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Anger: Brought To You In Association With Sony Ericsson …
December 12, 2008, 6:33 am
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Remember I bought a new SONY Ericsson a while back?

You’ll remember it broke within a few weeks and I had to buy a gay phone as a temporary replacement.

Well, while SE demonstrated some half decent customer service by getting me a new phone rather than simply repairing the buggered one – the same thing’s happened again.

So in less than 2 months … I’ve had two supposedly state-of-the-art, top range model phones fail.

A quick check on some blogs shows I’m not the only person who is experiencing this problem which indicates to me that in their rush to capitalise on the Christmas rush, they’ve let substandard processes/parts get through … which means their short term sales could result in long term losses.

I came back to SONY Ericsson because I preferred their phones interms of style and navigation … but if you’re taking your mobile back every few weeks to get fixed, then it’s unlikely even those attributes will be enough to keep a customer spending their hard earned cash with them.

Mind you, neither is having some spotty 18 year old ‘manager’ telling you that “he can’t offer you a solution as he’s only the service centre manager, not the sales manager and because I didn’t buy the phone directly from SONY Ericsson [I bought it from a retailer] it’s not their job to exchange it anyway”.

Listen kid … if you answer the phone or face the public, you represent the company so rather than giving me problems that are total and utter bullshit, find one of your valuable customers a fucking solution.

I’ve said it many times that when things go wrong, it’s a great chance for a brand to create real loyalty – but when you’re making substandard products and putting young kids in positions where they have no authority, then you’re pretty much putting yourself in a position where the only direction you can head is DOWN.

From all reports SONY Ericcson are in quite abit of trouble … maybe they should take a closer look at the US Car Industry and realise that ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s a stepping stone to bankruptcy.

If my replacement replacement phone fails – then god help SONY Ericsson.

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i have no fucking sympathy for you campbell. it was only a matter of time one of your fucking expensive new toys caught an std from you because youre as promiscuous as freddie fucking mercury with gadgets

Comment by andy@cynic

Maybe Rob and Andy can settle a debate I’m having with Sarah. I don’t really want to think about the STD side of things but I’d like to know which you think is the more expensive, being as promiscous as Freddie Mercury (great line there)with people or gadgets? 🙂

Comment by Pete @ Cynic

look at fucking pete getting all “cynic” on his moniker. instant fucking cred. we should be charging you for its use not paying you for whatever it is the fuck you do.

i dont want people thinking my divorces were because i was a fuckaround bastard. course i had loads of chicks want me but i said no because at the time i thought i was married to decent loyal women. if id known what fucking money grabbing pant dropping bitches they were id of filled my fucking boots. so no stds but fucking loads of alimony which even campbell and his techno addiction couldnt come close to spending

id rather be married to a fucking gadget whore than a human one because when you find someone who is fucking magic and lovely and hot to boot youre still paying top fucking dollar for your previous mistakes. what a fucked world but jill can sleep safe in her bed (if she can sleep with all the fucking beeping and tapping that must be going on in their fucking house) even if their fucking bank manager is in a cold sweat everytime t3 magazine comes out

Comment by andy@cynic

I’ll wait till I’ve been here longer before I use the “cynic” association. Earn my right to use it. 🙂

PS Your previous comment gives me more insight into you and Rob than all the years I’ve known you guys. You’re still both good guys though. LOL.

Comment by Pete


Comment by fredrik sarnblad

Wow. Just wow.

Comment by Age

It’s time to stop blaming the women Andy. Sure we can all moan about the nutters we’ve given our hearts to but really, doesn’t it says more about our judgement than the women? I say ‘we’ and ‘our’ because I include myself in the great failures at relationships score card.

I’ve lost houses, cars, money, tears, sanity and most expensively the time I can’t get back.

But it’s me I hold responsible. It’s just easier that way.

Comment by Charles Frith

I like the way this has gone from a company incapable of delivering phones that are reliable (I have been a victim of SE as well – went back to Nokia) to relationships that are incapable of being reliable.

Comment by Marcus

If you didn’t change your mobile every few weeks (in order to get some minuscule new benefit you probably won’t use), you’d not have this problem and be living your proclaimed intent not to be wasteful.

Comment by John (not@cynic)

How come I’m getting shit for a companies bad behaviour? Here is an organisation who have obviously made a substandard product and are offering substandard customers service and yet everyone is just focused on calling me a twat for liking technology.

For the record, I don’t buy a new phone all the time [generally one a year] … Andy does realise his bad marriages are a reflection of his choices [though he blames me for one ‘almost marriage’] and if you can get technological STD’s, then Steve Jobs must be the most infected person on this earth short of a $2 Thai crack whore who favours videoed gang bangs.

Can you tell I’m being all pissy? It’s not because of the comments on this post, it’s the fault of an accountant – as always.

Have a good weekend …

Comment by Rob

Andy. Your comment was genius, just genius.

Though I do agree with Charles that its also partly your judgement at fault. After all, you do still work with Rob 😉

Sadly all technology is this way, SE are unreliable, Nokia phones feel like they are built out of kiddie plastic, the iphone3g can’t even send picture messages… Its just the way technology works.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

so charles do you think women who get raped are asking for it? what about those poor fuckers who get cancer? probably paying the price for a past mistake?

you dont know what the fuck i went through or why i ended up having to fucking go through it. i know i fucked up, i know i could of done things better but the shit i went through was carried out with a cold calculated vindictiveness that even took their lawyers breath away.

be careful charles you could come across like glen fucking hoddle if youre not careful that would be wrong because you are fucking smarter than the average clever bastard let alone the average to fucking decent planner

ps- the comments about my execs are now nothing more than titbits for campbell. give him a little smile at my fucking expense. in reality i give them as much thought these days as i do a shit when i flush and not because i have a woman who is the pinnacle of everything but because they are my fucking past

Comment by andy@cynic

forgive me charles for my above comment. it was overblown and spoiling for a fight. i know what you were saying so well leave it at that

Comment by andy@cynic

You’re a luckier man than I Andy if there’s someone who really matters in your life. I”ve been single for over six years now, and I’d rather wait forever than settle for second best again. That’s how important it is; so we’re good.
I’d hope you set me straight if I was wrong or in need of another persective. I really would.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have a very ungrateful hotty napping in my crib right now. Women eh?…can’t live with ’em….can’t live with ’em.

Comment by Charles Frith

i’m with age – wow. and they say chivalry isn’t dead. neither, it seems, is loyalty. i only ever hear it talked about in terms of ‘brand loyalty’ these days, but i’m very glad to hear that it’s still important to us and that when those close to us are disloyal – whether a real person or a group of people under the moniker of [insert brand name here], it matters. i’m glad that we still find longevity attractive and that quick turnaround is only hot when it comes to printing and swimming. 🙂

Comment by lauren

Bloody hell – what a rollercoaster of comments this post provided – I’m not even sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but hey, it’s almost Christmas so lets do what Brian said and look on the brightside of life. At least till Monday 🙂

Comment by Rob

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