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Mr Pimp Machine Goes Respectable[ish]
October 13, 2008, 6:22 am
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So on Saturday I found myself in Bangkok speaking at a conference infront of a bunch of corporate lawyers [don’t ask] …Anyway, as much as it was like pulling teeth – there was one good thing that came out of it – I got to meet Charles Frith.

[Who was in Bangkok, not the conference]

I have been trying to meet Charles for bloody ages and on more than one occasion we have been incredibly close to pulling it off only to have other issues step in and bugger it up – but this time we got to make it happen and in Somerset Maughm’s favourite hangout, the Mandarin Oriental hotel, no less!

[Bit ironic given we talked about socialism the whole time, ha!]

To be honest I didn’t recognise him at first because he had blond hair and wasn’t dressed like Starsky & Hutch’s “Huggy Bear” … but it was an incredibly brilliant 2 hours. At least for me, ha.

Like the time I met Age and Dodds – I had to remind myself I’d never actually met him before – because it seemed like we were old friends just catching up after a couple of days of not seeing eachother.

As some of you may remember, we’ve been doing some work with the G boys about how technology is impacting friendship and conversation … and as much as there seems to be some quite negative – and facinating – effects of ‘digital relationships’ [of which I’ll be writing about in the near future] – there’s also a huge amount of benefits of which meeting Age, Dodds and now Charles are but three.

So thank you Charles – you made my weekend and I hope to see you again very soon.

PS: I didn’t kiss him Lauren, but I gave him a huuuuuge hug!

PPS: I’ll write a proper review of PSFK this week – bit mental and want to really think about it rather than have horror images of my speech flood my brain, ha!

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Comment by lauren

Is that a reference to Frith’s new appearance Lauren?

Comment by John

And, be warned Charles, the second meeting never happens. They say it will, but then fly to another continent to avoid you. Or maybe that’s just me.

Comment by John

You’re sort of right Mr Dodds – we do fly to another continent, but it is because of you as we’re too frightened we might ‘bump’ into you in the street.

Comment by Rob

Look, Frith has a body guard.

Comment by Marcus


Comment by lauren

He’s doing a good job then isn’t he Marcus – no body has got near Mr Sex for weeks. Possibly.

Comment by Rob

That’s Charles?? Last time I saw him he had a bright purple shirt and orange watch combo goin on!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

“Mr pimp”… “Mr Sex”… kissing… hugging… Bangkok…

Comment by Age

You’re thinking what I’m thinking Age. Ugly isn’t it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Bazza

Indeed buddy… *shudders*

Comment by Age

Rob M seems to think this is a Charles imposter so maybe Rob ended up spending time with some weird pervert. But then he has been in the company of Andy recently so it would be like water off a ducks back to him. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Bazza

Andy, the only person I know who thinks waterboarding is a fetish…


Comment by Rob Mortimer

It was ace to meet you at last. I’m a poor judge of character from confusing instincts with judgement and all the other stuff like trying to cut some slack or overly intolerant of fools. But I knew you are top notch from the first blog posts I read and I can confirm to all you devoted comment tossers that Rob’s compassion, cleverness and ability to surprise we have all read here are abundant with a down to earth optimism that is cheery.

The only surprise was a bullet train intuition coupled with formidable diplomacy and some questionably gay style accessories I swore a vow of silence not to reveal.

The pimp machine has stuck now I guess.

But you know you love it and always come back for more you grotty slags ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Charles Frith

Gay style accessories? Cool, that implies I am a stylish man given it is a well known fact ALL gay men are cool and fashionable.

Well, except maybe Freddie Mercury, Boy George, that bloke out of Bronski Beat …

Hang on, you’re saying I’ve got the dress sense of an Australian – you bastard, ha!

Saying that it could of been worse, you could of said how we talked about socialism and then watched me get into the back of a limo on my way to a Virgin meeting, but you’re too kind to mention that, ha!

It was great meeting you – you’re as sharp as a tack and as lovely as a smartie [???] – but remember what I said, because even slags want their pimp to be in their lives more than just when they have to hand over their “earnings”. ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: Yes, this could be the shittest metaphore EVER

Comment by Rob

So far you mean.

Comment by John

As usual, you’re right again Mr D!

Comment by Rob

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