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Personal Interest Vs Social Interest …
November 25, 2008, 7:00 am
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I came across this video of American ‘inspirational speaker’ Anthony Robbins and I have to say, he talks quite a lot of sense – especially when he says how emotions can sometimes work against our best interests.

Saying that, if you’re anything like me, you won’t hear a word he says because you’ll be starring in amazement at just how fucking huuuuuuuuge the guy is.

What did you think?

Did you hear a single word or were you just staring at his enormous jaw and hands?

I have to say I found his constant “Say I” exclamations highly annoying … but not nearly as painful as when he referred to himself as a “Crazy Mofo”.

Who the hell talks like that?

I’ll tell you … the most UNcrazy Mofo’s on the planet.

It’s like people in the pub who tell you they’re “Fucking craaaaaaaaaaazy” and then when you ask what they do for a job, they tell you they are the payroll accountant at Volvo [beige division]

Anyway I digress – however having watched this video a few times, I have now come to the conclusion he doesn’t motivate people through his words, he intimidates them into action through his sheer physical size …

Even though I found some of what the very successful and intelligent Mr Robbins said very interesting [plus he swears which means he can’t be all bad] – I personally find this mild mannered man far more motivating and inspiring.

[Yes I know I’ve shown this thing a million times before, but it’s bloody brilliant and I don’t care!]


Right, now you’ve watched that [you have watched it haven’t you???] do you agree with me or is it just a Brit thing that makes me like Sir Ken more?

Contrary to what you all probably think, it’s not an anti-Yank thing – how can I hate a country that is helping keep a roof over my head? – I think the reason I resonate more with Sir Ken’s speech is because he is talking about societies values and how it can make the World a better place whereas Mr Robbins seems to be focusing much more on shortcuts to personal success – which to be fair – is what he has been paid to do for decades.

I think it is a Brit thing – because as much as I want to be successful and wealthy – the thought of exclusively focusing on my own path to glory is almost bordering on distasteful, however I appreciate in many cultures, that just the normal way of life.

Explains a lot of why we’re in the state we’re in ….

[This post was NOT paid for by the British Government, but I am open to donations if they feel inclined to cough up some cash!]

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if sir ken demanded a fucking copyright payment every time you showed his fucking ted talk youd be living in a fucking bus shelter but that would be better than having to shout some tony robbins catch phrase every 2 fucking seconds.

he is the definition of 80s america, big, loud, attention seeking, forceful, massive fucking teeth and stating the fucking obvious and flogging it as deep and meaningful. sounds like a planner doesnt it as long as you take away the money, charisma and coulthard fucking jaw line 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

“Sir Ken talks about societies values & how to make the World a better place whereas Robbins focuses more on shortcuts to personal success”

I don’t know if what Robbins is saying is something limited to the American psyche but it’s a nice observation and helps explain why Sir Ken’s speech resonates so deeply with me.

This is a vast improvement on yesterday’s post. 🙂

Comment by Pete

I agree it’s a Brit thing for some Brits, but not for all. There’s the Hello/Heat/Closer brigade that revel in talentless buffoons showing off how rich they are….and a big chunk of the British love it.

Comment by northern

So another thought provoking post by me eh? Errrrm no. Bugger, but at least I’m consistent.

And NP [I can’t call you NORTHERN, sorry], I agree it’s not all Brits who feel this way – maybe the minority – but that’s possibly why we’re in the state we’re in because there’s too much ‘me’ decision making and not enough ‘we’.

I’m such a Commie bastard 🙂

Comment by Rob

Funnily enough, this post made me a little depressed – not because I hate the idea of money over society – but because an air of crap has infiltrated this blog.


Comment by Niko

So we’re in the state we’re in because we find focusing wealth and success distasteful..
And we’re in the state were in because we find succes and wealth tasteful too?
We truly are buggered.

Comment by northern

You know perfectly well what I’m saying NP … making money is fabbie, without it you can’t do stuff that can make things better for all … the problem is that too many people are simply focused on the cash rather than earning it as a byproduct of doing something good, and then when they get it, they don’t want to share it around, they want to keep it for themselves and only themselves.

We used to be worried about keeping up with the Jones’, now it’s about destroying them – which is why I think this economic crisis has the potential for some good to come out of it, it’s just it’s a tragedy that so many innocent people have to suffer because of it.

Comment by Rob

I’m a bit annoyed by the fact that you correlate “craziness” to the work place/ job title.

Comment by Marcus

What has happened to you????

You’ve become … RATIONAL AND SENSIBLE!!!

But I still love you and I don’t care who knows it. Ahem.

Comment by Rob

OK – now I’m fucking livid.

Comment by Marcus

At last … 🙂

Comment by Rob

When you say you ‘came across’ this motivational video. What exactly were you doing? Browsing the motivational videos at Virgin? Digging into your motivational videos drawer at work? I think the public has a right to know the context Rob.

Comment by Charles Frith

i call myself a crazy mofo all the time.

Comment by lauren

you are Shaft like that, Lauren, so that don’t count

Comment by Niko

he is a sad fuck charles. thats all you need to know and frankly im fucking disappointed you didnt work that out already

Comment by andy@cynic

I (emphasis) am the fucking SHAFT one.

I am shaft. ME.

Comment by Tom

somebody needs to sit in the fucking time out corner and stop watching telly before going to bed

Comment by Niko

What does Shaft mean anyway ? Is it good ?

Comment by Tom

It’s better than this blog.

Comment by John

Do YOU know what ‘Shaft’ means, John ? Jesus I’m, out of it these days.

Comment by Tom

the contents of my toilet is better than this blog dodds. with state the fucking obvious comments like that you should be a planner. no, thats not a compliment

Comment by andy@cynic

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