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Have Creative Directors Got Bad Skin?
May 19, 2009, 6:37 am
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… with the amount of booze, rich food and ‘stimulants’ they take, the answer is probably yes – infact I’m surprised Clearasil doesn’t sponsor Cannes but that’s – as usual – not related whatsoever to the point of this post.

What IS the point is the very nice guys at IHAVEANIDEA have organised ‘portfolio night’ where basically the next generation of overpaid, coke snortin’, youtube plagiarists can get up close and personal with the individuals who – through audacious lying, cheating and blackmailing – have already cemented their arses into that enviable position and have little or no desire to give it up … especially to a bunch of talented and hungry pricks who will remind them how once-upon-a-time, they too were bristling with fresh perspectives and ideas until the gravy train took hold and made them care more about their holiday home in Tuscany than doing work that leaves a positive and powerful legacy.


In all seriousness, portfolio night is a bloody great idea … not just because it gives one-on-one face time with people who can offer real advice [as well as real jobs] … but because it helps you meet others in a similar position, something I genuinely believe can help improve your skills, perspectives and standards in a much quicker time frame than if you were to do it on your own.

What’s especially nice is this year Singapore and Malaysia are taking part …

Now whilst certain people think Asia is a hotbed of scam – there are certain people/agencies out there who are actively opposed to that kind of ‘fame creation’ and as they are also going to be at the events, you can be sure you’ll be getting advice from people who’ve made it with real clients, not just by paying for an ad to appear at 3am on some crappy regional channel for a local distributor of some big-name brand who would freak if they ever saw it because it’s not true to who they are, who they want to be or who they should be.

Anyway, it’s taking part all over the World next month so if you want to take a big step into controlling your life rather than having life control you, may I suggest you buy a ticket by GOING HERE.

Hey, IHAVEANIDEA, fancy doing one for the planning community as well … I reckon there could be quite a big take up and I/we’d definitely be up for helping out.

[PS: If you think the photo on the top is bad, be grateful I didn’t use this.]

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Of course it also offers CD the chance to check out which particular person should be taken under their wing if you know what I mean. 😉

Comment by Pete

Is everyone dead today?

Comment by Rob

Probably all queasy from that second photo…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Well you did tell everyone to find something less boring to do than visit this blog.

Comment by Bazza

gone fishing.

Comment by lauren

enjoying the sun

Comment by peggy

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