymore and business is more fucking dull for it.

Comment by andy@cynic

as much as i hate doing this but i agree the ad is pretty wank for the reasons you concocted in your tiny brain.

the sports never going to be high brow fucking anything but it always had a big sense of fucking humour but ive not thought about the rag let alone read it for 20 years and things change or just go downfuckinghill. sure you relate to that campbell, lol.

Comment by andy@cynic

Here I was thinking I was about to read a post on this blog that didn’t insult Australia… oh well… 😉

Comment by Age

thats why campbell is good at whatever the fuck he does because the sneaky shit always finds a way to get in his little snipe. bow to his majestic evil age.

Comment by andy@cynic

Evil? EVIL?


Mind you, I do have to say I didn’t realise you were so adept at the backhanded compliment Andy, ha.

Comment by Rob

there is a ‘paradigm shift’ on the front page! now that is funny. i m a bit worried as i m obviously not their target group lol

Comment by peggy

So there wasn’t a world war 2 bomber found on the moon………

Comment by martin

What’s the point of flying Virgin Galatic if you can’t see the plane on the moon. You’ll be saying the man on the moon is a load of bollocks next. Killjoy.

Comment by Billy Whizz

I regret writing this post. Ha!

Comment by Rob

Not as much as we do.

Comment by Billy Whizz

That was soooooooooooooo predictable Billy … come on, someone working at CP+B should be able to do better than that shouldn’t they? 😉

Comment by Rob

as shit as that ad is, i’m quietly impressed with the 60+ VO artist getting to say ‘man the fuck up’. [only improved only by a c-bomb at the end].

and speaking of high culture in australia, don’t forget i’ve got an exhibition on next week. sadly, there’ll be no tits, sport or funny shit.


Comment by lauren

is it a lesbian art exhibition then?

where can people who dont lick carpet check it out and why hasnt campbell promoted it even though no fucker reads his shit.

Comment by andy@cynic

if it was a lesbian art exhibition, andy, there’d be double the amount of tits, you twat. and seeing as you do lick carpet, you can check it out if you’re in melbourne. or on my web site. 🙂

i’ll send pics once it’s up and at ’em.

Comment by lauren

These last 2 comments are quite possibly the most disturbing on this blog – and that is saying something!

Comment by Rob

ha! happy to be of service, rob. 🙂

Comment by lauren

you mean the Sport doesn’t tell the truth?

I laughed. sorry

Comment by Jasper

Jasper comments on my blog!!!


I am so honoured … well I would have been had he not developed [IN THE LAST WEEK] into a tip-toe-through-the-corporate-politics-and-sensitivity-toadie.

Now if it was your ‘too good for you’ wife, that WOULD be an honour!

Comment by Rob

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