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Dear Headhunter …
February 5, 2009, 7:30 am
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… just to let you know that a planner doesn’t actually need a masters degree or a PHD to be insightful, valuable or successful.

I know you’ve got so many qualifications they’re falling out your ass … and I appreciate their application can have incredible value for adland … however unless the person has lived – and lives – a full and varied life, then having an arms length interaction with society and talking from the pedestal of academia is potentially more of a hindrance than a benefit.

I know you might find this upsetting – and please note that I am not saying any Tom, Dick and Harry could be someone in this position [at least, not without good training] – but on the bright side, just think how many more people I’ve just opened up for you to meet/interview.

Glad to have helped … now how about calling back that person you were so stupid to a few days ago?

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You rock 🙂

Comment by naoko

Names? Or has the Christian Bale experience put you off being so specific?

Comment by Lee Hill

Is the person you’re talking about based in NYC by any chance?

Comment by Bazza

Why is there a recruiting industry?

Comment by John

That – Mr Dodds – is a much bigger issue than I assume you intended to raise.

Comment by Rob

Fully intended.

Comment by John

The assumption was that the esteemed readership would be well aware of the various answers and not need them to be spelled out. You clearly do not share that assumption.

Comment by John

<< Missed something along the way

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Esteemed readership? On this blog?

They’re just hear to get close to you. Or so your therapist tells you.

Comment by Rob

Oh, now we’re fucking talking. Good afternoon everybody.

Comment by Marcus

Good afternoon Marcus

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Thank God you’re back Marcus … with you and Andy being away [having better things to do] it’s been very quiet on here.

[Read: My rants have had comments that have stayed on tangent which you know is unusual!]

Comment by Rob

Yesterday, I was approached by not one, but TWO headhunters to do their job for them:

“We hear you know a lot of young talented planners..”

Yes, because I like selling my friends to you, fucksticks.

Comment by Will

I would.

But then I don’t have any.

[Cue: Violins]

Comment by Rob

Yes. I’m sorry. I’ve been slack. And rubbish.

Will – do you REALLY know young talented planners? Are you sure? Really sure?

Comment by Marcus

Depends if they were decent headhunters or scummy types. I hazard from your comments they were the latter.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

Yep, nothing fucking changes on this blog.

Comment by Billy Whizz

i know lots of talented planners, how come the headhunters never call me?

Comment by lauren

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