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Chris Martin Offers An Olive Branch …
November 24, 2008, 7:00 am
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As many of you know, I hate Chris Martin and have a bit of a disturbing obsession with the IMPACT font.

Well it would seem the whiny, self important toff wants to apologise to me for every wrong he has inflicted on my life.

How do I know?

Because of this …

Cheers Chris, I’ll think about it – to be honest there’s a hell of a lot you have to make up for – but if you ditch the stupid symbols on your hands and write something happy for once it would be a step in the right direction.

As you can see, last weeks more ‘serious posts’ were an exception!

[Thanks – I think – to Lauren for sending me this!]

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ha, that’s awesome.
personally i belong to the church of Calibri.

Comment by Age

from posts about corporations treating their employees like fucking shareprice cannon fodder and arrogance being a good thing for brands to aim for to this. chris fucking martin and the impact font. can it get any sadder?

seriously campbell this blog is more over the place than when oj simpson was driving his white truck trying to get away from the fucking l a cops

and lauren you should be afuckingshamed of yourself. it is not big or clever making campbell do twatty things because the guy is too easy to fuck up. then again picking off the low hanging fruit is less work so lets give you a b+ and encourage you to try fucking harder at humiliating the bastard next time

Comment by andy@cynic

i’m going to be big and clever, and blame seb. it’s his fault – he played that video on his blog. and, well, i’m just the middle man.


i think i’m learning something on this blog..

and age, i wouldn’t want to be a calibri man if i were you.. it screams ‘MOR: i’m going to use whatever microsoft tells me is the easiest thing to use’ 🙂 i’m just saying…

Comment by lauren

Microsoft? I had no idea… i just use it because it’s a cleaner looking default font other than Arial. What do i turn to now??

Comment by Age

god. or the ghostbusters.
you have to find your inner font connection age… 🙂

Comment by lauren

one picture of chris fucking martin and everyone on this blog goes fucking sad. that guy is fucking evil so thats one thing campbell got right. eventually.

Comment by andy@cynic

For a person who has humiliated himself rather regulary on this blog, even I am rather ashamed by this post.

I blame Lauren. Actually I blame Chris Martin – I bet it was all part of some sick game he devised to make me look even more of a prick. Not as stupid as he looks, the conniving bastard.

Comment by Rob

I quite like the impact font for a logo but it’s a bit…a bit chunky for normal reading isn’t it? Or is that reflective of the cynic gang overall? 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

Only the owners who dine on pheasant every night, obviously 🙂

Comment by Rob

utter crap

Comment by Niko

actually, scrap that. rob – i blame you. it’s only because you are so vocal in your love of impact so much and hatred chris martin that ‘believe in impact’ scrolling across a coldplay vid is worthy of a) screen shot, b) email of said screen shot and c) blog post.

so there.

Comment by lauren

Chris Martin = Adventure for the completely and totally unadventurous

Impact = Font when people who don’t know fonts want their text to look big (in 1995)

This post = Entirely weird


Comment by Rob Mortimer

its fucking shit and im not expecting better tomorrow either. another shit way to start the week, thanks campbell you miserable fuck

Comment by andy@cynic

this time i agree with you niko even if youre being too polite towards the fucker

Comment by andy@cynic

not bothered.

Comment by Marcus

excellent observation

Comment by andy@cynic

All last weeks good work ruined in a second. Lets hope this is your way of showing how easily a brand can be destroyed.

Comment by George

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