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Microsoft Have A Chance …
September 18, 2008, 7:16 am
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… because Apple are definitely losing it.

iPod Touch

They are flogging the new iPod Touch – which is basically the same as the old model, just abit thinner and with a couple of extra features – as the FUNNEST iPod ever.


Jesus, it’s bad enough Hollywood promotes an image of “thin is better” … we certainly don’t need consumer electronic companies getting in on the act as well.

Joking aside, I have to say this reiterates my belief Apple are becoming more and more like Microsoft … or at least the Microsoft prior to the CP+B ads!

First they made a big deal out of little – yet beneficial – product evolutions [iPOD Nano 2nd Generation] … then they start celebrating the fact they’re purposefully using low priced materials to boost their market share/profits [3G iPhone] … and now they’re adopting the kind of meaningless marketing speak that the likes of LG/Samsung/SONY hold dear … I tell you, it’s a sign of a brand in abit of trouble.

Look I appreciate when you have a cash cow like iPOD, you want to keep milking it [even though it’s come to light they ‘borrowed’ the idea rather than invent it themselves] … however when a brand falls into the trap of seemingly defining innovation [though it’s really evolution] as ‘the ability to reduce the physical dimensions of a product’, then you have to start questioning where the once powerful vision has gone.

Apple has a long history of innovation … innovation that almost brought the company to its knees … so I totally understand why they changed their focus to ‘exploitation’ [of emerging trends/technologies], however what really helped that strategy to blossom was their ability to ‘define’ mini evolutions in a way that truly captured the imagination of society … so whilst size is important … the difference between iPod Touch 1 and iPod Touch 2 is negligible which means [1] the messaging has been fucked up [2] the innovation/evolution machine has fucked up [3] the companies focus has fucked up [greed, greed, greed] or [4] it’s all fucking up.

Infact if it wasn’t for the fact they have the disgustingly brilliant Bazza working for them, I’d be tempted to say there may be darkness at the end of the tunnel [ha!] … however as I know the little bugger is driven by better thinking, products and communication … I think there’s still some light left to run towards.

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I think they mean “funniest” – just had no one to proof read !! ahahaha

Comment by fan

Rob, great pick up.

I have never been much of an Apple fanboy. Although i used a Mac at my last job, it was irksome because I always felt more in control on a PC – it was like the Mac was trying to distract me with pretty pictures without letting me see (and control) what was going on in the background like a PC would.

After having my iPhone for a few months now this has been confirmed. It’s because as much as Apple want to promote themselves as “creative” and allowing making products that make “creation” easier (as demonstrated by your music post a few weeks back Rob) the truth is they are more controlling than Microsoft has ever been!

EVERYTHING on my iPhone is controlled by Apple. Everything. I am in the Apple prison. Save a new contact… Take a picture? Where has it saved to? Not my SIM… then where? The phone? Where on the phone? How can I access this later? How will i be able transfer to another (different) phone in the future without bluetooth, without USB? Answer: I won’t be.

Ringtones. No I cannot do the most SIMPLISTIC thing ever and assign a song from my inbuilt iPod as a ringtone. Why? Because Apple wont let me in fear they’ll be sued. Cmon… honestly…

The same goes for Bluetooth. Do i honestly need to jail break my iphone and void my warranty to be able to do something that EVERY SINGLE MOTHER FUCKING PHONE ON THE PLANET HAS BEEN ABLE TO DO FOR THE PAST 2 YEARS?

The same goes for Apps that can only be installed through the iTunes Store – which basically means they’ve been “approved” by Apple. Which is another way of saying (spoken in the GLaDOS voice from “Portal”) that “This app will allow us to maintain control of your iPhone keeping you restricted in it’s usage, continue to enjoy the facade or creativty!”

I don’t even have access to an Explorer like filing system to help manage the data on my phone. Why? Because Apple don’t want me to have control over MY FILES. Why???


Yes I feel seduced and duped.
Yes I will be attempting to swap this unstable POS for a Nokia N96 as soon as it’s released.
No I will not be “trusting” Apple again in the future.

Sorry Bazza, you rock tho.

Comment by Age

I want my Mac back. Oh you were nice to me? OK, I might want my Mac back.

Comment by Bazza

I now know how Pete felt ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for your comments Age, I really mean that.

Your views are not uncommon, especially with people outside the US and we are working towards getting around the majority of them.

The issue with music copyright is more challenging. I know this “feature” is accessible on other brands phones but we are in a different position which goes back to the deals we signed with record companies when developing iTunes.

I wish I could give you specific answers but I am sure you understand my professional and legal position, but let me assure you that you’ve been heard and I will be your mouthpiece.

Comment by Bazza

Thanks dude,

I think the thing that has really pissed me off the most is the fact that what the iPhone can do it does brilliantly, but accepting the restrictions is a big step back for consumers who have already become accustomed to a lot of things they need to give up.

So as an iPhone user i am CONSTANTLY having to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of my purchase, which is something that I don’t want to have to do. I want to be able to enjoy it and let it add value to my life, not continually justify it’s purpose.

At the same time I appreciate you guys are smart enough to be aware of these issues… so fingers crossed (for both of us) i guess.

Comment by Age

For a man that had nothing to do with the iPhone and is still a relatively new member to the Apple organisation, I am bloody chuffed you took on Age’s issue rather than just hide away in a corner or simply not comment on this post at all.

Of course you didn’t really say anything but it’s better than saying nothing at all, even if that is the general PR rule for consumer conflict. ๐Ÿ™‚

As you said, Age’s comments are not isolated – and you know my personal views on the iPhone – but I know you’re a smart bunch of buggers over there and given your talent, I am sure we will see a major surge in Apple’s inventiveness and usefulness – of which I will take a huge chunk of credit, haha.

Comment by Rob

True Rob, well said.

