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The People Behind Tampon Ads Are A Bunch Of C**ts …
August 5, 2008, 9:27 am
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Remember ages ago I wrote about an Australian tampon product called ‘U’?

They were the ones who claimed that using a beaver in their ad campaign wasn’t some cheap look-at-me stunt, but a strategically driven creative angle because <strong>“Young women were more comfortable in talking about the issues when euphemisms were made.”

Well putting aside the fact a beaver isn’t a euphemism but a rather old visual pun, the agency/client have proved they were talking a load of ol’ bollocks because this is their new ad …

03/08/2008 by you.

Where’s the euphemism gone?

How is this going to make young women feel more comfortable talking about periods and tampons?

Why does it look like a cross between a Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Diet Coke ad?

As I/we suspected, there was no goal to help women feel more comfortable talking about periods … there was no desire to be seen as the brand that could help women feel better and more confident about themselves … there was no plan to kill the ‘period’ taboo … from the start it was a cheap, tacky marketing stunt done in a desperate attempt to gain attention and make the agency look cutting edge.

Well they did get attention – but like the SIA stuff, not necessarily positive attention – and the agency did get a name, but as a bunch of self-serving cocks who still end up looking about as creative as a sheep with a crayon.

I want to kill the people behind this campaign – I genuinely do want to kill.

Believe it or not, I wanted the words of my post shoved back down my throat … proved I was wrong … shown that this was part of a bigger vision … a vision they were going to make happen and build value, interest and importance with … but no, I wasn’t, I was shown that too many people in marketing and advertising look for ‘shock tactics’ without any understanding that to really make that strategy work, you have to back it up, build it up and make the whole fucking thing interesting and engaging.

Judging by the fact I’ve written a post pretty much every day for the last week – it would seem I’m back. How the hell did that happen?

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Wow, that ad is fucking stupid. As a male these “girly-frothing-over-a-buff-guy” ads are extremely annoying.

Comment by Age

I think you meant to say, “As a male who is not buff, I find these girly-frothing-over-a-buff-guy ads extremely annoying” … but I get what you’re saying, even though you should be sparing a thought for the women who have had to endure image brainwashing for far, far longer.

Anyway that isn’t why I’m pissed – sure the ad is fucking shit – but it’s the fact that the bastards behind the ad are so stupid. After making such a song and dance about what they were doing, they go and reveal the truth in no time at all.

I should play poker against them, they would be truly shit at bluffing.

Comment by Robert

Were you ever away Robert? Were you ever really going to be proved wrong with this campaign?

I said “with this campaign” so you wouldn’t get too big headed 🙂

Comment by Pete

Mate totally agree with you, plain as day their PR “spin” on the last story was completely retrofitted.
This latest effort reveals just how full of shit they are!

And I love my burgers waaaay too much to give them up for the buff. Dannys Fitzroy 4 Lyfe, yo.

Comment by Age

or maybe the client got cold feet ‘cos the last campaign copped so much fucking flack from men in advertising and the rest of the media that they didn’t have the guts to go forward with the original strategy?

not to defend this strategy – no fucking way – this, coupled with that shithouse fructis ad is what’s wrong with advertising. but i still think the original strategy for this category was a good one.

Comment by lauren

I think you mean the strategy they talked about but never executed was a good one 🙂

Comment by Bazza

Careful Bazza, Lauren might tread on you for comments like that.

Good point though 🙂

Comment by Rob

It’d my life (it’s my life, my life)

It’s my life (my life, my life, my life)

Comment by northern

Go Dr Alban!

That ad is total bollocks.
Only one very very small step from ‘pretty in pink’.

Comment by Rob Mortimer

As bad as that ad is … and as we all know, it’s total bollocks … I have some more that will blow your socks off, including – sadly – another bloody colour thing from SONY.

But that pales into insignificance compared to the baby doll ad I’m going to gentle complain about.

Comment by Rob

Excellent, more angry Campbell!
I need your ranting input on my ad awards post!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

babydoll…? someone has his google filter switched off

Comment by n to the h

Don’t judge me by your and Andy’s standards NH 🙂

And yes Mr M, I will get round to that post of yours but I’m still in shock about the email you posted about.

But you may be interested to follow the debate going on at the PLF blog – it has a cross section of scam lovers and haters.

Comment by Rob

I know! That email is nuts!

Comment by Rob Mortimer

ooh, rob, i can’t wait for more shit ads. i’ve got a completely low tolerance for them at the moment and looking forward to agreeing with you 🙂

and bazza, careful, i might tread on you with a comment like that 🙂

Comment by lauren

Don’t blame him Lauren – he worked with Andy for 3 and a bit years 🙂

Comment by Rob

ok, i’ve answered the colour call. you can all stop hassling me now.

Comment by lauren

What do you want Lauren, thanks? 🙂

Comment by Rob

I want pink elephants. Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile – no pun intended.

Comment by northern

No need to kill them, they’re committing suicide as it is.

Comment by John

if you want a pink inch to keep you satisfied come to sf or talk to campbell, though he might not be able to achieve the full length, depends on how exciting you are northern. and how fucking cold it is 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

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