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If You Accept That A Postcard Is A Sort-Of Ad, Designed To Make People Want To Come To A Particular Destination …
June 20, 2008, 7:32 am
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… then this would win the advertising INeffective award …


Jesus, what were they thinking? Is some ugly urban sprawl really going to motivate the masses to come and visit?

Well, maybe if you’re in a 3rd World or war-ridden country.

The funny thing is the Malaysian Tourism Board have spent millions promoting their [admittedly] beautiful country as “Truly Asia” and then some little bastard with a camera and bad taste comes along and makes a postcard that is designed to put people off visiting rather than attracting.

Knowing the history between Malaysia and Singapore, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was a Singaporean Government backed ‘tourism initiative’, ha!

Actually the funnier thing is this postcard monstrosity was given to me as a birthday card – but being the sad bastard that I am, I love it.

Saying that, I don’t love it as much as this shit gift …

 Isn’t it repulsive?

More Malaysian tourism tat – it even beats my Taj Mahal snow dome.

Why am I so sad?

Oh I know, because at my age, dementia has set in. 🙂

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WOOOOHOOOOOO, we beat Portugal, smashed fucking Cristiano Ronaldo and reached the semis.
And Rob, if you fell in love with cheap tourist stuff I can’t send you some raunchy stuff from Hamburg. No, I am not talking about Andy’s used speedos.

Comment by Seb

It wouldn’t get past the Singaporean Customs – but thanks Seb, seriously, I really feel I’ve missed out on an opportunity there. Ahem.

[And well done on beating Portugal, I knew they’d screw up, they’re as big a chocker as Linda Lovelace. Allegedly.]

Comment by Rob

I love how you have managed to link political espionage with your birthday, no wonder you are so good at what you do.

Comment by Pete

I would use those knives (??) to stab the person who gave me that gift.

Unless of course it was a “jokey style” gift, then I would use them to stab someone I hated.

Meh… it’s Friday and I’m in a bad mood.

Comment by Age

You are in a bad mood, look at your pigs-dressed-as-tigers and cheer up you miserable sod.

And I love that pressie – sure it’s shit – but that’s why I like it, better than bloody socks!

Comment by Rob

I just got thrown (with zero seconds notice) into a “brainstorming” meeting with government people trying to think of “cool” and “exciting” creative ideas to help launch a new campaign.

Yes, the words… “novelty shaped hats” was said.

With a boardroom of welcome enthusiasm.

I’m not even joking…

Comment by Age

Don’t worry Age, the words “cool” and “exciting” aren’t even understood by Government people, let alone embraced.

And as bad as your meeting was/is – it can’t be as bad as this …

… and Novelty hats were USED, let alone talked about.

Comment by Rob

KL tower souvenirs vs flying the worlds biggest plane? No contest really 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

*shuffles off into A380 links quietly* 😉

Comment by Charles Frith

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