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SONY Must Really Hate Me …
August 7, 2008, 3:48 am
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… because the dreadful ‘colour strategy’ they’re using on Vaio, has now been exported over to BRAVIA.


I was hoping that because this ad is for BRAVIA computer monitors, rather than the televisions themselves – the guys behind it were part of SONY’s computer division rather than the core marketing team – however given I’m seeing this bargain-basement-we-have-nothing-to-say-about-ourselves-except-the-colour-schemes-we-offer-because-we-don’t-give-a-damn-about-growing-our-brand-or-answering-our-customer-needs-wants-or-satisfaction [see ad below] I have a nasty, sneaking suspicion I am wrong which means I’m out of date, out of touch and out of hope.

03/08/2008 by you.

You might think this ad is trying to show the Nissan Micra as a fun, vibrant and fashionable car around town … but I reckon it’s saying buying one of these pug-ugly pieces of underpowered shit is like a noose around your neck.

Truth in advertising? Even if it’s not intentional? I’ll support that for a business strategy.

Oh and if you were wondering who came out with this brilliant piece of work?

Please take a bow TBWA.

Well done chaps, another great example of ‘disruption’ thinking – however it would seem that yet again you’ve forgotten your philosophy and actions are supposed to make people actually WANT the product/brand, not avoid it like the proverbial plague!

Seriously, you should be paying Apple and ADIDAS for staying with you … they are almost single-handidly [ignoring some of the brilliant people and smaller clients you have around the World] letting your illusion continue.


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Do the Bravia’s come with cup holders and sat nav as standard?

Comment by John

Rob, this one is for you…

I saw an ad for tampons last night that celebrated the various “patterns” you get on the box. NOTHING ABOUT THE PRODUCT, JUST A CAMPAIGN ABOUT THE FUCKING BOX THEY COME IN!!

Do women really care about what colour their tampons and pads actually come in? I would of thought that they’d rather have straight black ones that could sit in your handbag and not draw attention to itself?

God that Micra ad is woeful.

Comment by Age

normally id like anyone who pisses my wannabe esteemed colleague off but this is just taking the fucking piss, bit like nissan who take money from people who buy their fucking micra muppet car. dont those evil fuckers know its not nice to take advantage of the mentally ill? wankers. i hate that micra ad. i fucking detest that sony ad. but its not the agencies fault campbell, the client started it by creating the fucking thing. and age, colour plays a fucking big part in our choices. women will drop their pants for a little blue box from tiffanys, its more important than whats inside the fucking thing (hint. buy the cheapest thing in the store, youll still look like george fucking clooney till the morning) bit different category than fucking tampons i grant you but think of this as an education age. and why the fuck would a woman want black tampons? they cant find shiny silver keys in their bag so they sure as fuck wont find something small and black. ill leave lauren and angus to bollock you about not wanting to draw attention to themselves 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

*get’s back in his blue box*

Comment by Age

i dont think finding you in a blue tiffanys box is going to get you laid age. laid out maybe, but not fucking laid

Comment by andy@cynic

Consider yourself told – and be grateful it’s not like Andy’s response to Mr Dodd’s over on Lauren’s “Congrats” post 🙂

Comment by Rob

ha! trust me, i have actually used that blue box strategy before. the pendant was probably one of the cheapest things in the store but that was irrelevant once it was packed in that box. still killed my budget. but yes, you’re right… George Clooney I was 😉

Comment by Age

Since I work on Nissan sometimes, I have to say this the necklace is powerful visual metaphor.
I have to say that.

Comment by northern

i think the necklace ad is woeful. however, they have a headphones ad (groovy chick with chunky wheels-as-headphones) which i think reflects better the urban condition and a small car being an element of that. this one is like ‘well, we can’t just rely on one visual, so let’s make another one that appeals to the girlie girls, ‘cos the guys just won’t buy a car that doesn’t grunt’. or something.

and i’m not going to comment on the tampon thang, ‘cos i’m not a typical girl, don’t carry a clutch purse and don’t need to have my tampon box match my pink prada phone.

Comment by lauren

New Sony Ericsson ad over here, bright pink phone… honestly it gets worse

Comment by Rob Mortimer

“Standing out in the city is all about colour” – that’s nicely aspirational or do I mean apartheid? If you’ve got the wrong colour, you won’t stand out might be another interpretation.

So Lauren, you did buy that pink prada phone after all? Knew you would.

Comment by John

i didn’t need to buy the prada phone – they gave it to me. you know, ‘cos i’m the new face of prada’s cultural program you know.

Comment by lauren

the Micra is actually quite easy to handle and has a lot of space for head.. you could do worse then riding it..

the ad reflects those qualities.. at least to me

Comment by n to the h

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