Comment by Age

While you guys are fussing about the features, people in this part of the world are pissed because the iPhone has been launched 4 times the US price, and people are asking questions like – ” Does Apple think we’re stupid” !

Comment by bhaskar

Just to add to my last comment, its the people who are closest to the brand that feel let down the most and are cribbing , some even boycotting it!

Comment by bhaskar

Are they really boycotting it Bhaskar or are they just saying they’re going to boycott it?

The irony is that the iPhone is – I believe – made on this side of the World so if it was going to be cheaper anywhere, it should be here … but then regardless how established a product is in other markets, technology tends to always charge a premium for the early adopter which is why I’m broke and have a house full of tat!

Comment by Rob

The iPhone is more expensive than the promised $199US here because the telco’s got together and locked it up, so essentially you can’t buy one without being tied to some sort of contract – which will eventually get you paying around $1000 for it.

Comment by Age

That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter! They wouldn’t do it if we didn’t do it.

Comment by Rob

You have a valid point, but I donโ€™t see why it should only be cheap in that part of the world because people do not view it as something completely new over here anymore. Its been available in the grey market for ages:)

How do you think the โ€˜realโ€™ early adopters feel, because earlier they had got the old version of the iphone imported from the US at half the price?

Seriously some people have come together and boycotted it. Well lets wait & watch , the price , I mean.

Hi Age โ€“ the telco lock in strategy is correct to get the price of the hardware down, but culturally it will be impossible to get people to honour the โ€˜contractโ€™ here so telecos havenโ€™t really been able to crack that one.

Iโ€™m glad Iโ€™m not a gadget freak ๐Ÿ™‚ simple does it for me!

Comment by bhaskar

I’m not really a gadget freak either to be honest, I’m just a poser.

I fail both financially and emotionally ๐Ÿ˜‰

Comment by Age

Good point Age …

Soooooooooo it’s not the price of being an early adopter, it’s the price for having low self esteem ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Rob


Comment by Age

i’m a mac gal from way back – have converted many and whinge loudly when i have to use PCs. and i won’t be getting an iphone anytime soon. for all the above reasons, and more. i’m a typical girl – interested yet cautious about new tech until it works for me, loyal ’til the day i die (or it dies, whichever comes first) and the iphone hasn’t quite sold itself on me yet.

Comment by lauren

I think this is meant to be some kind of stepping stone. I don’t want to compromise Bazza is anyway but I have a sneaky suspicion that the portable games industry is about to be shaken up again.

Comment by Marcus

oh marcus, you smarty-pants you…

Comment by lauren


Comment by Nicky F

I only have an Ipod shuffle, this post means nothing to me.
Bring back tapes.

Comment by northern

I think your suspicions may be right Marcus … though from what I understand, that opportunity was identified by people outside of Apple.

Oooooh conspiracy ๐Ÿ™‚

And for the record Nicky F, I have a prototype Android device and it rocks. Though I would say that even though I have a sneaky suspicion I shouldn’t of said that.

And finally Mr NP, I am impressed you have an iPod Shuffle, however how do you charge it given the North is still awaiting this witch craft called electricity? ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Rob

And Marcus, Bazza is used to being somewhat compromised – but I would be unprofessional to discuss that any further.

Comment by Rob

Listen to Marcus. All Apple iterations are stepping stones and sane people don’t buy every iteration. So yes, there is light at the end of the tunnel (and not just because Bazza isn’t big enough to block it out).

Comment by John

Bang goes your freebie John – you’re just left with Lee to fulfill your mean spirited ways ๐Ÿ™‚

PS: I just thought I was broke but now John tells me I’m insane as well which reminds me …

Two cows in a field. One leans over and says …

“Are you worried about this mad cow disease?”

“No” replies the other, “I’m a chicken”.

Nice topical shit joke for you all there …

Comment by Rob

Bazza has already demonstrated in this thread his ability to see the true message in a comment and Lee is a very wise man. I therfore realise that this means neither of them would feel the need to dole out freebies to boost their self-esteem, so there’s nothing to lose. That is why this comment section is the forum of insightful cut and thrust debate and crap jokes that it is.

Comment by John

Uli HoeneรŸ looks like Steve Ballmer

Comment by niko

Lasseter for president

Comment by niko

Nintendo are and will always be the master of stepping stones. If you want to know what Apple are up too, look at the last 20 years of Nintendo.

Comment by Marcus

They also don’t fall for corporate toadies ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by Rob

My previous comment was aimed at John – I don’t want people to think I’m commenting on Nintendo.

Comment by Rob

Amen to that on Nintendo Marcus.
The iPhone 3g is decent enough, but frankly every creative has one and I don’t want what everyone else has…

Comment by Rob Mortimer

I didn’t realise they were that smart. Damn!

Comment by John

Well they’re not THAT smart … as demonstrated by my occasional freebie. Emphasis on occasional!

Comment by Rob

So Rob, u like a bit of mordita now and again?

Just went up a notch in the old book

Comment by niko

Hello Robert, I was just wondering if there were any other clients of ours you’d like to offend? What about Virgin or maybe B&J? Surely NASA have done something you’re not happy about? On the brightside I relate much more easily to the pressures my wife endures each day so that’s a bit of a plus. I am on the edge of my seat to see what you have in store for us tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

Comment by George

For those who don’t know me this is just friendly banter, I only get concerned when he’s sat across the desk from one of our clients.

Comment by George

Yes George, if you log on tomorrow bright and early [or in your case, dark and late] you’ll read a lovely rant entitled “IS GEORGE STALIN IN DISGUISE” … I am sure you’ll find it interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

[Thanks to a certain person who rang me at home to tell me George was getting all tough … however how hard he tries he’ll always be AUNTIE to me, ha!]

Comment by Rob

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