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Christians Rejoice …
May 11, 2009, 6:50 am
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… and boy is he going to be pissed.

No, not at the state of the planet, but that’s he [he is a ‘he’ isn’t he?] has being squeezed into a small space at one of the most overpriced retail spaces on the planet, The Peak Gallery, The Peak, Hong Kong.

He’ll be asking for a few more tithe’s to cover the costs I can tell you.

Enjoy your last weekend of debauchery, things are going to be changing around here.

[Mind you, given there’s no date on the notice for when ‘God’ is actually making his appearance, you might have a few thousands years of fun left – afterall, haven’t the Church’s been claiming he’s popping back any day now for the last few hundred years? Good job they don’t run our bus services!]


Your room in hell has just been confirmed Robert.

Comment by Pete

I’m wondering what he (or she?) is going to be selling…

Comment by Age

I would presume he/she will be flogging salvation.

Comment by Rob

meh… think i’ll skip the hype and wait till the Boxing Day sale.

Comment by Age

Nah, didn’t you know God is actually Sir Sorrell. It will be shares in WPP.

Comment by northern

Oddly I did once get great exchange rates there for Travellers cheques…

Brilliant view though

Comment by Rob Mortimer

There’d be less ovecrowding if they did, 5 coaches and 2 trains would suffice.

Comment by John

What’s he selling this time around?

Comment by simon

awesome. i expect to see you sitting on god’s knee for your christmas card this year, rob. you know, in the interest of fairness.

Comment by lauren

i didnt know i was opening a shop.

those fucking angels making decisions without consulting with me again. bitches.

Comment by andy@cynic

“G.O.D. is the phonetic sound of the Cantonese slang “to live better”, because to live better is a basic human desire in Hong Kong, Asia and the world.”

Happy spending on Level 2!

Comment by Shopping Paradise

I’m looking forward to their closing-sale-sign.
“50% on all items. G.O.D. going out of business”.

Comment by Seb

I thought in HK God opening a shop meant a new branch of Luis Vitton?

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Nothing religious … sorry to break your bubble. It’s a well-known HK store … … no stranger to the most folks in the, uh, ad industry there.

Comment by sundaymorningasia

are the hk ad industry devoid of a sense of fucking humour sundaymorningasia?

do you and shopping paradise really think campbell expected god to turn up? i know hes only a planner but even that fucker knows its a shop, infact he even knows what kind of shop because the spendthrift fool has bought shitloads of stuff from there and shipped the whole fucking lot over to us to decorate the fucking office.

seems robs evaluation of the hk ad industry was right and all the celebratory endorsement ads have affected their brains. can you let me know when you next see a comedy at the cinema so i make sure i dont accidently turn up at the same time. its just i dont want my enjoyment ruined having to hear your friend explain what each fucking joke was about.

Comment by andy@cynic

Dear Andy. Could you please leave me out of this? I still find my comment funny. Thank you.

Comment by Shopping Paradise

funny? bet youre either singaporean or german.

Comment by andy@cynic

Regardless of nationality by birth – we are all children of the Earth

Love, Peace and Pink Pachyderms x
As a funny mate from the U.K. always writes 🙂

Comment by Shopping Paradise

I actually do know what GOD – the retail store – is, however the other bloke/lass, I am less knowledgeable on.

OK so ‘Shopping Paradise’ was taking the piss [and Andy, you have no idea how right you are with your nationality guesstimate] but please tell me ‘Sundaymorningasia’ was as well because using phrases like ‘burst your bubble’ smacks of someone who thinks I was being serious.

You obviously don’t read this blog enough, ha!

Comment by Rob

definitely a kraut

Comment by andy@cynic

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