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Is This The Tightest Person On The Planet …
October 16, 2008, 7:15 am
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07/10/2008 by you.

OK, so the issue of GST being rounded up has some implications … however when someone WRITES INTO A NEWSPAPER to complain about 1 cent being added to their bill … worse, one SINGAPOREAN cent … it demonstrates how this nation is full of World Class complainers.

Hell, the Aussie’s say the British whinge but compared to this lot, we’re strictly 4th division.

Given the smallest currency domination in Singapore is a 5 cent coin … it’s obvious the bill had to be rounded up or there would of been no way for the person to pay the bloody bill.

[And you can keep your “… but on a credit card it would of been able to be paid without rounding up” rubbish to yourselves!]

Jesus, it’s not like they went from $1.21 to $1,000 is it – they went from $22.04 to $22.05.

Where the hell is Lee Harvey Oswald when you need him?

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i never thought it possible but i think i prefer you writing your planning bollocks than this sort of shit and thats saying something.

this fucker sounds tighter than a 15th century corset so theyre either a descendent of rod “id steal the milk out my wee grannys tea” stewart or shitting themselves about the credit crunch. eitherway i fucking hate them and hope the bastard drowns slowly and painfully in a sea of gst claim forms.

and before any do gooding fucker says my comment is a bit extreme, the letter writer fucker started it by acting like a total c**t and complaining to the paper about 1 fucking cent. get a life you sad shit

Comment by andy@cynic

You should be careful with your comment Andy because it sounds like it might be your beloved Ian. 🙂

Comment by Pete

hes only like that when negotiating our employee salary packages and expenses

Comment by andy@cynic

Now you tell me. 🙂

Comment by Pete

remember that crafty banker from a few years ago who made millions from syphoning away all the 0.25¢ from people’s interest calculations? he would never have survived in singapore, if this is the kind of eagle eye people have about their money.

Comment by lauren

Isn’t that the scam from “Office Space”, Lauren? Great movie… “FUCKING TPS REPORTS!!”

Comment by Age

fuck, i haven’t seen that movie in ages.. and i thought it heard it elsewhere, but maybe it is a fictional scam – good fictional scam, though – ace movie.

Comment by lauren

I find it more interesting there is a Women & Children’s hospital in Singapore that serves up French inspired food. Put aside the issue of rounding up GST, is it ethical to be serving cream based, high fat foods to the sick?

Here ends my application for Singaporean permanent residency.

Comment by Lee Hill

I’m still reading books.

Comment by Lee Harvey Oswald

The fuck you are Lee 😉

Comment by Jack Ruby

Is it a book on how to kill a president?

I don’t know who Nikki is Robert, but it seems you have had more bad news so chin up and take care.

Comment by Bazza

It’s a book about flowers.

Comment by Lee Harvey Oswald

That explains why you made such a bad hitman. 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Should off-subject blogposts be rounded up?

Comment by John

i hear i missed you by days dodds. what did i do to be so fucking lucky? how many hot chicks told you to fuck off? bet i can beat you lol

Comment by andy@cynic

i come back and everyone fucks off. intimidated by my brilliance no doubt. well you are only human though those planning fuckers are questionable

Comment by andy@cynic

I like you swagger Andy

you should be on my label

since BiG shit ain’t been fly

Comment by P.Diddy

got any pics of j lo doing the nasty? throw them and you might have a deal

and whoever this nikki is i hope you are doing ok i can only guess the shit thats happened and thats shit that is never good. take care sweetheart

Comment by andy@cynic

I heard you were intimidated by my presence.

Comment by John

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