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Strategy Prostitution: I’ll Be Whoever You Want Me To Be …
April 16, 2009, 5:59 am
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Photo: Reuters

Strategy … one of those words like ‘insight’ that tends to have quite a ‘flexible’ definition, often determined by the needs/wants/egos of the individual who wishes to manipulate it to justify their own personal goals and agendas.

The problem with strategy – like insight – is that there is rarely a fundamentally wrong choice, it’s just that some will be more ‘effective’ than others … though that opens up the debate as to what ‘effectiveness’ means because that’s another one of those words that has seemingly multiple interpretations, often determined by the situation and circumstance of the individual discussing it.

There’s been way too many occasions where I’ve seen strategy and insight cast aside or ‘re-interpreted’ by agencies and clients just to fulfil/justify a personal objective … and whilst business will always require an element of flexibility to thrive, that should not mean companies can shred the ‘policies’ of how they operate [or more importantly, the ‘policies’ of what they should never do] just because they inadvertently create an obstacle to some short-lived ego trip.

It’s for this reason that I find it hysterical when clients and adland talk about the importance of strategy – because just like Charlie “I don’t pay prostitutes for sex, I pay them to leave” Sheen and his hooker obsession – they’ll kick them out without a second thought as soon as they think there’s a new cheap thrill available.

Hell, at least adland has the decency to pay some sort of homage to what is supposedly the client’s long-standing business strategy … too many companies change their mind like they’re one of Billy’s bloody dates!

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Thank you.

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so you decided to come back to your blog have you? someone got your goat or is mr cynical fucker finally back in town?

slight issue is your school assignment was all about creating arguments to get your own way so you look a bit of a fucking hypocrite. dont get your fucking pants in a twist I know the fucking difference, im just taking the piss you miserable shit.

planners. as volatile as a chick with pmt on fucking downers

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re out the fucking loop Rob, I have a woman a beautiful, smart, funny woman, a woman I don’t have to blow up or pretend speaks to me through the powers of ESP.

Funny how I couldn’t get a date when I worked for you guys but I got a grade a lady within months at Crispins. Says a lot about how evil you bastards are and that is not a compliment, lol.

Comment by Billy Whizz

it doesnt mean were a bunch of evil bastards billy it means the chicks in boulder are fucking desperate and will take anyone. even you.

bring your “lady” this weekend so i can talk some fucking sense to her. ill talk loudly, i am assuming shes 87 years old

Comment by andy@cynic

Your last sentence remindeed me why I like you Andy!

Comment by Rob

absolutely golden comments! haha
good work Billy, don’t listen to them!
not sure if i follow you Rob… are you talking about the companies out there that go for the short fix (often ego driven ) instead of having the balls to commit to a long term strategy?

Comment by Age

I’m talking about companies who ignore the “rules” they dictate to all their ‘partners’ for no other reason than short-term greed/ego.

I’m talking about marketers who say ‘THAT’S OFF BRAND’ when they don’t even know what their brand really is or what is can be.

And I’m talking about agencies who reinterpret clients ‘strategies’ so they can do ads more for themselves rather than for their clients … though I accept these tend to have some sort of relevance to the supposed ‘brand strat’ [just to get it through] plus at some point, a client will have had to approve the work before it can be made.

I’m fed up of the elacticity of brand rules … and whilst nothing can be set in stone, it shouldn’t be so flexible it looks like it’s made out of rubber.

Comment by Rob

is that picture from the Oudezijds Achterburgwal in Amsterdam?

Comment by niko

Well it’s certainly not our office.

[Sorry for ruining Mr Dodd’s fantasies! 🙂 ]

Comment by Robert


Comment by niko

Are you Andy in disguise?

Comment by Rob

good morning.

Comment by Marcus

Hello lovely!

Comment by Rob

How are we all this morning?

Comment by Marcus

We are fine Marcus and tempted to explain that strategy is all about identifying sustainable competitive advantage and not something an agency should be using to justify its work, even if differntiation is one of the few sources of said competitive advantage. How are you?

Comment by John

My back hurts actually John.

Comment by Marcus

Is that photo really from Reuters?

Comment by northern

fuck me marcus and dodds are back. this blog might be good. sorry better. no it wont because im out all fucking day doing my genius thing for someone who doesnt realize how fucking lucky and cheap i am. cocks.

and stop spouting your strategy teacher shit dodds. we agreeing with you for fucks sake but more because i like showing planners are a waste of fucking air than any other reason, lol

ps…. only a fucking planner would ask where a photo of a woman in her smalls comes from. i believe you would read playboy for the fucking articles. how the fuck did you get your missus pregnant?

Comment by andy@cynic

fuck i spelt realise with a z. i need to get back to the fucking mother land quick.
apologies to my countrymen.

every fucker seems to be coming out the blog woodwork today so where the fuck are seb, lauren, angus, peggy, adchick, btbbcgbhzpy and any other fool who once made a mistake and posted a comment on this pile of shit? in bed with a fag if they know whats good for them

Comment by andy@cynic

hello Boucher. Still sober then.

Comment by Marcus

That is a matter of perspective Marcus.

Comment by George

hello all. i’m in bed. but the fags are in the room next door, andy.
nice to see you ranting again rob. ‘night.

Comment by lauren

are you trying to seduce me lauren? im married but youve got fucking excellent taste

Comment by andy@cynic

Do you need a Doctor Lauren? Probably a shower to wash away those horrible images will suffice!

Comment by Rob

hello everybody. my internet had been on downers again… i can t believe how many posts i ve missed already!

Comment by peggy

You might of missed a lot of posts but you’ve not missed anything worth reading about!

Comment by Rob

why u sayin this? i don t think so, but i ll leave my 2 cents later as i have to get back to the birthday party cake table. not mine though. and no damien around either

Comment by peggy

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