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I Know I Said I’d Written My Last Post For The Year …
December 18, 2008, 12:17 pm
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… but I’m advertising so you should know my promises are worth jack shit.

Anyway, to end the year on a positive note … here’s the [probably done by Landor] rebranding of some companies currently experiencing economic hardship!

Hey, it makes more sense than Landor’s ‘Tide’ explanation …

Happy fun times, see you in 09!

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nike will love the fact that Swoosh™ has become ‘Tache™..

ok, i’m going now too…

Comment by lauren

I do enjoy seeing the fruits of Andrew’s boredom, though I suspect the lawyers of the above organisations may share a somewhat different view.

Do I hear copyright infringement?

Comment by Lee Hill

Yes you do Lee, you can hear it loud and clear.

Comment by Bazza

i have more important things to do than fucking take the piss out of logos.

thats what my lawyer told me to say and im sticking with it

Comment by andy@cynic

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