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If The Mary Celeste Was An Airport …
June 20, 2008, 7:41 am
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… it would be Singapore’s Changi Terminal 3.

I know this was taken on a Thursday at 12:30pm … and the terminal has only just recently opened … and it’s mainly for their A380 flights … and it’s a testimony to efficiency and cleanliness … but it’s still bloody ridiculous!

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Did you just insinuate that the terminal is empty because the German engineering for the A380 did not work well and they had to postpone the delivery of it?

Comment by Seb

captains log, 11:25: 0.000 landing. maximum crew. inflight ent malfunction for 2:00 hours. even taxi, docking at gate 24 to disembark terminal 3, will report again at 12:20 from lounge.

never to be seen again.

Comment by lauren

Well lets face it Seb, the Germans and French didn’t exactly do their ‘plane building credentials’ much good with this project did they. Infact, I had forgotten about their involvement – which bothers me because I’ve flown on the bastard quite a few times.

And how come you didn’t mention the wonderful ‘lift music’. God you’re all becoming so tame these days 🙂

PS: Lauren, are you sleeping properly lovely?

Comment by Rob

After your experience of filming inside airports, I am very impressed you found the courage / stupidity to do it again. And the music is just creepy.

Comment by Pete

currently running off a tonne of coffee and about 5 hours sleep. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Comment by lauren

Is the “weeeeeeeeeeeeee” comment reference to the after-effects of a “ton of coffeee” or a representation of how you’re feeling?

God I’m pedantic today!

PS: Good point Pete – and I did get stopped this time as well – but Singapore is different to China so as much as they hang people here, they can’t do it without anyone else knowing so I thought I stood a good chance of getting away with it, ha!

Comment by Rob

C’mon Rob. Do a post on the A380. Now that’s interesting. Well to me anyway.

Comment by Charles Frith

Well I kinda-wrote one here …

… however I do have a post about the declining standards of SIA [even in their inflight service] of which the minimal leg room in the A380 downstairs economy seats is another example of how ‘cost cutting’ is undermining brand value.

I have to get onto that – waiting on some ‘facts’ to prove my point but the 2 people who are supposed to be coughing up the details are being somewhat reticent at the moment, ha!

Comment by Rob

Oops. Missed that one. But nows a good time to share that when I know you have written about something and want to google or use the blog search engine, its rubbish and I can never find what I’m looking. Or maybe its just me.

Comment by Charles Frith

A someone who has just suffered a crowded Greek airport, this looks like heaven.

Comment by northern


leave Seb and the Germans alone for the day!

his peeps are proving to be a nice little earner these days ( If they beat turkey with 2 goals difference, I am making it rain big time) in fact I am renaming him Serb as a token of thanks €€€

Comment by niko

youd been eating beans again hadnt you campbell

Comment by andy@cynic

or maybe he forgot the antiperspirant…?

Comment by Seb

I’m not French, Seb 🙂

Actually it was probably due to my onion breath but as I’m in the bad books with Airlines/Airports at the moment, I think I shall end all comments on this subject forthwith and go and have a weekend with the wife, which will make a VERY nice change [though I don’t know if she’ll feel the same, ha!]

Ta-ra …

Comment by Robert

its detention and a black mark for you mr fuckwit 🙂

Comment by andy@cynic

You typed that with a cocktail in the other hand didn’t you?

Comment by john

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